Changelog 2018-09-26: Fishing, boats and more!

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hello folks!

    Finally a new update is available. Sorry for the long delay, getting the update ready took longer than expected, but it introduces some quite interesting features.

    Fishing is now available in Rising World. This means you can craft a fishing rod and use it to catch fish. There are six different types of fish available, and you can use a bait (earthworms, which spawn randomly while raking the ground) to increase your chances to get a fish. There is also a chance to obtain a small pouch, which contains valuable loot.


    We also added a small rowboat and a motorized inflatable boat. While the rowboat only has room for a single passenger, the inflatable boat has enough room for up to 4 passengers. Currently the inflatable boat does not consume any fuel, but this will change in the future.


    Apart from that, the environment temperature plays a big role now. Going into a snow biome with insufficient clothing can kill your character. Going to a desert with thick clothings causes your character to dehydrate faster, accordingly. But even a rain shower during night has a negative impact on your body temperature, so keep an eye on it and take appropriate measures (make a fire, wear warm clothes etc).

    There are a few new items, like a semi-automatic rifle, a medkit, consumable pumpkins (you can cut them into edible slices) or new haircuts for your character.
    This update also contains several important changes: For example, you are no longer able to access items or chests through walls. We also updated the hit detection for melee weapons and tools, and changed the movement to prevent players from abusing the "jump spam".


    Of course there are several bugfixes and smaller changes, too. Tnt is now more useful since it can now be used for mining (i.e. explosions caused by tnt spawn ores / stones).

    As usual you can find a full overview in the changelog below.

    Last but not least this update introduces many changes and additions to the plugin API, you can find a separate changelog here: Plugin API 0.9.4

    We're still working on a better npc AI btw (which is required before we can add more enemies to the game, especially human enemies). You can check out our roadmap to get an overview of our planned features (although it only contains major features).

    Stay tuned for the next updates :)


    Changelog 2018-09-26 (0.9.4):

    • [New] Added drivable rowboat and (motorized) inflatable boat
    • [New] Added fishing rod, which can be used to obtain fish
    • [New] Added 6 obtainable fishes: salmon, herring, plaice, catfish, perch, tuna
    • [New] Weather, environment and clothes now have an impact on your body temperature
    • [New] Hypothermia drains your health, while Hyperthermia causes dehydration
    • [New] New semi-automatic rifle
    • [New] New item: medkit
    • [New] New item: bag/pouch, which can contain another item (obtainable from fishing or via command)
    • [New] New item: bomb, which works similar to tnt, but only deals damage to players and npc
    • [New] Added 8 new haircuts
    • [New] New object: "seat", which can be integrated into self-made chairs
    • [New] Pumpkins can now be cut into edible slices
    • [New] Earthworms (bait) spawn randomly when using a rake, especially when it rains
    • [New] Added name and address filter to server browser (WIP)
    • [New] Added scroll bars to blueprint list (journal), singleplayer menu, server browser and playerlist
    • [New] Added settings to disable hunger/thirst and fall damage in singleplayer survival
    • [New] Singleplayer world list now also shows world version (and indicator if conversion is required or not)
    • [New] Added proper impact sounds for projectiles (arrows, bullets)
    • [New] Projectiles (arrows, bullets) can now destroy small objects and certain construction elements (glass panes)
    • [New] Explosions caused by tnt now also spawn ores / stone (can be disabled on multiplayer servers) (WIP)
    • [New] Added permission "chat" to disable the ingame chat for particular permission groups
    • [New] Added permission "nametagalwaysvisible" to enable player nametags to be visible through walls or not
    • [New] Added three new music tracks
    • [New] Added Doppler effect for some sounds
    • [Change] Improved hit detection for melee weapons and tools (e.g. when hitting animals)
    • [Change] Chests can no longer be accessed through walls
    • [Change] Items can no longer be picked up through walls
    • [Change] Lamps can now be picked up (hold F)
    • [Change] Sleeping (skipping a night) also changes the weather (only if there is currently bad weather)
    • [Change] Crowbars can now also be used to pick up posters oO
    • [Change] Improved player hitbox
    • [Change] Reduced intensity of lamps and torches
    • [Change] Added small needle to compasses which show to your spawn location
    • [Change] Reduced situations which allowed you to look through walls
    • [Change] Reduced "jittering" when walking against walls or through too small tunnels
    • [Change] Corpse despawn time now also applies to dead npc in singleplayer
    • [Change] Command "editconstruction" can also be used to change texture of blocks
    • [Change] Reduced stamina regeneration, jumping now also takes stamina
    • [Change] Updated to latest MariaDB JDBC driver, this fixes issues with new storage engine versions
    • [Change] Reworked small status icons (hunger, thirst etc)
    • [Change] Beim Öffnen des Inventars wird zusätzlich Hunger u. Durst in Textform angezeigt
    • [Change] Firearms no longer work underwater
    • [Change] Repeater automatically aims again after loading
    • [Change] Changed damage dealt by firearms and arrows
    • [Change] Improved "indoor detection", i.e. detection when a player is inside a building
    • [Change] Trees are no longer affected by wind if being placed underground or if you attach an object to them
    • [Change] Trees can no longer be cut down just by hitting the leaves
    • [Change] Updated main menu, provides better support for small and big (4K) resolutions
    • [Change] Updated graphics settings menu, added "display mode" and memory information
    • [Change] Updated controls settings menu, added support for alternative keybindings
    • [Change] Projectiles can no longer shoot through trees
    • [Change] Npc and player* nametags are no longer visible through walls
    • [Change] Head rotation is now properly synced in multiplayer when riding a mount
    • [Change] Explosions no longer destroy water
    • [Change] Reduced jump speed in low-ceilinged rooms
    • [Change] Updated and reworked some sounds
    • [Bugfix] Player walk sounds are no longer framerate-dependent
    • [Bugfix] Fixed visual issues with female medieval leather shirt (invisible skin etc)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong item amount when removing construction elements with the crowbar
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash when a custom sound (API) was stopped
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "general_pve" permission not working for firearms
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong animal walk sounds on blocks
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "jump spamming" issue which was abused to climb walls
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues related to swimming
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong illumination of posters
    • [Bugfix] Fixed visual issue with penlight
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong light position of helmet lamp (when looking upwards)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "ghost LOD trees" if trees were planted underground
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bullets going through walls or npcs if they were shot too close to them
    • [Bugfix] Fixed npcs turning invisible permanently in rare cases (so they were only audible)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed broken friend list when using 4K resolution
    • [Bugfix] Fixed corpse despawn setting not working correctly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong crosshair being set after changing crosshair in settings
    • [Bugfix] Fixed teleportation issue if player dies while riding a mount
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash when equipping a blueprint which was deleted previously
    • [Bugfix] Fixed mining drill sound not being stopped correctly in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed collision issues when reducing the view distance without restarting the game
    • [Bugfix] Fixed server browser filter settings not being saved correctly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash when unknown "online state" was reported by Steam (probably related to previous Steam beta update)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed not being able to sprint with mount while having broken bones

    Hotfix 2018-09-26 (

    • [New] Added reworked scoreboard (tab), ability to copy UID and playername to clipboard
    • [Bugfix] "Seat" can now be crafted at the sawbench

    Hotfix 2018-09-28 (

    • [New] Temperature can now be disabled in the settings
    • [New] Permission "notemperature" (general) to disable temperature for particular permission groups
    • [New] You can now see the insulation / protection stats of clothes
    • [Change] While creative mode is active, you are no longer affected by temperature
    • [Change] You no longer take damage if bleeding while creative mode is active
    • [Change] Radiators are now also considered as a source of heat
    • [Change] Increased heat range of fireplaces
    • [Change] Removed unnecessary debug output which spammed the log and caused performance issues
    • [Change] Increased damage dealt by muskets
    • [Change] Reduced volume of some sounds
    • [Bugfix] Tuna can now be cooked
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from picking up items from grinder or paper press
    • [Bugfix] Construction elements (planks) on top of a block can now be removed
    • [Bugfix] Fixed random Crash when entering a vehicle
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing items when crafting multiple boats in one batch
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug which made boats unusable if the driver lost connection in multiplayer (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed random crash related to wrong sounds
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues when reloading plugins (rp)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong walk sound of mounts on blocks (metal, stone etc)

    Hotfix 2018-09-29:

    • [Change] Posters now require two hits in order to destroy them
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong light on open doors
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug which prevented you from removing posters

    Hotfix 2018-10-01:

    • [Change] Chests and signs are accessible again through thin walls (<0.5 blocks)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues regarding picking up items (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with modular placement (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some wrong sitting positions
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong collision of manhole covers
    • [Bugfix] Fixed player getting stuck in crouched position near water
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong rendering of plants if geometry instancing was disabled
    • [Bugfix] Player no longer gets stuck while climbing on a ladder
    • [Bugfix] Increased max range for terraforming tools (creative mode)
  • Getting the boats into the water seems a bit rough.

    1. there could be a tool tip that once you build the boats there will be 2 / 3 parts in your inventory.
    2. when assembling the parts you can do this only on land - but then how to get the boat into water? i can see a hand-symbol (very small hitbox) that i can click with "F". But that doesn´t always work. When i push the boat into the water like that the symbol changes to a kind of circle - which works like a charm when getting into the boat.
    3. when in the boat but not engaged in a certain position (as passenger or driver) it seems balancing on the boat is very difficult. maybe make it a bit more easy?

    A bug i noticed is that if you place the boat in water and then push it off the water the boat falls onto the ground, which is okay. But if you dig off the ground the boat will fall into the hole, get stuck and after removing the earth it will float into the air. i tried this in singleplayer survival mode on a flying island in the sky.
    first used the creative tool to conjure a square of water, then steered the boat off the edge and onto the flying island. then took away some of the earth and the boat ws in the hole. used creative tool to dig a hole and the boat was flying in the air (not accesible).

  • Thanks for the feedback! :)

    No mining carts? Serves me right listening to rumours lol

    Yeah, unfortunately trains were not part of this update... actually the boats are the foundation for future vehicles, including trains (I know, this sounds strange) ^^

    I think the tab menu may be broken?

    Oh, sorry for that, this will be fixed shortly!

    1. there could be a tool tip that once you build the boats there will be 2 / 3 parts in your inventory.

    Yes, it would be useful to have more information about the building parts. I guess we have to change this in the future.

    i can see a hand-symbol (very small hitbox) that i can click with "F". But that doesn´t always work.

    If you press F, you should be able to push the boat. It can be tricky sometimes, but it also depends on your view direction (and where you actually push the boat).

    3. when in the boat but not engaged in a certain position (as passenger or driver) it seems balancing on the boat is very difficult. maybe make it a bit more easy?

    Yes, actually this is intended. We can change that behavior, but I'm not sure about this... at least when it comes to smalles boats like the current ones. We will definitely take a different approach when it comes to bigger ships (sailing ships etc) ;)

    get stuck and after removing the earth it will float into the air. i tried this in singleplayer survival mode on a flying island in the sky.

    Hmm... that's strange... maybe this happens because the island is high in the sky. I'll have to check out what's going on there^^

  • @red51 i think i found the problem with the flying boat. i pushed the boat off a creative made cliff and it got half stuck in the cliff when it touched the water. i then terraformed the boat completely into the cliff and then removed it again. seems when it once was partially or completely inside earth it doesnt recognize when its released of it again.

    is there a way to pick up boats again after placed it?

  • Hi Am not able to place the Raw Tuna on any cooking surface to cook it hehe

    Thanks for letting us know, I'll fix it once we have to update the server files ;)

    probably im stupid but how do i attach the worm to the fishing rod and how do i fill the pouch with items?

    Worms are automatically attached to the fishing rod (or more precisely, as long as they're in the inventory, they will be used automatically). There is a chance that the bait will not be consumed.

    You cannot fill the pouch with items, since it despawns when you open it, but you can use the command itembag <itemname1> <itemname2>... to spawn a pouch containing certain items (e.g. "itembag rubberduck") :)

    bug found - having the puch active in a slot, then holding right mouse key for a while shows an animation and after a few seconds the pouch is gone from inventory

    That's not a bug: The pouch is basically just a container for a random item, it despawns when you open it (but in return, you receive the content of the pouch) ^^

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