Plants, buildings, and seasons.

  • This may sound stupid but here goes. I thought it would be a cool idea to add grapes to the game. I would like to grow grape vines and have a vineyard. I thought it would be cool to barter with wine for other craft items.

    I was wondering if the game could implement rooftops. A building would look better if you could have a pointed roof. Wurm online had a great design engine for roofs.

    I think it would be great to have a fireplace that you could curl up to.

    It would be interesting to add seasons to the game with different flora and fauna resources that you may collect at different times of the year.

    One last thing. When I run in the game, I then fall right through the top soil to my death. This gets irritating.

    Thank you.

  • I love the idea of having things to grow and produce something from in order to barter with others. But maybe not wine.. it's just used to get drunk (although red wine is good for ya in some ways...).

    What about growing olives (only in certain biomes) and using a press to make olive oil which is used for cooking certain dishes? Same press could be used to crush apples for apple cider.

    About seasons, different flora etc.. well biomes are planned. We shall see what comes of that. Hope they do at least part of the idea I posted regarding biomes haha

  • * I don't know about grapes and wine either. Maybe wheat/bread/cakes/cookies, lettuce/salad, barley/feed, alfalfa/hay bales, and that's just a few ideas for fields. There's also trees (oranges, walnuts) and other vine vegetables (tomatoes, melons, peas, pumpkins). There's lots of stuff to grow/cultivate and turn into tradable commodities besides 'grapes'.
    * I agree, pointed roofs would be nice. Hard to do, but nice. The problem as I see it is you would need either roof peaks of various angles, or roof peaks that are "smart" and mold to the roof shape. (Every roof isn't gonna be built at exactly 45 degrees angles, is it?)
    * Curling up to a fireplace would be nice, but I'm not a dog. Maybe, once seasons are implemented, a fireplace would be necessary to keep warm. To me, a stove would be more important and useful. It would not only provide warmth, but you could cook/bake on one. Stoves would have a different use than furnaces (smelting).
    * Speaking of seasons (be neat if the trees could change, etc.), but warm clothes should be needed during winter to keep your health up. Armor should not provide warmth. (I'm not a fan of "armor" anyway- it may make you feel "protected", but if everyone has it, what's the point?)

  • Glad you brought up the armor thing there Geneo. What is the point? Unless they have specific uses (like the different types of protective footwear I posted). Not armor with specific uses, but clothing with specific uses. Some will just be cosmetic of course. What about beekeeping suit. Or hip waders to help ya fish or just keep from getting wet in shallow water.

  • Growing grapes would be a wonderful addition to Rising World. It would be satisfying to be able to harvest them and then turn them into wine with the proper equipment and time. They should only grow in certain biomes just like they are in real life. All plants/crops should only grow in their correct region in order to make this a bit more realistic, but also to add some fun. Certain logical limitations make the gameplay better, not worse. It could also encourage trade, especially when there are large multiplayer servers to play on. The idea of creating multi step food production is great and could make the settlements look and feel more like the world around us. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

    olives/olive oil
    apples/apple juice
    oranges/orage juice
    cows & goats/cheese

  • Wine and booze. I suppose being a dad makes me think of stuff differently then I used to.. Personally I'm fine with booze being in the game, but a part of me doesn't want to influence kids to drink. Anyways... adding grapes and hops etc.. is more content so..


    Sheep - wool - clothes and other cloth stuffs, rope
    Rubber tree - rubber (I mentioned this before..)
    grains or hay bales- feed for animals during winter when you have to bring them into the barn/weird structure you built as a barn.. hehe
    cows and deer - different types of leather
    cotton - rope

  • I think wine making would not be controversial I mean it has been something done for quite some time and I enjoy wine with various meals, i would not add any effects due to drinking the wine though that would be controversial.

  • Wow, this is an old topic that I'm glad was revived.

    I would happily welcome both a grape & olive tree addition. Seeing the recent 'Wurm Unlimited' videos with olive trees taking over a nice big chunk of landmass (a forest) has me wanting to see it in Rising World also in an equally wild, yet scenic, form. Being able to observe & harvest at your desire. Same with grape wines in an alternate form because you can make soft-drink & such from them. Cheap drinks that tend to be sold in grocers (European grocers tend to be more mature about things, beer & all).

    I'd actually love seeing grapes & the liquid consumables from them because it's not just wine you can get from them. Googling it is showing me soft drinks, normal grape drinks, and both cheap & rich vine drinks. Please, also give me those wooden barrels because they're awesome. Those that you lay to the side with a nozel at one end. Seen these when I was in Modra, Slovakia that prided itself for its wine production so you might as well add it.

    I guess using Skyrim is a bad example, yet it does have booze. It has it, yet not much can be done with it. It seems like an after-thought so you might as well add it in its 'cheap' & 'water-down' version for its appearance. This is also coming from an Ottawa Canadian point of view with booze being more like water over here with you having to go to Europe for the actual & real thing.

    (Honestly speaking, I'm only after the grapes, olives, & the liquid-storing wooden barrels in this game which you can place sideways.)

  • My vote is for grape vines. I am building some Roman and Greek areas and I need Grapes on the hills. If anybody wants olive trees are good too.

    And if you want to take the scenario even further, you can make wine with it which distorts your vision and makes you fall like in real. If you add that you can fight longer as in your dont see pain as much it would be good to be drunk in a PVP scenario. :whistling:

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