Changelog 2015-06-01: New workbench and several tweaks

  • Here is another update! It introduces a new modern workbench. At the same time we moved some recipes to this new workbench. Expect more crafting stations (especially a "modern version" of the blockbench and sawbench) in the near future ;)

    We also added new items, e.g. a wooden torch holder, and many new basic resources (e.g. lightbulb for lamps).

    Apart from that, this update brings several tweaks: First of all, you can now move items to chests directly by a doubleclick on them. Of course this also works the other way around.
    Now you also find a "MIN" and "MAX" button in the crafting menu. When hitting the "MAX" button, the count is automatically set to the maximum (note: it only sets the amount that is still craftable, i.e. if you can craft 24 items, the count is only set to 24 then).

    Another change concerns the construction elements: We changed the minimum and maximum size of these items, allowing you to build with even higher precision. You can now also change the rotation precision (currently only via console command: 'setconstructionrotation [value]').

    Last but not least this update contains a lot of bugfixes. Among others the "falling through ground" bug should now occur less often.

    Have fun! :)


    • [New] New item: wooden torchholder (made out of sticks instead of iron)
    • [New] New items: lightbulb, fluorescent lamp (needed to craft lamps)
    • [New] New items: copperplate, copperrod, aluminiumplate, aluminiumrod, silverplate, silverrod, goldplate, goldrod, tungstenplate, tungstenrod
    • [New] New craftingstation: Modern workbench
    • [New] When using a chest, double click on an item to move it directly into the chest (and vice versa)
    • [New] Added MIN and MAX buttons to the crafting menu
    • [New] New global Lua functions: 'httpRequest(string)' to send a Http POST or GET (result is returned as string), and 'getVersion()' which returns the current game version (as string)
    • [New] Consolecommand to change rotation precision for construction elements: 'setconstructionrotation value' (low, default, high, veryhigh).
    • [Change] Reduced occurrence of the "falling-through-ground" bug
    • [Change] Changed minimum size of woodplanks and woodbeams
    • [Change] Slightly increased max length of woodplanks to match with woodbeams
    • [Change] Changed some recipes
    • [Change] You can no longer craft items if there is no more room in your inventory
    • [Change] Added smoke effect for fireplaces
    • [Change] Lua Vector library is now accessible to create Vector2f,2i,3f,3i,4f,Quaternion (usage example: local vector3f = Vector:createVector3f(0.0, 1.0, 0.0))
    • [Bugfix] Fixed problem causing the fireplace grill not to cook meat
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug with smelting furnace light
    • [Bugfix] Fixed tiling issues with silver- and tungsten ore texture
    • [Bugfix] It is no longer possible to pick up the same object or plant multiple time (item duping)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with disappearing tree when cutting it into pieces too fast (using creativemode command)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed minor typos
    • [Bugfix] Fixed rotation of lamp when placing

    Bugfix 2015-06-02 (

    • [Bugfix] Fixed some recipes (items required "ore" instead of stone)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "inventory is full" issue when crafting placeable objects
  • Sweet on the new workbenches and such. Also loving the wooden torch bit. Would love to fiddle with them, or see an image. Can't wait to play.

    [New] When using a chest, double click on an item to move it directly into the chest (and vice versa) <-- This! This is a major feature that I'm overly happy to hear about. I'm so glad this was added after experiencing these similar frustrations with Minecraft being stubborn with these features. Features like these makes digital survival life so much easier. You simply dump in a chest and go back out on your adventure :thumbsup:

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