Where is the update?

The crafting update for the new version is now available!
  • @ArcticuKitsu
    Aaah, I thought you meant 5 blocks for the track width, ok that makes more sense now.

    A standard track width for heavy rail used in USA and Europe is 4' 8.5" (1435mm) wheras the train itself has a max width of 9' (2743mm). I believe that in past conversations we've established that a block in Rising World is 0.5m wide so I guess a heavy rail track in RW would be roughly 3 blocks wide while the train is 5 blocks wide. Then I suppose 3911mm tall which would be 8 blocks tall.

    Not sure what (if any) international standard exists for minecarts but someone on a forum mentioned 600mm gauge. So for RW purposes we could reduce that to 1 block with a cart width of 2 blocks.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • I'm honestly surprised that you went out and did your research on train width, something Red51 can actually make use of in Rising World...If he hasn't already. Impressive. I wouldn't have thought of checking the sizes having accepted whatever we would have gained over being accurate.

    Well,.... I'm horrible at math that I need a calculator to help me out so I guess I'll just nod & agree that this works nicely.

    There's more listings here, do what you want with them.


  • I believe that in past conversations we've established that a block in Rising World is 0.5m wide

    If that is the case, then all characters are midgets ?( , since a grown up with a length of 150cm or lower is considered to be a midget and our characters are about 3 blocks high wich makes it 150cm ;P.

    Tho i really like your sugestion for train and track messures.

  • It's amazing how much you forget when you don't play with certain features in the game for a lengthy period of time that I had to go digging through both Google & Wiki to relearn what I've once knew. Had to re-learn where to find both gold & sulfur so I could stockpile on them while digging for stone for a certain project...... While working on that certain project I'm now re-desiring the likes of mining helmets again. Something as simple as mining helmets that's in the next update would go a massive way to tend to simplistic things heh.

    I hope whatever small animation issues Red51 may be picky about can be overlooked.

    I love the tranquil vibe Rising World gives off that I'm hoping Red51 is finally pleased with what's in front of him. Really need that mining helmet now that I'm mining hard underground :whistling:
    (Not saying he should force the update out in a buggy mess, but to just be 'slightly' lax)

  • Woosh goes the posting.... Right over Arakara's head. A shame you read it too literally. (I got the joke tho)

    Well, at least I can now say that I originally wanted to praise Red51 over the Ore Detector with how handy is is that I was able to find gold & Sulfur with its help. Nice rediscovering things that you wouldn't otherwise use. The small things. :thumbup: The Ore detector is my best friend again.

  • Looks good so far.
    I see civilian clothing, Low technology leather armour.
    Might I suggest gambeson layered cloth. Just Cloth added to an existing shirt or pants.
    Scale armour. Gambeson plus 2 metal plates. Copper, Iron, Aluminium.
    Modern combat wear. Green dye from grass and catalyst. Ochre dye from dirt and catalyst. [My grand Uncles ran an ochre mine and set the world record for getting arrested for trying to join up. 5 times in WW2. They were not allowed fight; the mine was too important. :D ]
    Dark brown from the orange flower plus burnt food. Blue dye from the blue flower.
    High technology armour. Cloth, Ceramic, Aluminium. I'll have to cook up a dirt to clay recipe. Most dirt has a little clay and other ceramic

    PS sorry I've been a way. So many games so little time.
    I'm even paying 40 a year for two games I'm not remembering to play.

  • We also need a power plant technology to power those lights without clutter. I have an idea. We will need to avoid wiring. That looks good in some minecraft mods but is never easy to code or lay out.
    Que the Tesla coil.

    Could be a mod or a simple set of crafts.
    Build sequence to come. That should be fun. ;)

  • Well ... if the update had come earlier, how many things would never have been created? One of the many examples are the human figures built by @dagoline.

    Such a creativeness shown by so many users - would we have seen them in a more developed game?

  • As was mentioned by Zork that this update truly is "surreal". It's highly unusual because of how we have to rely on 'outsourced' content to be added into the game that it's clogging the figurative pipe, something that could have been already released by both September & October. People whining & moaning that Rising World is "shallow" & "tedious" in the Steam reviews, something that contradicts one another, yet it's being used. Everything that they're concerned about ties into this update, and it's frustrating to see people pointing out the flaws that are fixed in the next major update.

    I noticed "most" of my bug & glitch issues have been fixed in this coming update while everything is hiding in the 'Player Foundation' update as well. The obnoxious & startling "thunk" sound I keep hearing is said to be fixed, as well as any plugin (Animal Breed Master) plugin related crashes. Even the desire to have those mining helmets to dig.... It's just right there, and on the other side. :D

    This truly is the weirdest wait of them all. I'm being patient, yet writing the stuff above in a neutral "noting" manner of what I'm observing. Everything people noted in their negative reviews (in the proper paragraph filled negative reviews) have their concerns and worries mended in this coming update. It's simply frustrating they can't wait for it to release. Granted, I'm being impatient, yet being patient enough to wait.

    I wonder if it's too much to ask for 1-3 images of the coming update, or if it's all a surprise. Or if it's almost time to post a notification for the update to be released..... It surely has to be ready by now, right? I wonder.......

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