Where is the update?

  • He posted this 4 hours ago at Steam:

    red51 [developer] 4 hours ago
    @Nitrogue keitha7373: We'll set up a small announcement in our forums a few days before the update goes live. It will be definitely available this month, no matter what happens ^^

    So -- sometime before the end of November. And a heads-up up here a few days beforehand.

  • good to know, it is very unfortunate that he has run into so many problems with the models and animations (mostly due to the need to rely on contractors for many of them) but once these are in the game the next updates should be coming in faster every 1-2 months :D

  • When u guys plan on having the full game out really do like this game and like to see a lot more people play it. 2 if u guys like to check out my world ur welcome to and if u got any good ideas for it feel free to let me know trying to make it a really good world for people new to the game. its WILDS REAL WORLD on the list

  • We're going to have to wait and see if Summer 2018 shall be an actual target, or if it'll take longer to reach that complete gameplay target. There's still so much left that it makes one wonder when it'll actually be considered "complete".


    This tweet seems appropriate and relatable to Red51. I'm not helping Red51's situation either by suggesting & pointing things out either.

    Mojang doesn't know what to do that they're basically trying to reinvent the wheel that's already been invented, only making things worse in the progress....... Instead of tackling the dragon egg into dragon hatching, giving boats more variety, giving boats storage chests, allowing pumpkin pie to be placed like cake in the world, or even adding variety to minecarts, yet they they have to go back to screw up the horses...... The horses look horrible now in one of the Minecraft Snapshots that I hope they gain enough flack to keep horses the way they are........


    I respect Minecraft for being a fine open world game, for giving me those fine moments, one that inspired Rising World to use it as a stepping stone to reach grander heights. This.........is just stupid. Mojang is lost that they need Red51 on the team so they can tackle actual features.... Even being able to place pumpkin pie as cake in the world........

    The things Mojang is doing is also another reason why I'm here in Rising World because it's an intelligent and mature game with a developer whom has common sense. If this 'Player Foundation' releases this November then both him and I shall be in heaven doing things in the proper side of things. I want to tackle (in some noobish fashion) with whatever API I can so I can see Rising World pushed further than Minecraft...... The power of Rising World is far grander. I simply can't wait to finally see that update announcement bubble so we can push Rising World further..... I want to see that update this November.... Hopefully it's ready by mid November.

    There's no denying that RIsing World is going to give Minecraft a run for its money once it matures with all the planned features + all those API things we'll be able to do. NPC API, modding API, and etc. Holy hell, am I ever furious with Mojang again that I'm thankful where Red51 & team have placed Rising World. So mature, I love it.

  • yeah arcticukitsu i say the same thing is they do what they say there all going to add to this game and it becomes the full game i think it will give mine craft a real good run for there money lol i do got about 4000 hrs into a build i did on mine craft and i like to go and put way more hrs and money into this game when it gose to full game. 2 i was wounding with the power plant there saying there going to add how is that going to work ? . only down fall i find to this game is buying or renting a sever to host one is not cheep.

  • If only the update could play fair with Red51 it would make him happy. I hope there's an end in sight for that Player Foundation update so Red51 can hopefully regain any lost sanity caused by complications relating to this update. With how complicated it is I'm chosing not to poke him via Steam and such because of how complicated the update itself is.....

    On a note that I want to tie in with Rising World and Minecraft is how I want to re-point out the bit with the horses of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing that Mojang keeps ruining. I was absolutely furious when I saw Mojang wasting time and resources on something that doesn't need to be fixed. There were so many other things they could have tackled.... They then happily shrug that they have to keep moving......


    I for one hope Red51 doesn't do this, unless absolutely necessary. I'm in the mindset of "well, I guess I'm not playing Minecraft anymore" holding even more respect for Red51. It's still genuine, just frustrated why Mojang had to do what they did.......

    On another note...... I love what SCS Software is doing with their American Truck SImulator game by adding dynamic traffic mishaps along roadways, as well as allowing cars to park in parking spots. It's little things like this that I admire game developing and the struggles of programming Rising World. The same bits of added features that you see people moan that nothing major was updated in Rising World. I gotta pat the developer in the back because those small things still add onto the whole picture.


    There's a video in the above link of car parking in a parking lot, something they haven't done before. +1 to those small details that I'm sure we'll see on a similar note in Rising World. :D:love:

    (If you're confused as to what I'm trying to say then view this in a perspective of me making note and admiring of game development itself.)

  • I'm excited for the update! I bought the game a few years ago and have only really started playing in earnest over the last 2-3 weeks. I've watched a lot of youtube videos lately and have totally jumped on the Rising World train. While I think I still have plenty of good times ahead of me with what is already available in the game, it's always exciting to get new content and features! I'm still in the learning stage so it's very exciting. Hopefully those of you that have been waiting in anticipation much longer than me won't have to wait too much longer. :)

  • i been playing this game now for a about 600 hrs i really like the game so far and i really starting to do some really nice builds with it but i it really be nice if u guys can fix some of the small bugs before the big up date comes out
    you guys like to see some of my work u can go to wilds real world and see it :D

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