[Poll] Airship Opinions

  • Would you want an airship in Rising World? 23

    1. Yes (14) 61%
    2. No (5) 22%
    3. Undecided (4) 17%

    Hey, just thought that this needed it's own topic (maybe again) just to gauge people's thoughts on this. There's been mention that we'll gain gliders, and maybe even hot air ballons...but what if we gained some form of fantasy concept airship for the Medieval Era, and something more 'blimp' or 'zeppelin' style for modern era Rising World?

    I'm struggling to find any flying contraption for Medieval era, yet everything works in Modern era. Anything is up for grabs.



    It would be able to pass through difficult terrain to transport cargo to harder to reach areas. it would be slow enough to allow the map to render, yet reliable that it could even go where trains & horses would be difficult to get through. It would be able to carry a nice chunk of cargo to be seen transporting goods to & far.

    The modern version would be able to do the same, yet with more modern fuel sources, more efficient, and more accurate. Size could be controlled via varieties of such.


    I'm struggling to find one, yet seem to lean on this one


    Maybe it'll be best not to have an airship in Medieval, only in Modern era? Or none at all? I still believe we should also have a plane based on the 'Twin Otter' because of how slow, yet reliable it would be. If there was a design you'd use for Medieval Era, what would it be? Also, poll can be changed, if this thread still exists. You can alter your vote as many times as you want for this poll.

    What brought this on? This: https://www.worldsadrift.com/island-creator/

  • As per our discussion on Discord, I wouldn't mind having some sort of air cargo capability in the game, but I lean toward the primitive. Something down-to-earth (now there's a contradiction ^^ ).

    In general, I love the game from a survival point of view, as you know, and I'm not opposed to having a bit of technology available. But I'd hate to see the game get too far ahead of itself. Although I use it myself, the ore detector already seems a bit out of place to me. I would have preferred to have something on the order of divining rods, or maybe even a compass-like device, either of which targeted ores depending on what materials were used to craft it.

    Divining rods, for example, are already in the fact-vs-fiction category in real life, but after what I saw with my own eyes, I'm not as much of a doubter as I once was. True story: when my parents retired to a 42-acre piece of raw land in the California foothills, my dad desperately wanted a better year-around water supply than was currently available. After paying thousands of dollars and drilling several extremely deep holes, the well company he hired came up empty. As a last resort he brought in a local legend who used divining rods (2 L-shaped bent welding rods) to see what he could do. The man only charged a couple hundred dollars if and only if he found water. The old guy wandered the property for hours without any luck. Even he ignored the slight indications he got when the rods pointed too far uphill. When he finally gave in and let the rods do the talking, you guessed it, at the top of a hill, almost the highest point on the property, he grabbed his pickaxe and started digging where the rods had led him. Within minutes he had water flowing out of the ground. That well supplied generous amounts of water from that day on.

    So my vote for technology in general would be to stay as basic as possible and still provide "advanced" conveniences, such as rail transport and primitive vehicles, and maybe even a rudimentary electrical system. Say, like a water-wheel or wind-powered powered generator to drive simple motor machines, like grinders, water pumps, refrigerators, and so on. If we start allowing too much technology, the possibilities would become endless, and even Red51 would have trouble keeping up.

    My 2 cents. ;)

  • Yeah, you have to keep in mind when you think about this is that Rising World was said to be divided into two eras: 1) Medieval Era & 2) Modern era. Because the timelines are not divided yet you have a mix of everything all in one age because Red51 has bigger fish to fry. I'm curious as to when he'll divide them.

    Zork, can you try again by mentioning what would be fitting for Rising World's airship medieval era design? or in general? Feedback, man. Feedback. Harv did it right :thumbup:

  • Two eras? I guess I'm even more ignorant than I thought I was. Where is that mentioned?

    Kinda gets me concerned. Red51 is doing an amazing job developing what I guess is just one era right now. How can he possibly do more unless we clone him? ?(

    It was in a roadmap, or forum posting, or somewhere. I know it's out there, somewhere obvious also. It explains why everything is jumbled together because he's busy just getting features into the game that we'll have a solid Medieval era we can lock into, or progress into Modern era (or start in Modern) to do as we desire. If you played 'Rise of Nations' RTS game you'd know what I'm talking about when you tech from primitive era to Medieval era to modern era.

    That has me thinking of how detailed & gritty Medieval era would feel that we may need primitive airships there. Thinking we may feel some of what's in Medieval Engineers in Rising World in some fashion. For airships it not be just airships, but gliders & hot air balloons, but some late-tech realistic fantasy airship, or something to complete it if people are going to lock into that tech. They would be able to transport goods around by horse, gliders, hotair balloons, AND airships.

    Yeah, I've also been watching a lot of anime bringing in airships that it's making me desire something slow, yet reliable to haul goods around the map. Something I've also been doing in Minecraft FTB a long while ago that I'm just bringing back something for newly generated hype.

    One anime being 'Granblue Fantasy' where you see airships flying about for trade and such. There's also a very long anime named show that has more modern airships, yet I'm skipping that for they don't feel 'right' for Rising World.


  • I saw a airship in a movie that looked really cool. I can't remember the name but it was a kids movie about a timepiece.

    The ship had a blimp shaped balloon on top, a big ship under it with a propeller in the back powered by people inside the ship.

    Hopefully when Red51 sets up the eras he will keep the sandbox in the game.

    I voted as undecided because I have a fear of heights and I cringe every time I have to go to some high place in a game.

  • A timepiece? Was it the Golden Compass by any chance, or something else? I know the Golden Compass had a lot of airships in it.

    I think sandbox will always be a given seeing as how it's (at the moment) the primary focus of the game, so I don't think it'll ever be removed or changed too drastically from what it is.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Still, having airships to travel long distances would be sweet especially when more dangers are in the game.

  • A timepiece? Was it the Golden Compass by any chance, or something else? I know the Golden Compass had a lot of airships in it.
    I think sandbox will always be a given seeing as how it's (at the moment) the primary focus of the game, so I don't think it'll ever be removed or changed too drastically from what it is.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Still, having airships to travel long distances would be sweet especially when more dangers are in the game.

    Yes, that was the name of the movie.

    The game's home page says it a sandbox game also. So I'm hoping he keeps it in.

    Yeah, it'll be a contest of which I fear the most, heights or the dangers on the ground. So I'll likely use a airship if we get one.

  • Zork, can you try again by mentioning what would be fitting for Rising World's airship medieval era design? or in general? Feedback, man. Feedback. Harv did it right :thumbup:

    Sorry (I'm not actually) my answer doesn't meet with your approval. I'd hope to see Steam power come to Rising World. That would probably fit somewhere between the Medieval and Modern era. Steam power was the key to economy and power in Final Fantasy 6. Probably why the airship designs in FF6 were a bit more practical than the more magical looking ones of the past games.

  • No worries. Yeah, curious if we'll a mini steam age inbetween Medieval Era & Modern era as a sign signaling us we teched out of Medieval era & on our way into Modern era. Not sure if it's in the plans, or if it was going to be merged with Modern, but having a 'steam era' would be interesting.

    Steam trains & prototype steam vehicles were made. Steam engines of various sorts to take advantage of.

    yeah, there's things you can take out of FF6, as well as anime, which would be practical in various applications. Thus why I made thisethread because it's what people desire, and because I saw some nice designs for airships of various sorts to take to the skies. If planes like Twin Otters (a slow & reliable Canadian plane) can't keep up with Rising World's draw distance speed then having a heavy hauling airship would be the next best thing. It would also encourage us to build in the sky. I would happily make a base above the ocean, and away from bandits, raiders, & pirates heh. We should also have our scuba gear by then also :D

    Realistically, and immersive of course. Would be fun seeing steam & gas powered airship.

  • The thing about Final Fantasy 6 is that the story took place in its own Industrial Revolution with some rather incredible mix of steam-punk and petrol-powered machines like out of Wild Wild West. In that story, the knowledge of magic was lost but only recently rediscovered by the powerful Empire and they used their technology to fuse machinery and magic (magitek) which I'm sure is out of scope for the vanilla version of Rising World. Now the airships themselves were non-magical and likely steam powered although there might have been some electrical systems in the game but mainly supplemented rather than replace steam or petrol engines. Not sure how practical it is to lift essentially a heavy wooden boat (unless it was made of iron or steel) but they certainly would look neat.

    Anyways, there's probably a few main key events that led up to and occurred within the Industrial revolution. If I'm right then we will probably see much of it covered in the game. Ofcourse not sure if Red51 is planning watermill, and steam, and electrical powered machines (see below) but it would be neat. Here's what I'm envisioning.

    (1) Inventions of man-powered machines to simplify human labor: loom, cotton gin, spinning wheel, printing press
    (2) water mills convert water power to mechanical moveent to power textile factories
    (3) Steam engines lead to the first factories in places where water wheels cannot be utilized.
    (4) Industrial-scale powered versions of simple machines such as the loom and the cotton gin.
    (5) invention of interchangeable parts (maintainance and manufacturing costs drops. Blacksmith skill phases out). I guess Consumerism was invented around this time as it became easier to mass produce things.
    (6) Harnessing and transportation of electricity
    (7) Communication era
    (8) Computer Revolution
    (9) Information Age

    (1) So working our way down, we already have pretty much all the simple man-powered machines we could use. Perahps a kind of rope maker: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new…osts-of-a-bygone-age.html
    And Arctic, I'm pretty sure you posted something not too long about about wood pressing to make arches. That's another machine to make
    (2) Watermills could come now if we had rivers. Even if water is not yet dynamic, it could have a "flow" programmed in and water mills could be build next to them. Machines (powered versions of the machines we already have) could be powered and automatically produce goods like rope and cloth and paper as long as the water moves.
    (3 and 4) Probably when we get trains we might have steam engines to power the same powered machines. This will move factories from rivers to cities with Industrial sectors. Also will cause lots of air pollution. Possibly larger scale machines to be powered by more powerful steam engines.
    (5) Probably not really relevant to Rising World unless there's an economy plugin in place. In this way, if NPCs or players have jobs, then the factory will put the blacksmith out of work. Power production is centralized and factories upgrade to electrical powered machines. Pollution also centralized.
    (6-9) I'm pretty sure Red51 mentioned digital systems and electrical generation so that's covered.

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