ArcticuKitsu's Wishlist/Suggestion

  • - NPC - Importing Models/NPC Templates - Basic Behavior & Importing:

    Tower Unite showed me something interesting, something I wish to see in Rising World in some point in the future. Would love to see the ability to have a template for NPCS to then attach other models on top of them so they can then use default animations & stances, among other things. Some basic animation sets should be applied to them, similar to how I've also seen them applied in +18 'Illusion' made games from the Japanese Hentai games. The program may be converted, though you can still set various preset animations onto them, or even various parts of the body to get them into poses, and etc. To get a good grasp someone needs to play Koikatsu & Emotion Creator by Illusion, or even play Tower Unite by fiddling with the NPC Templates. Torrent the Illusion games if you have to, it's the only way to grab them, though it's not fully suggested because of anti-piracy and legal reason. If you can legally purchase them, do so.

    What Tower Unite does is allow you to buy NPC templates, set them in place (like you would with furniture in Rising World), right click to edit, choose an appearance, choose a stance, name them, and give then NPC type dialogue. As you can see, I attached 'Little Bel' from Azur Lane game as an NPC in a relaxed pose, bed pose for Bismarck (KanColle), and relaxed pose for Scathach.

    Little Bel was my test NPC allowing me to learn more about it handles in Tower Unite, something I find awesome. I love it! This is what I seek in Rising World because I want them to be my companions in that game. I want to adventure with them, and etc. Having seen that, I also went full nerd mode (I nerded out) by adding my VRchat buddies in the livingroom area to just chill.

    Maya, Delta, myself, Kobi, Hawk, and Hunt. They use models from the Steam Workshop found in the system.... I placed them as if they were real people, gave them dialogue for when you talk to them....... I would spend hours, upon hours making NPCs a part of the world they're in. Because of how it is connected to the Steam Workshop it works nicely.

    If we see this level of customization in Rising World you'd bet I'd be playing Rising World a hell of a lot. We can already loosely do this currently with the various 'example plugins' we see, though would love to see something more on the level of Tower Unite's NPC template, yet more. If we could turn them into personal companions, randomly spawning NPCs, and etc, Rising World would be one hell of a powerful game. If we can emulate VRchat's avatar importing, Tower Unite's NPC Template (Steam Workshop) Rising World would be in a whole new ball game........

    We already see how powerful Rising World can be with how you can already import items. People even made Chicken Coop plugins.........

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