Add bread, disasters, and bells.

  • I wanted to suggest some addition. It would be nice if it were possible to make bread in the furnace. and then I'd love if you could add to make the game a bit more realistic, natural disasters, type the earthquake. In which you can select whether you want the disasters in the game. Then I would like the bells, and a clock to hang on the wall. I am of my little ideas, I hope can be useful. I Sorry for my English, but I'm Italian. :)

  • Bread in a furnace is something I can see Red51 doing naturally without us suggesting it, yet to solidify that thought I +1 it. I can't wait to see bread, pies, pizza, cakes, and such being bakes in some sort of furnace. That however has to all wait for the cooking update, whenever that is.

    Natural disasters is something I support. Be nice to have flooding, earthquakes (minus the whole ripping, but just shakes) to mess with building. if there's any weak builds then they would collapse, 7 Days to Die style, while stronger stone types be left intact. Thunderstorms, Tornadoes.......

    We would really have to plan ahead and everything. I actually love it, yet there'll obviously people being against it because of losing their progress. Same with not wanting hostiles, zombies, and etc. A split community wanting 'realism', yet in a specific manner. :rolleyes:

  • I have seen the earthquake thing along with building "realistically" which if anyone has I have yet to met. : ). I suppose if Red could make it so you could make a section of the map earth quake able and use realist building that would be good but to tell you the truth some of my buildings would blow over in a strong wind!!! ;(8o

  • umm yes you did.... All I mention was it would be nice to have a section in the map where you could have earthquakes disasters etc. That way you could have a "Calvin and Hobbs" area =O=O people would walk by and stare ;(;( ...

  • Natural disasters would be really nice!

    I hope to understand the spirit of those comments. But, as in our country in a couple of weeks we just has two earthquakes in a row where several persons died, perhaps someone would have appreciated a less hilarious approach...

    Anyway, yes, this could add realism to the game play. Earthquakes do not happen randomly, though. Do Rising World simulate tectonic plates or seismic faults (or however they are called in English), at least in some simple way or will it do in the future?

    Random earthquakes without a reason would simply be a lottery (which I personally find quite boring). Earthquakes with a reason and a context would be a challenge and a stimulus.

    True. But it would be nice, it's very real. And then it commits us to build safer buildings :D

    Taking construction quality into account would be a GREAT addition!

    However, anti-seismic construction is a quite complex matter. As long as RW does not even simulate gravity, not to speak of weights and resilience of the materials (again even in some simple way), I fail to see how it could even start to scratch the surface of these topics...

  • I do hope you understand the spirit of the comments Miwarre. If you look through the rest of the forum you know (or I hope) we are never spitefully. Sometimes caught up in the moment. I am sorry for your Countries lost and will pray for them and others.

    Realism is RW hmm sometimes yes sometimes no.... When you smelt ore it is one to one. When you make a crafting table you split a couple logs and poof a table!! (wish I knew that when I built my engine table...)

    Earthquakes maybe by the moon coming by to close? It is getting bigger :D . Of course when my theory of the black hole is proven all will be moot, but the problem with that it will take at least a million years realist time to see...

  • If you look through the rest of the forum you know (or I hope) we are never spitefully.

    Sure; this community is very nice indeed. So, for added clarity: no offence taken, as clearly no offence was intended; just a gentle reminder that sometime wording is important...

    Realism is RW hmm sometimes yes sometimes no.... When you smelt ore it is one to one. When you make a crafting table you split a couple logs and poof a table!! (wish I knew that when I built my engine table...)

    As I already said in other posts, in my perspective, "realism" is a short-cut for a more articulated concept, which does not necessarily means a verbatim replica of our world. The reality as we know it is the easiest metre for "realism", but it might well be a different world, as long as it is self-consistent and coherent it can still be "realistic" ("verisimilar" might be a more appropriate word, if I understand it correctly).

    What I would find unappealing is a context in which things happen for no reason (except for them being fashionable), with no cause and no purpose.

    Then of course, this being a game, it is expected that things might be simplified, corners cut and processes streamlined; my point is not about a slavish attention to trivial details, but a general meaningfulness of the world the player is immersed into.

  • I love where Miiware is going (in detail) with that earthquakes would have to be connected to something else in the game. Not up to chance, but something with a warning sign you could make note of in various forms, including technology warnings. The moon phases would be one thing where a full moon could spawn a chance of a quake. That, or some nearby volcano causing predictable eruptions, among others. With the map going to be changed from its current playtesting to a single-ocean map a continent could be shaken a few spaces in any direction, but only if there's some active lava tube or volcano in the area.

    It also seems I forgot to mention 7 Days to Die with how building destruction could work by turning blocks into rubble, if it's weak. Some wooden blocks could fall, some blocks could be damaged, and such. If you're in a wooden hut or a dirt hut then it's most likely, more so after a rainy day.

    But yeah, I guess this is in poor taste with what happened to Italy lately that they need some time to recover.

    Also, I'm surprised people actually want natural disasters here when on the Minecraft community people kept whining & moaning to the fullest how they don't want it because their progress would be destroyed. Everything they worked for would have been for naught, and that it just harms, doesn't add anything to the gameplay. I would support floods because there's tides of waves coming in and out, as well as thunderstormse and such. You would have to make sure your farmed crops are within a structure, and such. Anything in the water would degrade (except for trees).

  • I like the idea of eventually adding natural disasters, but they should be controlled via the settings as some might prefer not to have them at all. And unlike asking mining to be turned off in the settings which would be preposterous for a mining game, natural disasters are not a must to a mining game. But they also need to make sense, and that's one massive ball of yarn to unfurl. The idea of an underwater volcano eventually forming an island sounds intriguing.

    As for bread, I've always found it funny how in a game, food is generally just that, food. We can't taste it. We can't smell it. We can't even touch it. We can only see it and "eat it." And yet, we want more from it. Combos like sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and desserts. If we're to include food recipes like in TerraFirmaCraft, maybe the food's qualities and faults should also be taken into account. This way, when tiredness becomes a factor from not getting enough sleep in the game, we can get a sugar or caffeine fix, or maybe for those who like drinking, they can have alcohol. That said, sugarcane, coconuts, cacao, and coffee beans would be nice add-ons in the future due to potential recipes. Plus milk from cows and goats, which would later bring us cheese. It would also be nice if the chickens could give us eggs, but I'm guessing that won't happen until animals can procreate.

    Bells are a good idea for many reasons. For those who have built churches, they can add church bells. For those who want grandfather or grandmother clocks, they could chime on the hour, and for those who want egg timers, they can buzz when done. Later on, when string is added, we can probably even use bells with string to set basic traps to warn us of possible impending trouble, like wolves attacking our chickens, or someone entering our cave.

    Well, that's my Canadian nickel's worth on the matter. Onward to today's update!

  • I hope that is taken into consideration my suggestion. Especially the bells, because I would serve for some of my buildings :)

    Buildings aside, bells (and chimes that stem from bells) would also be a great way to warn us of an impending natural disaster. Whether it's the rising wind of a hurricane or tornado, or even the start of an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. To hear the bells /chimes tolling from within x blocks would allow us to prepare for it, even if it's just to save our lives by going to a self-built panic room / storm cellar / underground bunker.

    I wouldn't rule out bells in the future, but you'll have to be patient. This game is still in its infancy. Ideas like yours help. Brainstorming ideas in the forums help. But the more we request, the longer the to-do list becomes, and the more time some items may take to implement.

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