• I put 6 Months into this Server and I got Destroyed in one hour, everyone may of moved on.. No Sense in Re-building

    i had a server running for over a year and then got that land bug where land was in the ski and all stuffed up from one of the updates
    every time i rolled back i had to then re update and the same problem happened every time, so the whole server over a years work was gone,
    did i cry about this, no i just restarted again, did i lose a bunch of users, yes, but that's just part of running a server, one that's still in development, your always going to have ups and downs, don't let the downs stop you, you started a server for a reason don't forget that.

  • by the way my AUTO Windows server installer has auto backups it will back up your server well as long as your not using mysql the backups will work
    if you use mysql then your need to also back up the database

    The link for the auto installer is https://drive.google.com/open?…BitVvBOHAjRZqcgU5XvU0-n0l

    i could make one that backs up your mysql database too but that would only work with advanced users oO

  • Cornball, what you may seem appropriate now yet it shall bite you in the rear end within a few days. What you say now is only appropriate within the heat of the moment, yet once that feeling passes you'll regret having done what you've just done. Your mind would have processed various situations and outcomes that you'd want to retry your hand at the server thing with newer ideas and such.

    Also, if it may or may not have been the Hive DDoS'er that would have have been a far deeper genital move that he or she may need actual therapist to deal with their issue. If not, then I guess they're clean.

    We have a few vicious people hiding away in the Steam reviews rallying one another that you have to track them to see what they do next. Keen an eye on Xandrae, Lord Sluggo, Bennio, and such.... If they call walter, myself, and Avanar out then you know you have the right people. If they claimed 'White Knighting' at the end of February & early March then there is an issue to keep tabs on them. I haven't posted nor viewed in the review section in a long while so their points should be moot, IF they messed with Cornball. If not then their crimes is tarnishing Steam reviews only.

  • what happened to your server is unforgivable and extremely frustrating for everyone.
    But i will now give you 4 good reasons to do it again:

    1. You had a successful server running once and you can do it again.

    2. You learned this lesson and will never forget again to do a backup or simply host on a provider.

    3. Your users enjoyed building on your server. They have to start over, no matter if on yours or someone elses

    4. Rising world is in alpha stage. And even though Red51 does his best, there will be the moment when old worlds will not work anymore due to some update.
    We all don't like to think about this but it can and will happen.
    So everyone is aware that his or her builds are not for eternity.

    If it helps you... I would volunteer to build on Your new server to get it going again.
    Im not a master builder like others but it would be something.

    Also i suggest you to do blueprints of buildings every now and then.

    Maybe as a reward for contributing to a Community building, road, etc. Or for an especially nice building

  • I might do it, just Not Right Now

    as for Hosting, I use GTX, They ciaim to have the Most Secure Hosting ha ha!

  • I agree with the 4 reason which Avanar wrote :

    I am working on my build's on Day One server. The server owner told I he been hacked and it still goes on now.
    He told me when i was starting out.
    He will understand how you feel.

    There is one more rule you need to place in the rule's :

    Every nice new build you make you must always Bp them, before coming offline. Do this on any server you play on. Just like going out of your front door, you never know what will happen!

    Good luck with what ever your choice is now or the furture and always remember you not alone in this world! Hugs

  • I Would of Re-opened back up if i had Bluerprints of Buildings, One of mY users Did those Buildngs, I doubt if he has The Blpeprnts, The area was Nicely done with User-owned Shops, a Tavern, Main Building, etc...and a Wall Made By Hime, Unfourtueatly we Don't Get alog any more.. so Its HARD t o Get hold of him

  • The New Players DO NOT get Creative, You have to ask, The World Wihin is 100% Surivial... its was Probaly a User that Wanetd my Server gone so he can Start one up and offer the same Thing. they only admin I Had denied IT AND started His own server (zodics keynboard Thing)

    do you know the name of the user who you say hacked you ? do you have a copy of your server that maybe i could look at and work out who did the damage ?

  • No It was hosted on GTX, I wiped the server the same day it Happened.

    well i guess we will never know if it was hacked or what happend oO the only other server i know who had the protection let them down, was a server that was left running for weeks with out any restarts, in this case the protection database crashed and the protection stopped working, daily reboots are recommended.

  • It was 100% working, I had two Reboots a day, I reboot to Install my Plugins, Its NOT my fault, I did everything Correct, Don't Blame me for this.

    As you can PLANILY see;;

    there is a name above the healthb bar

    Seroulsly???? why did You tell me to Reboot daily? Its Common server Practice
    Ive been Running servers for 5 years

  • No ones telling you to do anything oO i was saying what happened to another user and why, and that to stop this sort of problem is to do daily reboots. i under understand your frustration.

  • I'm Ovlusly nott a Good Person for letting a hacker Hack My Seever

    So I am NO LONGER Asssoicated with RW


    As someone said up top, don't give up... It just let's the Hacker win and that makes the bully (hacker) feel good about himself. I honestly don't know why anyone would first off want to DDoS the HIVE Server, and second I have no idea why anyone would want to Hack you or your server. - Granted I've never played on your server, but I honestly don't think anyone would want to Hack you or your Server. It could very well have been an admin or even someone with Creative Mode.

  • I found, a couple of days ago, a giant pennus on my server spewing out the tip with a sign eat XXXX next to it. I just deleated it with the f7 tool. I agree it wasn't pretty and my server is a 18+ server so it realy didn't matter. Infact I though it kind of funny but it was crude and I removed it cause it was ugly more then anything. The way it was done was by blueprint and with blueprints you can lay down a lot of stuff real quick. The 1 that was on my server was hidden underwater so I had to go swimming to find it. Erase the problem not the server is all I am saying. You over reacted.

    Haven't you ever bee told that the people that do this kind of thing think it is funny and get a kick out of your complaining and fussing. Clean the problem up and go about your business and don't give them the pleasure of them getting under your skin, is the best way to get back at them. Ruin there fun.

    You can also install plugins like object protection that will tell you the names of the people who have placed these things. I check the 1 on my server and it was done before I installed my added security programs so it had been there for a while. I bet your's had too, especialy when you say you had 100 of them on your server. Remember it is better to delete 100 of these things then to delete the server with 500 builds and claims on it. You just piss your clientell off when you destroy there work from under them.

  • I only visit other peoples servers to look around. I wont build anywhere but on my own creative worlds because I know where my world will be tomorrow. One thing I learned many years ago is that nothing on a server is permanent. One day your stuff is there and the next day the server (and all of your work ) is gone. I would rather control my own world and only visit others.

    Fore some strange reason , I got banned for just looking around a server a year or 2 ago. I never picked a fruit or even swung a pic or axe on that server.

    The server owner must have just been having a bad day.

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