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    We've posted an important announcement regarding the current situation and the future of the game: Announcement

    • yahwho wrote:

      It would be great to have more gather-able vegetative objects. Even if the game does not have any current use for them (i.e. "junk inventory items").
      Oh yes, the new version will definitely introduce a lot more plants and other objects :)

      ArcaneDesmond wrote:

      At the moment the dungeons are spawning way to frequent if we go in creative one can fly straight down and find a dozen or more
      Well, ideally the spawn rate for dungeons would be adjustable in the new version ;) However, currently dungeons can still be difficult to find in survival (if you don't use flymode).

      ArcaneDesmond wrote:

      The loot is often times the same and takes the fun out of exploring these dungeons
      Unfortunately this is true, and it's really important for us to improve this part with the new version.

      ArcaneDesmond wrote:

      For those of us that can't handle the rain for some odd reason can you please add some adjustments for the particles in the world?
      What makes rain so "expensive" right now (in terms of performance) is the "depth check" from the point of view of the rain - to make sure it's properly blocked by buildings etc. Unfortunately there isn't much room to improve performance in this regard (in the Java version) :/
      However, rendering works quite different in Unity, so it's difficult to predict the impact of rain in the new version. There is a good chance that we will get better performance in the new version :)
    • it would be cool if in the new version there were both standard spiders and larger ones, and in the caves at the depths where they spawn there was a web along which they could move and the player simply passed through and torches burned illuminating the space around them for a while after they were thrown away

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      Vrokky wrote:

      Whats the status of this big maintenance? 20% complete? 30%? 40%? 50%?
      Unfortunately it's difficult to give exact figures ^^ Since we're implementing so much stuff from scratch, it's difficult to predict how long it takes until a certain feature is completed... but we've made great progress so far!

      Vrokky wrote:

      I hope you will send more screens!
      That's definitely our intention :) Right now we're still working on "core features" so unfortunately there isn't much we can show about that, but soon we will focus on other things where we can share a lot more screenshots and videos

      minecraftel wrote:

      torches burned illuminating the space around them for a while after they were thrown away
      This is actually planned ;)

      lordaskym wrote:

      hey 'red51' is it possible to get an update. im craving some Rising World news. hows the process going? going smoothly? better then expected? having issues?
      Well, we've made some great progress in the last months, but there is still a lot of work to do^^ We're happy about the features we've implemented so far - they already feel very polished, and things like the new world generation look very promising (in terms of performance, which enables us to provide larger view distances, for example).

      Nevertheless, we will post an announcement with more details about that very soon :)