Changelog 2017-12-30: Fireworks, new items and a Happy New Year!

  • Hi folks,

    First of all, we wish you all the best for the New Year and hope you have a healthy start into 2018! :)

    A new update is now available. It introduces several new items and also some other new features.

    Just in time, a firework rocket is now available :thumbup:

    We also added new clothes, including a samurai armor, new haircuts and also lots of new weapons - most of them cannot be crafted, they can only be found in dungeons. Speaking of dungeons, we improved the loot spawn in dungeons. It still needs some tweaks, but now the loot you can get from dungeons should be more valuable.

    This update also introduces "stamina", so the player is no longer able to sprint indefinitely. This only applies to survival mode, although there is an option to disable it.

    There are some changes to the API as well, we will release the API changelog shortly!

    Last but not least we did some bug fixes and some smaller changes, but we're still working on some optimizations, in particular we want to reduce the overall memory usage. Expect another update in January.

    We also can't wait to release the other things which are already in their starting holes, e.g. mounts and other transportation options, like trains and boats.
    Which one of these features do you actually prefer and want to see first? ;)


    • [New] New item: firework rocket
    • [New] Added samurai armor + helmet
    • [New] Added spiked helmet
    • [New] Added redcoat hat
    • [New] Added three new haircuts for female and one new haircut for male character
    • [New] Added eight new swords, including a katana and a saber
    • [New] Added three new battleaxes
    • [New] Added three new maces
    • [New] Added two new warhammers
    • [New] New object: Snowman
    • [New] Added stamina, so players cannot sprint indefinitely
    • [New] Stamina can be disabled in the game settings (singleplayer only)
    • [Change] Updated dungeon loot
    • [Change] Improved performance when walking through areas with lots of buildings
    • [Change] Singleplayer settings (misc) now also work when hosting a LAN game
    • [Change] Added world name to confirmation dialog when deleting a world
    • [Change] Primitive furnace can now be also crafted at the workbench
    • [Change] Changed recipe for repeater ammo
    • [Change] Replaced lumber (item) model
    • [Change] When disabling animals, this now also affects the new animal variations
    • [Bugfix] Crossbow can no longer be heared on the whole world
    • [Bugfix] Player now longer "jumps in the air" when spawning
    • [Bugfix] Fixed players still being able to hit other players while pvp was turned off
    • [Bugfix] Fixed setp/setl command when using values greater than 180

    Hotfix 2018-01-01:

    • [Change] Player distance (scoreboard) can now be disabled in server properties
    • [Bugfix] Fixed secondary action of sickle/scythe (lower grass)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed plugin API related issues
  • Very nice ! the new weapons look badass, love them (the ones I could craft). One think : the snowmen have their avatar look weird in crafting station (zoomed in and offscreen). Need to test it on my server now ;)

    The stamina think is good, hoping we can have mounts or vehicles for rewards. the world is huge to explore ;)

  • Thanks for the feedback :)

    So did Steam jump the gun on the updating or? My game updated itself now I see all the servers out of version with me. My test server still says it is 9.1 even after I ran the updater. Please advise .

    The server update should be available, but if it's a rented game server, it sometimes takes some time until the hoster updates it ;)

    One think : the snowmen have their avatar look weird in crafting station (zoomed in and offscreen)

    Oh indeed, thanks for letting us know, will be fixed shortly!

    Didn't find them in the loom ? I have the redcoat hat but not them

    Yeah that's actually intended ^^ These items can only be obtained from dungeons (and via command of course^^)

    @red51 little bug report, animals keep "rain" falling when spawning on SP world

    I will check out what's going on there^^

  • Waiting for Nitrado to update my server.......

    Well, when i saw the word 'fireworks' I went pure "YATTA!~", or in great cheer that it's finally here. Awesome! Fireworks are finally here.

    I tried looking for the samurai armour yet couldn't find it in the loom. Was going to look in other crafting stations. Lumber looks awesome. Haven't tried out much, yet do love what oyu noted on the changelog.

    When clicking on the musket ball in the crafting station I had a crash.

  • THanks! No more musket ball crash.

    I also died laughing shooting off a whole swarm of fireworks that it's awesome. I however feel there needs to be sizing variations and effects to them, similar to how Minecraft does them. The whistling is awesome, even how they shoot off, yet be awesome if they added trail effects, multi-bursts, and etc. As they are now they're a fun toy to play with that I'm going to dedicate a building to making them :P:thumbsup:

    Now, where's the samurai armour hiding at...... The swords are looking awesome as well.

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