Ankündigung Changelog 30-11-2017: New playermodels, new items and more!

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      Great update everything seems to be ok apart from the upside down piano also Im having trouble with the auto pickup on the furnace loading is fine (and a godsend) but picking melted ores up is very hit /miss

      Sticksman schrieb:

      Ore Detector:
      The text on the ore detector's screen is displayed off-centre. It is only partially visible.

      Collecting ingots from a furnace:
      Holding down the button to collect ingots from the furnace currently is a bit hit/miss. Only some are collected. However placing ore into the furnace works perfectly while holding down the button.
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      Likes it this way, I love it that way. They want it to be more realistic right?

      Who in the world can carrie serval stacks of pelts on them from any animal? IT becomes too heavy.... btw add Character weight limit to the game "Hint, hint".

      Meaning each item has a weight to it. for example

      a Character starts off with 0/200 carry weight

      Each item has its on weight to it i.e....

      Bear pelt = 30 pounds
      sword = 100 pounds

      and so on, just and ideal =D
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      +1 Palacost1

      Totally agree -
      I found this game after playing The Long Dark, where the inventory was ordered by weight, and if you went over the weight you would move slower. I think the smaller stack sizes definitely add a sense of realism, while still being enough :thumbsup:
      Would be great, as some people have mentioned, to have bags or wheelbarrows etc. to carry more things around, as an extension.

      Also wanted to say to red51, this is a fantastic game! It took me forever to find actually, I moved through a bunch of survival, open world and crafting games that didn't really hit the mark, but Rising World has me hooked, and I'm realllly loving the community around it too.
      There's just so much potential, it's awesome that we can witness such a rich game as it's developed!
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      Firstly I would like to thank Red51 for all your hard work on such a great game. I have been playing on and off since the early days.
      I play this game because it is a non stressful survival game with amazing building mechanics and things are not trying to eat my face off every 2 minutes.
      I do not normally post on game forums because most of the time there is a few who post over and over and if you dont agree with them your post is lost, never to be seen again.
      But because I love this game so much I had to tempt to make my voice heard.
      As for the latest update I have alot of mixed feelings..
      after a bumpy start with the loss of inventory a couple of times and items in chests things are smoothing out :)
      It is nice to be able to have a body [and female!] and make clothes and accessories.
      I love the steel pick and axe, haven't got to play with the drill yet but working on it :)
      The crossbow is great! a little slow but ok

      as for the stack sizes.. this is a huge no for me.
      Our invent is small enough and would fill easily before
      single hide stacks.. god no
      cotton stacks 15 .. no no
      wood.. no
      food.. no
      flowers.. oh please no

      To those who want weight, carry limit etc.. there are a million games like that.. go play them.
      I play this BECAUSE there is no weight limit and the stacks where manageable before.
      this has really put a damper on this game for me.

      You guys are making suggestions that is going to turn this game into the same as what is out there already... red51 please dont make it like a million other survival games.

      I know im probably the minority but I had to say something because this is a amazing game and would be so dissapointed to see it change.
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      LadyGeo schrieb:

      To those who want weight, carry limit etc.. there are a million games like that.. go play them.
      I've found there really isn't any other game out there like Rising World, even if the stack sizes are reduced/limited. Like I said, I have tried a huge amount of other games that fit within this genre (The Forest [on Veganmode], Subsistence, The Long Dark, Subnautica, Skyrim, GTA, Forest Village, Novus Inceptio, Rust, Saints Row, a host of free online open-world RPG's, The Sims series, Cities: Skylines, etc.), and none of them offer as much creative freedom while being survival, open-world, and crafting/building games all at once.

      I understand where you're coming from, though. I think in Creative mode there shouldn't be a limit at all, because you're there to build and create.

      But for a Survival mode, there should be some challenges, right? Otherwise why is it a "survival" mode?

      To be fair, even if Red makes the stacks as big as they were before, it wouldn't phase me too much. I could just pretend I had a limit, no worries.

      sharkbitefischer schrieb:

      if you are talking realistic, who flies? I just don't like, and hear from many players that they don't like the reduced stack sizes. and that is all I am saying.

      The flying cheat is optional to use, while stack sizes are set. So it's not really an accurate comparison, because you can choose not to fly in your game. I haven't had to use it yet.
      (fingers crossed I don't fall into a glitch now haha)
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      Just to put in my two cents : I like the more realistic stack sizes.

      Balanced by weight and/or bulk, sure, but it doesn't have to be an additional math factor, just more matching to reality. For example: if I were to carry a bear pelt irl, I wouldn't be able to carry *anything* else with it. That said, I can certainly handle more than 8 apples at a time.

      (But then, if it got truly realistic, we'd be only be carrying two or three tools at any one time and have to lead around a pack mule to carry the rest of our spoils. It is a fragile balance between fun and realism.)
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      I think Red51 need to reduce everything to less exaggerated levels.

      You do not have to limit it to 50 pounds, but carrying tons of stones seems to me 100% wrong. BUT, if it's something customizable, I see no problem. I ALWAYS start a new world with minimal ores.
      Nothing would prevent me from reducing the stack to a value appropriate to the realism I seek.

      I think we should need some kind of "trigger" to carry more blocks.

      While exploring, we could not walk with a ton of cargo in the back, but when we start a construction, we could use a sign with the phrase "works in progress", and we could access all the materials that would need to be in chests and barrels.

      To carry large quantities over big distances, perhaps a wheelbarrow.
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      Mac OS X 10.13.1 Java: 1.8.0_121 x86_64 -H:3072 -D:3072 (Steam)
      Unhandled exception occurred during world conversation
      at server.util.s.a(SourceFile:643)
      at server.util.q.a(SourceFile:977)
      at server.util.a.a(SourceFile:157)
      at server.e.a(SourceFile:1377)
      at server.e.a(SourceFile:1243)
      at v.q.a(SourceFile:275)
      at v.q.a(SourceFile:149)
      at v.i.b(SourceFile:200)
      at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
      at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$201(
      at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$
      at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
      at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

      I downloaded the game again, but still can't open my saved game :(

      is there a way to solve this? or is the file corrupted?
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      Captian_Cornball schrieb:

      umm mostservrs allow full creative so i doubt that will be of any use
      I personally do not play on a server that allows create, I like the excitement of finding treasure and dungeons with goodies in them or that elusive broccoli plant instead of having everything handed to me.
      a survival game means you go and look for food or hunt animals and run from bears. This part of the game is fun and not too hard where im too scared to leave the house.

      I went out earlier to see what i could find and couldnt go far because my invent filled up extremely fast due to the stack sizes... so came home and logged off.. it makes me feel like 'what is the point'
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      Minotorious schrieb:

      Graysilk13 schrieb:

      One statement of my opinion: I do not like the crafting stations. all and each. being able to access all the other crafting stations, for 3 reasons:

      it takes away from the uniqueness of each station
      it is difficult to read the red letters on the brown wood surface and hard to find the server you need with the recipe
      players will not need to bother making all of the nifty stations, just make one and use it for everything
      That is only because you are in creative mode, in survival mode you cannot access the other crafting stations from a different one
      Thank you, but I do know that Mino, because when in AR, I am a builder I am always in creative mode :).
      When I am on Serenity I am in survival mode.

      I'm just stating my opinion here. I like the survival mode crafting stations setup more than I like the creative mode. Personal choice, imo only.
      I just ignore the creative setup whatever server mode I am on, and go to the needed station i.e. the loom for crafting clothes. I feel more game world immersion that way. :)
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      I personally don't have any issues with the stack sizes. Having played numerous sandbox games like Minecraft and such I learned to plan ahead that I'd focus on certain materials to then go to others, and etc. If I want stone I'd tune my inventory for stone mining, and etc. Keep specific tools for specific tasks and you'd be fine. Always carry bandages and splints though, as with food and a canteen (4 slots), PLus a pickaxe & torches (7 slots total). That's fine.

      It may be an irritation, but that's why you also create barrels to place out in the field, or run home to quickly run back to it.

      Also, you have to think about this in a bigger picture when we're to gain horses, camels, donkeys, boats, trains, cars, jeeps, and such. It makes sense. I kept hounding Red51 to add storage containers onto boats because of how painful it was to transfer goods from one place to the next in Minecraft. Mojang refused to listen to advice, something Red51 does. How we'll now have a way to transfer goods on boats, as well as horses with saddle bags, and such. Set up a nice train network once we get that also.

      It does get irritating, yes, but that's why you plan ahead. Rising World is it's own unique game that it's still peaceful, yet you have to put some effort into the game so it doesn't play itself.
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