Space Exploration Plausibility

  • For the fun of it I'm curious what your perspectives are about wandering into space. Please don't take this seriously (insulted), nor jesting in a silly manner (poking fun). How do you see Rising World dealing with the option of space travel? My perspective shall come from Minecraft and the suggestions I tried giving to Mojang & modders, yet constantly ignored and overlooked. I'm not expecting space to be added so that also should allow Red51 to breath a sight of relive. I simply want to know what you think of "space" in Rising World?
    I'm perfectly fine for staying grounded in Rising World's version of Earth, yet be sweet if we could venture into space in the similar manner to what I've seen in Minecraft. Because this is Rising World I shall be expecting higher forms of technology to even be able to use it...I would expect either a half-sized replica of either a rocket or space shuttle in a more European design to even venture. A "budget" space program, if you will, to build up and explore the solar system.


    Hidden in spoiler so I can hear your thoughts.


    Again, I don't expect this to be done right away, or even soon. This is just something I kept thinking about while being spoiled by Minecraft's Galacticraft & other space programs. Just post giving me your thoughts about what you think. Don't bog your mind down too much. I kept this out of suggestions because it's something for later also, not now.

  • Ya, that's what we're doing in this world but I meant more with domes & stuff from Galacticraft. The meaning of "colonization" being more along the lines of needing space gear instead of the stuff for earth. Higher-tier space tech, domes & etc. Kerbal Space Station type stuff.....

    But ya, seriously. I want to know what you think of space & if you're daydreaming of any scenarios or anything........(I guess I'm being confusing there while also giving my own 2 cents :/ )

  • If rising world were to add space to the game I would say a good way to do it would be to set up a crafting table with tier 10 stuff like space suits, ships etc. Then have a space program setup for a group of people to work on together. They could add an international space station with different customizable modules. Then they could add construction elements to build earth like habitat buildings on other planets. The universe could be set up similarly to No Mans Sky. Everything would be procedurally generated and have quintillions of planets to explore, colonize and harvest rare metals. Terraforming could be a fun thing to do as well as naming new animals and plants. Also to make things more interesting there could be intelligent beings in the universe that players can influence. If a player angers one of the beings they could invade some of the colonized planets, including earth. If the player makes the beings happy there could be different perks for people on the server such as tech upgrades that don't cost anything.

  • Basically every time you start a new world you are creating a new planet The worlds are not round in the sense as they go on forever. We do have a compass but if you keep going north you never wrap around to the beginning again because this game is not written this way.

  • i imagine it would be kinda awkward. if it was done right i could see it being very interesting, but thier is already many games that are similar that cater to space. if you like sand box games and space , then starmade isnt bad, Empyrion galactic is kind of like starmade and rising world togther( although i personally perfer rising world). even if done right, i dont think it would be in the games best interest, i dont want RW to be a jack of all trades and master of nothing. in conlusion, im not necessarily against the idea, just skeptical about if it would benefit the game as a whole.

  • Sagsave seems to be on the same wave-length as I. Neat. Trillnar & Kasper seem a bit confused so I'd suggest checking out Minecraft's 'Galacticraft' in its simplicity. Think along the lines of Kerbal Space Program & Space Engine [This]. I do agree that the world is infinite so that may complicate planet appearances. Should be interesting viewing your world in a globe object hmm.

    Starmade I tried out with it being a nice stepping stone to what Empyrion is. They're neat in their own ways, which is sweet in their own way. Space Engineer, I guess also is neat. I'm eventually going to try poking with Empyrion for it has the right thoughts in mind.

    I'm not wanting Rising World to be a 'Swiss Army Knife', just weighing the options of what it could & can't do. Basically what Red51 would be willing to do & not do, and what we could get out of it. With that in mind I once again note that I would expect a 'Space Engine' type transportation with some Kerbal Space Program type building in space. Normal block building, but space themed for any foreign planets....

    I guess we'll be stuck in thought on this, yet still eager to see what others see and think. If you're confused then dump everything I wrote by telling me how space should or should not function like :/

  • STOP STOP STOP :P:D You are leaving out one VERY important detail...... Rising world is flat 8o cannot have a solar system on flat world theory.I am not a heretic so I will it it slide ( joke btw if you don't get it look up flat world center of universe.) What I away's wanted to do is take several of my favorite games, Rising world, Rust,Quake, Unreal tournament, throw in Space engineer. Put them in a mixer and mix well. Well will have to wait until I win the lottery...

  • u could have a solar system with a flat world, but u would have to break a few fundamental laws of physics. One thing u could do is have the flat rising world earth be the bottom of the universe and have planets that are round. This would be a very strange world but it could work. If u wanted to make each planet flat then u could set up the world the same way people believed earth was set up before they discovered America. The world is a certain size and when u reach the edge u fall off the world and die.

  • Wouldn't having a limit to your world defeat the open voxel part of the game? I do like the idea of worlds on top of each other. It would be sorta like Spock's 4 D chess game. It would have to be on one server and each level would have to increase their technology to get to the other worlds. Other worlds could be protected from tech progress if they did not want tech in their world.

  • @ArcticuKitsu I think this game will never officially have space exploration, maybe mods or something.... but if you want really good crafting/space exploration now, look at Empyrion-Galactic Survival, it has already 4 planets, 1 moon, asteroid field, community created infrastructure in space and on land, alien life, plants, etc, etc... In two months on EA, developer did more on content and features than most of EA games I own. Sadly EA turned to be semi fraud platform, many developers are doing very little content in a long period of time so on some games EA lasts for 2-3 years now, and they are still selling games as EA....

    There is one more game, with "everything procedural" in it, it is not crafting game, but more space/planets exploration, more like Elite/Frontier... Name is AdAstra...

  • I'm 100% well aware that there is a 99% chance we won't have any space exploration game. If we do, in that 1%, is to borrow from "Space Engine" & to fly up components in a "Kerbal Space Engine" type of manner. This seems to be ignored, but ya....To visit planets I'd imagine a lengthy journey to then build in the way you can in Empyrion & such by gradually loading up a limited map, or something.

    And yes, I'm eyeing Empyrion heavily. Thanks though, but I'm eyeing this, Empyrion, and other games :thumbsup: . I just wanted your pure opinion on this if it'll work out, or not, from your experiences. I'm pretty sure it can, just a year after it matures, or something. Mods, yes. Thanks though.

    Ya, some are "fraudulent", yet a nice bunch that are still highly worthy. I understand where you are coming from & respect it. I've seen you throw fits over Rising World, yet view this game with high respect with the updates it's getting. Once we get that next patch & biomes then we all should be happy, but let's keep that out of here. Let's keep it space orientated heh.

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