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  • I have a small stockpile of ores for armor: mithiril and such.
    And some pelts put aside for armor.

    I'm working on building a stockpile of cloth: I hope we can make robes and I wonder if we will need thread too.
    As far as bows: I wonder if different woods will make different levels of bows. Like to see that. And arrows, hope we can make our own and that they can be different levels also.

    Hoping for cloaks, very much a part of a fantasy Medieval sort of build. Also want 'old' style silverware, pots and pans, spits for fireplaces for hanging cauldrons. And rope: in coils and in semi-loops for building hamocks and nets and ship ropes. So much to build. And anticipate.

    I love the weather system here. RW has a very advanced system in place. I think the constant rain in some areas is because it needs to be tested to be sure its working 'as expected'.

  • Well, a start is to first implement the arrows at all in the game. Then for the future ofc would it be nice with stuff like fire arrows, and making stuff actually catch fire when you shoot them. That would add a totaly new kind of gameplay and really a really nice feature on a PVP based server since you would be able to do fire damage and maybe even totaly burn down your "enemies" houses.

    But one thing at the time. Just adding regular wood arrows to start with makes it way easier in the future to add diffrent kind of arrows since one of the biggest part (programing the shooting, traveling and all that) would allready be fixed so basicly texture, damage and maybe poision/fire effect would be a small thing to change compared with implementing arrows at all.

    Im more intrestead in the Guns tho. How ammo will be crafted, if it only do damage to ppl and animal, or if you actually can break glass and items with bullets aswell.

  • Both bows and muskets are going to be fun to use for me. I'd love to go stalk a moose through a winter forest with a musket!

    I'm also looking forward to seeing how JIW Games expands on these two weapons, if they do.

  • Guess thats just what he meant.
    Fire arrows would be extremely nice, but just perfect in combination with the possibility of setting wood on fire.
    As mentioned before, burning existing buildings for example, would give some special feature to the game.

  • Feel free to ignore my post, just that I managed to dream that Red51 gave us the update that I was able to test out the musket. It was still a placeholder feature, yet something we were able to have, but without ammunition. I wanted to shoot a bear, yet couldn't.

    Also, I'm also curious about seeing if we could tune the arrows to have glow flares on them, flaming arrows, poison tipped, among others. Even having stone, iron, and other sort of tipped caps to do varying sort of damages for varying sorts of situations. As for guns I'm curious if there'll be normal ammo & tracer ammo where you could customize the loudout on the magazine, or if it'll all be default that what you shoot is what you get on a simplified level of things.

    I'm hoping to see the pop up soon for the mid week of November. I'm hoping it'll pop around mid November when I gave myself time to play around with the update. I can't wait to see how muskets play in this game and how we'll go about making ammo packs for them.

  • What exactly do you mean? Like instead of just having a normal arrow with a crossbow, also make enhancements like a flame arrow or exploding arrow?

    I should clarify, I meant weapon types as opposed to just those two weapons. Things like bolt action rifles or perhaps some form of a repeating crossbow, that type of thing.

  • Wow! I am incredibly hyped for this update! Thinking of pouring bullets for the musket, making arrows for the bow, and then walking out the door of my log cabin to go bag a deer gives me goosebumps! It has been around the corner for so long that it almost feels like it will never arrive, but now to think it will be here in a matter of weeks! I just may have to start a new world to play this new world of survival features in! 8)

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

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