Rising World Should Have Fantasy Aspects

  • I'm going to be honest here. There are tons of open-world survival games on Steam. Most of them are early access, and most of them are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Some of the games have zombies, and some don't, but they all focus on realism, building, and survival. This game is similar to those games, except it is based more similarly to Minecraft. Here's how I think this game can distinguish itself from the others.

    One of Minecraft's biggest "competitors" is Terraria. If you don't know, Terraria is a 2D, open-world, crafting game. As Terraria is 2D and uses low-resolution textures like Minecraft, there are tons of different enemies, NPCs, armors, weapons, blocks, etc. Most of Terraria's focus is on fantasy items, with a hint of real-world items too (There's magic AND guns). As far as I know, there aren't any finished 3D Terraria-like games on the market. Here are some things Rising World could have to distinguish itself:

    • Various biomes, such as one with tons of ravines and gems, or one with tall mountains and bridges)
    • Floating islands
    • Unique enemies (Doesn't have to be zombies, could be orc, or even a bunch of crazy human tribesmen)
    • Stronger boss enemies (Dragons, etc.)
    • Magic and/or magical weapons
    • Medieval-like armor/weapons
    • More modern-like armor/weapons
    • Item modifiers/enchantments
    • NPCs and markets
    • A lot of customization options
    • Progression (Start off weak, but go up against more powerful enemies as you get better)

    This is the list I have now, and I know some people may disagree in the direction the game would go, but it already has Mythril ore and a Hell biome under the map, so I think it wouldn't be unwelcome. This was a very simple list, but if I need to go more in-depth, I will. Thanks for reading.

  • Rising World shouldn't have any fantasy aspects like these expect for "Medieval-like armor/weapons". Rising World is an real-life game. In the future there will be cars, trains and much other "real-life things". Sorry, but when you would like a fantasy game, you must search another game ;) . So anyway cool ideas :) .


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  • Welcome on board @Jester Jay!

    As you hint yourself, most of these aspects/suggestions have already been discussed and there are diverse opinions on them.

    To be honest me too, I'm basically against Fantasy elements, not per se, but rather because they usually make little sense, from the perspective of a consistent, persistent, working world. Magic for instance; it is obviously unrealistic; but look at how the greatest fantasy authors -- Tolkien or Le Guin, just to make some name -- manage to insert magic in a context which makes sense and in which magic itself makes sense.

    There are lots and lots of bad fantasy novels out there (in fact, the very great majority is simply laughable, poorly written and even poorer conceived) and lots of games poorly conceived in which fantasy elements are added just for 'fun' (fun? it is simply a boring, n-th iteration of boilerplate elements, to me), to make picturesque or, worse, because the authors could not think anything better suited and more original just for laziness.

    Let me hope for Rising World a better future, with elements introduced not simply to follow the conventions of this or that genre, but because they stick together, work together and make sense together. Just to make an example: it seems to me that very little thought is usually given at how all these suggestions, hostile elements, character progression, and technology progression (which however has other inherent flaws, IMHO) would interact one with another.

    As I said elsewhere, reality -- the "real world reality" -- is the more readily available metre and example of such a consistency. But, if a totally fantastic, divergent, distopic and/or utopic world could be conceived, which makes sense, it would be fine for me.

    Addendum I: I also hope that RW would not rely too much on quick reflexes and aim; there are already lots of shooters out there; I would love if in RW planning and decisions would have greater mid-to-long-term effects. More strategy (not simply from a military point of view, but primarily economic, environmental, sustainability, coop, ... strategy) and less adrenaline.

    Addendum II: to make another example of my main point, for the much I love building in RW, I would welcome more sense in it: building should have a reason and bring effects. It might be costs and revenues, it might be more possibilities for a group of players, it might be a lot of different things, but having building inserted in a chain of causes and effects would make it much more consistent, more sensible.

  • RW is a fantastic platform which can be used in many ways. Elswhere members are coming up with great ideas for early crafting and as you can see in other posts there are many thoughts and ideas.
    Maybe further down the line we might be able to mod the game and add our own elemaents to create different biomes, maybe a medieval, RPG whatever theme.

    Maybe there's a market for Red to launch addons periodically, I'd be happy to see him gain a bit more revenue from his project. :)

  • When I first heard the title rising World I thought about a game you create a world and help it rise up like from Medieval to later Timeperiods. In the end it is not exactly like this. You can build what you want and however you want. Some people are building airports some other a giant castle. And that's how RW distinguishes from other games.
    I think Fantasy with dragons and such things would destroy the game in that point. I've never seen a dragon on an airport and I don't need it to be there. If I want dragons I play Skyrim.

  • Maybe further down the line we might be able to mod the game and add our own elemaents to create different biomes, maybe a medieval, RPG whatever theme.
    Maybe there's a market for Red to launch addons periodically, I'd be happy to see him gain a bit more revenue from his project. :)

    I think we have hints enough to suppose modding /add-ons are definitely in the queue. Possibly the announced switch to Java API for scripting is already a step in this direction.

    'Official' or third-party add-ons are a great way to lengthen the commercial life of a product and to widen the community around it. I hope JIW will give a thought to this (if they didn't already ;) ).

    A bit of fantasy wont kill us.Just a bit.

    Agreed, it wont kill us.

    But I would prefer it to be remain optional in some way. As I said above, a whole, self-consistent, coherent, working fantasy world could be fine (it would not be easy to design at all, but it can be fine); fantasy elements strung together just because they are trendy would be meaningless and boring (to me at least).

  • Damn, I wish I caught this thread earlier because I'm seeing paranoia again. Let me put things on the table so you can judge things from that perspective. Also, I don't want to discourage Red51 because he'll then find making Rising World boring. Updates would become slower. It should be as fun for us as as it is for him so let's not barricade any thought, or such out of fear. Once you start blocking off one route, it'll block another, and another, because people are picky. I'm seeing tons of pickiness over monsters, and it's also spilling over to Fantasy. Let's block such dislikes to these two, no more. Rising World is fun, and we should try keeping it fun by being "open minded" :whistling:

    1) Red51 loosely mention on steam forums a roughly a year ago he "desired" (in a loose playful sense) that he would enjoy making a "fantasy biome" type addition. Just simple as that. Loosely, if happily, mentioning he had a desire to play around with the thought of adding a fantasy biome. Don't just assume typical dragons & magic, yet think more in how it can be "realistic". Try to make it more nitty gritty.

    2) Realism is the way this game is going, and 'Savage Lands' is probably a game you should check out. Realistic fantasy, similar to Skyrim also. Skyrim has various environmental (Frostfall mod) & diseases (i.e rockjoint from wolves) which effects how your character behaves. To see where Rising World could go is to dive into the survival elements of Skyrim.

    3) For any anime fans may want to check out the anime called 'GATE'. Here's a link for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gate_(novel_series). The anime is basically a Japanese Self Defense Force being attacked by fantasy type Romans seeking to expand, yet they appear in Tokyo via a GATE causing Japan to defend itself & expand into the fantasy realm of that world. They fight using tanks & such, yet any magic is kept on the down low. This is how I would see Rising World treating fantasy elements. Disregard any 'World of Warcraft' type mentalities & tropes, and etc.

    4) Red51 mentioned that the whole world (ones you create) would be a massive ocean biomes with everything being various shaped islands. You'll have islands, continents as islands, and etc when the game is completed. That's his thoughts, or what I remember him saying. Now play around with this thought a bit in how you can have one continent focused purely on 'fantasy' related elements. Think of how 80% of the world is our form of realistic, yet that 20% can be put into fantasy. The world where you see Dark Elves with technology (not nature lovers), or something with phantoms living on sparkly floating islands which can only be seen at night. Think outside the box, yet keeping it tied to realism in a 'Star Trek' manner.

    4.1) For those that claim to have played Minecraft should be aware of the mod 'Twilight Forest'. If you don't want fantasy elements in the main world, then lt's have a rare connection to an alternate realm (Gate anime style & Twilight Forest style) for those that ARE interested to go further exploring. Even to socialize, and co-exist. [ http://hexxit.wikia.com/wiki/Twilight_Forest ]

    4.2) I'm sure most of you heard of 'Valkyria Chronicles'. I want to bring up some thoughts only from the first game to keep things simple by mentioning that we can use those weaponized lances in place (next to) of spears and such. Just some alternative ways to fight. That, and they could be given to these "rare" fantasy points of interest. Even the technology of having vehicles powered by crystals should be interesting. Having to charge these crystals in specific conditions which would encourage trade among players, and profession specializations. I'd shy away from exaggerated weapons such as oversized axes & swords, yet those lances would be something of interest to have displayed in your home as trophies.

  • -------------------------

    Jester Jay! Welcome! Welcome, and thanks for posting thoughts on my level. I love them! I'm currently playing around with some in thought to see how Rising World can have fun with them.

    1) Biomes: I agree with this! I would love to see various types of biomes, even ones you wouldn't see on earth. Again, look at my point made at #4 above with continents. I'm wanting to bring up Star Wars Galaxies for how awesome the terrain was with when you traveled to various 'landmarks' that you'd see neatly shaped natural landmarks. Crystal landmarks and such. Maybe I should be pointing to Xenoblade Chronicles X because the terrain seems similar, yet different in that same manner. That game is also newer & easier to access than SWG.

    2) Floating Islands: This is something I can get behind, yet something which needs to be treated with care. Don't just make something float for the sake of floating. Don't even think of floating grassy pillars, yet something which can play into the day-night cycle, or even specific weather conditions. Even various forms of elements, even playfully from real world science. I approve of them though, just don't use the ones I searched up on Google.

    2.1) Floating Structures: If you want to play with floating stuff in the air, then you can try putting floating vehicles. Airships, fantasy battleships, and such. I'd recommend taking a peak at the likes of 'Last Exile' (anime) for some thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. These stuff becomes very touchy.

    3) Unique Enemies: Something I can also agree with as a whole. Shy away from the whole fantasy you guys are aware of and dive into the Star Trek, Anime, & Subnautica realm. Even the likes of Skyrim. Any entity Red51 wants to create, he should. He should happily play with anything and add them in. I would play around with the idea of shapeshifters, phantoms, territorial entities, among invasive types. There's many to play around with, yet Red51 needs to feel encouraged to do so. I want to encourage Red51, if willing, to just try playing around with various entities. Hell, I'd even accept Gargoyles to be tamed to turn into decorational statues for your home, yet would keep your area safe from bandits, and such. At first these Gargoyles would be a threat to you, but if you can tame them (in whatever manner) they'll be yours to use as a trophy, a pet, and a defensive asset to fend off bandits. Maybe even join you later. If you want them to stick in the rare 'Fantasy biomes', then be my guest. Just don't knock the thought :)

    4) Stronger Bosses: I'd agree, yet not sure where to go with this. We need more wild hostile predators first, then bandits, then others. Dungeon bosses also. I'd keep dragons away, until we can solidify the hostile landscape. It's indeed needed, yet not sure what to insert in a boss manner. Mini-boss, yes. Bosses, not so much. I'd lean more on having dungeon entities roaming about to encourage you to fight them at the dungeons. Look at Empyreon with drones coming your way until you shut down the tower. You'd probably need to do the same to keep them in their little territory so they don't spread out. That, and to keep you on alert.

    5) Magic/Magical Weapons: This one is touchy because you can't go too far into the deep end. I'd say having stuff from Skyrim & Dragon's Dogma would be the way to go by upping a 'ball spark' to see in the night with the light from the ball. It be time limited, if handy. Maybe even the ability to float in the air, go underwater, and such. Just things tied to how long you can use them, and even durability. You would have to recharge these tools in a painstaking manner by traveling WAAAAY back to the settlements, or whichever. Getting to them being even trickier. I even messed around with the idea of being able to use certain leaves (oversized tree leaves) as floating vessels to travel across the land. Nothing too crazy, or bizarre. I'd keep away from enchanting tools, yet having 'light uses' in magic be interesting.

    Again, another anime to make note of being 'Flying Witch'. Check it out

    6) Medieval-like Armor & Equipment: This is something I can strongly get behind. I can flood Red51 with various equipment & weapon suggestions that he'd go insane heh. I can basically point Red51 to Skyrim mods, Anime fantasy gear, as well as some games of interest. Seeing as how customization is being a big part of our character I see why not. This is something we can ALL get behind.

    Possible NSFW via ads (use adblock plugin): https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2300058 - Click the 'Pixiv Fantasia' tag & just skim. There's many I can link, yet ironically can't link because not giving myself enough time.

    7) Modern-like Armor & weaponry: Something I & others can get behind. As for steam-punk, that seems more of a mod thing at this point.

    8) Item Modifiers & Enchantment: Something I probably can't get behind because it makes things a bit too complex, yet could probably see some particle effect changes. Turning some sparkles from white to blue & red, or a mix of whichever. Maybe even being able to store various sorts of 'fantasy' energy sources to use longer, and such. Basically still keeping things to the basic without needing to do spreadsheet gaming.

    9) NPCs & Markets: This is something we need either way. We need NPCs, and we need markets. We need interaction, immersion, and trade in both a 'realistic' & 'fantasy' manner. Again, it be interesting to stumble across bandits to then loot from them, or to just do trading & bartering. That, or to learn and unlock recipes, or learn new ways of co-existing with the world. The fantasy element may even be how you could be taught in how to use various energy sources, food types, being healed, among other things. More wandering NPCs, as well as settled types. Markets to sell unwanted goods for wanted goods, regardless of value. If it needs to be sold, it'll be sold. Yet everything has a use in Rising World that it's all fine & dandy. It would actually be fun to bump into some dark elves (again, my friend loves them) that it be amusing to see them interacting with you in various ways in that village, nomadic, or a town-like experience.

    10) Customization Options: Something we need either way, and should be getting in the "Player model & animation update" this coming August, or September. Being able to wear capes, jackets, shirts, and various sorts of goodies.

    I guess the way the fantasy world could be unique is its equipment & clothing set, which can't be crafted or obtained in any other manner. Would love to show examples, yet the ones I'm seeking hard to find. Basically 'classier' outfits. I guess one could also say more anime-styled animal clothing accessories (cat ears, and such), yet still sticking to "realistic fantasy" ways.

    11) Progression: 50/50, and unsure about this. I guess progression is there in the form of teching up, yet I guess that's where skill trees shall come in. Red51 did mention something about them, yet hope it's not point based, but activity based. Activity based progression is the better way to go about it. The more you do something the better you get. The more you mine the better you get. Skill trees is just stupid when you use points.

    Also, fighting wise I'd see it via equipment, yet what are we really going to fight? That's all in the unknown. Bandits & wild animals. Even dungeon related threats. It makes me curious though if we can "upset" fantasy settlements to attack us when we break their social rules. Stealing, and such. I'm curious where we can take this.

  • Sorry for the length! I got way into this because I can happily justify this :love:


    Something to add onto this:

    Dragons & Dragon Riding:

    I'm not against having dragons, yet they would need to be VERY rare. When you encounter them they should be special, fearsome, and such. Maybe not always hostile, yet highly territorial (neutral-hostile), or 'spiritual' connection to the land with which you shouldn't mess with them. Targeting the eyes & mouth should be a special way to go about attacking them, IF they are hostile. Yet, you wouldn't wan to mess with them. Neither did those in the 'Gate' Anime I mentioned above. Another way to treat dragons would being able to raise dragons from their eggs, if you do manage to find any, so you can chose to ride them around. I'm saying this in that finding a dragon would take you ages to find, let alone finding an egg being that much harder. The growth period from baby to adult would be a tedious task (let's say a real week of game time) that you would treat it with the most care. Feeding it, and such. When you do fly it you'd be able to go anywhere, yet you would only go so far before resting again. Maybe a day's worth of resting, depending on how far you go. Basically something which would allow you to go from one camp to another to eat & drink as to note abuse how far you can fly. Even the Dragon would need resting.

    Yes, I did borrow this idea from 'Lego Worlds', yet it's also an idea from vanilla Minecraft because eggs serve no use in there that it be interesting to see what Rising World could do. I would find it amusing to realistically care for a dragon that it would negate any "useless" fears about them. That, and I also blame Pixelmon mod for Minecraft for giving me the ability to fly on a Pidgeot to fly above the land. That's an awesome feeling spoiling you so much heh. Trying to imagine this in Rising World.....that's just awesome to me. Granted, the world generation needs to be polished to be smoothly rendering to handle flying entities, even flying vehicles. Helicopters & blimps/airships.

    I guess you would have to think of 'Game of Thrones', or something to justify them. For me, I justified them via Minecraft & Lego Worlds. Maybe even Skyrim fears. AGAIN, keep in mind the 1% rarity I'm trying to justify it with. You'd have to spend your time searching for the fantasy biome, then seek out its nest, grab the egg, spend a real in game week hatching & feeding it, then seeing it gradually grow as you play. When you get it, it's epic & worthwhile. By then, you'd have used your horse & vehicles to get around.

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