Paid Mods?

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  • CC good idea? 5

    1. Yes (0) 0%
    2. Yes and No (Partial support) (2) 40%
    3. NO! (3) 60%

    Creation Club just went live. Anyone support it fully, partially support it, or hate it all together?
    If this becomes successful, what do you think other companies will do?
    If it flops over, what then?

    Personally I partially suppport it. On one hand you have to pay for mods and thats ridiculous. But on the other hand, only certain mod authors will be making paid mods and they will be higher quality because they have to be in order to be on CC. Whereas before with Steams "idea" of paid mods flopped so bad, the one and only Gabe Newell had to apologize. But this seems to be a refined idea of that, so it might succeed. You still can get good quality mods for free from other sites, but dont expect them to be fully supported, bug free, compatible, or even supported to the end. Which brings me to my next question:

    If a mod author on the CC decides to no longer work on a mod, would that mod be removed (i doubt it, we paid for it) when its no longer compatible with future updates? I think if bethesda decided to do this, they should be the ones to continue working on the mod that the mod author abandoned just for compatibility. Even if, hypothetically, a lot of mod authors decided to quit.

  • Well, this is a funky tight rope because 'Flight Simulator' and the 'Train Simulator' world has you pay for the mods and add-ons to add into the game. You have to pay for the modded planes and maps if you want higher quality content. Comparing that and 'Content Creator' has you supporting it in that regard, as with making things easier on console gaming..... I guess the arguement can be made that the authors of mods don't get paid that it all goes to Bethesda where it becomes even more horrifying.......

    I guess it's weird because people naturally hate it in the world of pirating, and how we have to pay through our noses when gaining little earnings in return to freely spend that we're stingy as hell also. We're paying for just about everything that people would naturally hate it, and as one article claimed there's already free mods that seem to do what the paid mods do so people aren't bought there.

    It's naturally going to be bad if people hate something. It only works if people support something, and there's just little to no support from the player base..... Yeah, with the hate it has around it that 'CC' just may flop because people have that power.



    Also, I'm certain we won't see paid mods for Rising World that we're fine. There's none for Minecraft, only servers with exploited packages so you can gear you would have normally to feel special in ways you shouldn't feel special.

    Also, paid mods would piss off students & those struggling to make ends meet that free mods shall still be a thing for Rising World. If anything, you could support a modder via Patreon.

  • As I didn't understand what you are talking about, I asked Aunty Google. I found this:

    Is this what you are referring to? So far it seems to be for two games only, Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

    If I understand the FAQ correctly, "normal" mods can be done by everyone, but those coming with Creationclub will be fully QA'd, adapted and integrated into the games, localized and everything. Normal mods are done for fun only, CC mods for fun+money.

    So in future there will be two different kinds of mods. Why not? Let them test this and see what the result is. What other companies will do in case of success? Copy it. What they will do in case of fail? Laugh about Bethesda. It doesn't hurt me either way, so I lean back and ... continue gaming in Rising World ^^

  • I'm not entirely sure what I think of this. On the one hand, it's wonderful for the users that are selling their mods in the first place and it allows them to turn a hobby into a source of income. They're also likely getting proper access to the API and that'll translate into less strange bugs and more possibilities. And, with support from the developer, the mods have to be high quality (the developer's name is on the line too) and easy to install. Not everyone finds mods easy(or safe) to install, so this already allows for a greater user base. They're likely not going to be expensive, and a small premium is not too bad a cost to ensure that at the very least, the mod won't break your game.

    On the other hand, yeah, it's paying for something that you're not guaranteed to enjoy. In traditional mods, you try it, and delete it if you don't like it. No risk (except maybe to your save files). Now, that's a risk you also take when buying the game in the first place. But it's at least a full game, and you can also gift/sell it if you don't like it. It's something you expect to risk on. A small add-on by a third party isn't something you expect to risk on. Oftentimes mod developers may have really great and creative ideas, but not necessarily the experience/skill to pull it off in the same way a proper developer would. And you just can't tell until you try. And developers of major quality mods already get money from them, via either donations or those sites that give you money when people click on your link. Microtransactions are dangerous for people's bank accounts because the amount looks so small that you don't quite add up in your head what you're *actually* paying.

    So yeah... I dunno. I guess in the end it boils down to how good the mod developer base is vs how much the user base is willing to break their bank account.

    If I respond in German, sorry for bad grammar. I don't speak German, but I do speak Google Translate. The community seems too nice to stay away!


    Wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte, entschuldige ich für jede schlechte Grammatik. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich spreche Google Translate. Die Gemeinde scheint zu schön, nicht zu bleiben!

  • the thing is that unlike train sim and flight sim, TES and Fallout has been open sourced free modding going back to the early days of morrowind and Daggerfall.
    so yeah it's a heavelly controversial discustion and for now there's better mod on nexus than in the Creation Club.

  • yep the creation club launch was an absolute disaster, unless Bethesda manages to release a real DLC-mod worth paying money for the creation club will be done for before it even starts :/

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