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  • So with the recent DDoS attacks, it looks like further steam integration is now high priority. So with this, I'm assuming we will get achievements sooner than later. So here's some ideas (given that the crafting path is still not quite defined yet) of possible achievements to add. These are definately not very clever so I need feedback. The more puns the better! Note that some of these also are similar or are movie or game titles so there may be copyright issues without further adjustments.

    "Hot Stuff" - craft your first primitive furnace

    "Botanist" - craft a sickle

    "Iron Age" - craft your first anvil

    "Bringin' Home The Bacon" - kill a pig for the first time.

    "Grill Master" - craft your first grill (the black round one)

    "Dungeon Decor" - die in a dungeon

    "Rail Worker" - craft a train rail piece (I'm assuming these will be modular)

    "Data Mining" = Mining silicon (if added) for the first time.

    "Under Pressure" - Mining diamond (if added) for the first time

    "Stone Cutter" - craft a block bench

    "Heavy Metal" - craft a train

    "Doctor Jones" - Discover your first dungeon.

    "Crypt Raider" - First time opening a chest in a pyramid tomb.

    "Maze Runner" - Open all the chests in a pyramid maze.

    "Knee-Deep In Hellstone" - Mine hellstone for the first time

  • Maybe there should be two furnace achievements because of all the variety we have going on. I see you also added my "knee deep in lava", yet as hellstone instead.

    • 'Striking while it's hot' - Using an anvil to turn metallic stuff into other components shortly after having cooked it in the furance of your choosing (A 1-2 progression achievement).
    • "Iron Horse' - Using a low tier train for the first time.
    • 'Ride of the Valkyries' - Survival mode only flying a long enough distance with a hang glider.
    • 'Gone Fishing' - Simply go fishing.
    • 'Dungeon Crawler' - Register 5 unique dungeons in underground & overworld (far future addition).
    • 'Lard Lump Hump' - Tame & mount a camel (humps are fat for energy for when food is scarce in a desert).

    Probably not witty up front, yet they do hold hidden meanings to history.

  • @ArcticuKitsu
    Ooh, I like some of those. "Stiking while it's hot" is definately a good one. Are hang gliders a certainty? I like the idea of some of the achievements matching some of the load screen messages, "Riding with the Valkyries" mainly. I have to read through the rest of them. I might find some inspiration, except from chopping brocolli.

    Ooooh, just thought of something. Maybe if you plant a willow sapling next to another willow, but not in an area where you just chopped down one, you get an achievement of "Comforting Weeping Willows"

    And yes, "knee deep in *" is a Doom reference. The title of the first stage song in Doom 1 was "Knee-deep in the dead". This is why I am concerned about copyright rules for similar sounding names like that, or exact matches such as "maze runner". I also need to think of a generic adventurer name to replace Doctor Indiana Jones.

    I like the idea from @botchikii about the spike trap in the dungeon. I was thinking of making some reference in that sort of death to Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula). I can't think of one. I will have to run some of this by the other Pun Master at work. ;)

    And here's one that I chatted with @waveshapr once. I threw him an idea about an escape from the dungeon / return to safety sounding music piece inspired by this scene from First Blood where Rambo makes it back to the surface after escaping a rat infested mine shaft. When the music hits and rambo looks up the escape to see sunlight again, there is a sense of relief and safety in that scene. Anyways, I think there should be an achievement for making it back to the surface after fighting a dungeon boss. "Return to the Light" ?

  • Master cartographer: find one of each biome

    Snow Owl: find an arctic biome

    Desert Dog: find a desert biome

    Beach Lover: find a beach biome

    Lake Enthusiast: find a lake biome

    Forest Folk: find a forest biome

    Top of the World: reach the sky building limit

    Building Accuracy? Who Cares: reach the 10000block limit without using fly mode in your play through

    Near Death Experience: Survive an attack and exit combat (i.e. either kill the foe or run away) with less than 10% hp

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