Changelog 2015-02-21: Ability to update your spawn and more!

  • A small update is available! :)

    It introduces the ability to change your spawn by using beds/tents/shelters. One thing you should know: Tents and shelters do not overwrite your bed-spawnposition. In other words: When you have a bed at home and use it, your spawnposition will be set to the bed.
    When you go out to explore the world, and use a tent or shelter, the spawnposition will be set to the tent/shelter. Now when you remove the tent/shelter, you will spawn at your bed again.

    The compass also has a secondary needle now, leading you to your spawn.

    Another change concerns the flymode: Servers can now optionally disable it (set settings_flymode_enabled to false).
    Note: As a workaround when you eventually fall through the ground (and flymode is disabled), you can double tap F2 to teleport yourself tothe surface. This function will be removed in the future.

    Last but not least a small new Lua function is available, giving you the ability to let a player connect to a TeamSpeak server (TeamSpeak needs to be installed on the client computer of course).

    Stay tuned for the next update, which will introduce farming ;)


    • [New] Ability to change your spawnposition when using shelter/tents/beds
    • [New] Compass now has a secondary needle showing towards the spawn
    • [New] Flymode can now be disabled serversided. When it's disabled, you can instead teleport yourself to the surface when falling through the ground (double tap F2)
    • [New] Lua function to let a player connect to a TeamSpeak server (player:connectToTeamSpeak(ip, port, channel))
    • [New] "kill" command to commit suicide
    • [Change] Improved error logging, providing more detailed information now
    • [Change] Improved fog effect on distance
    • [Change] Animals drop more bacon/steaks now, also increased dropchance for ribs
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug with growing trees
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong player position in multiplayer
    • [Bugfix] Fixed problem with saplings preventing the chunk from loading
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug causing the worldgeneration to stop
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong faceculling for slopes
    • [Bugfix] Fixed grill state when chunk was modified
    • [Bugfix] Fixed animation after cutting a melon into slices
    • [Bugfix] Fixed minor bug about itemspawning (only affecting the usage of commands)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed Lua 'getPlayers()' function (table server:getPlayers())

    Bugfix 2015-02-22:

    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong ramp corner elements

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