Status Update: Objects, doors and a short video

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi folks! It's time for another status update! In the past few weeks we've been mainly working on objects - by this we mean furniture, doors, lamps etc. More specifically, we've been working on object handling, i.e. placement, sync between client and server, interaction etc.

    It's our intention to rework most objects from scratch. For the time being, we've been focusing on doors: On the one hand, you will be able to place proper double doors. On the other hand, there will be more options to interact with doors - for instance, you will be able to lock doors. Apart from that, most objects (including doors) will be resizable.


    You find more information about objects and doors on our Trello roadmap:

    We've also prepared a small video to show the current state of the game. Apart from the new doors, we've been working on new sounds and there are also a few other details (for instance, the player leaves footprints in the snow):

    Apart from that, we've been working on lighting. The game internally manages all lights and culls every light source that's either not visible or too far away. To save some performance, you can set up a max amount of lights the game should render simultaneously.

    Here is a screenshot of lighting in a cave:


    Last but not least we've also spent some time on our build pipeline for Mac and Linux. We've already implemented it for Windows a long time ago, but it's important for us to not only focus on Windows during development, since some parts of the game code are platform dependent (especially the C++ part). So far, everything works as expected though.

    Stay tuned for the next status update. Hopefully we will be able to get a playable demo ready soon™

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback! :D:thumbup:

    Currently how do you place objects in the world, is it spawned in manually?

    Basically this works like in the Java version: If you have a door in your inventory, you'll see a preview of the object in the world while holding the item in your hands, then you can just place it wherever you want ^^

  • I live in Pennsylvania and that there snow crunch is about as realistic as it can get, love it! <3  red51 You've done an amazing job on this game so far and when I popped on steam and seen the video I had to come by here. It looks great amazing, the atmosphere, fog, fireplace as if your just getting toasty before bed.. then the beds?? :love: Absolutely love them! I'm waiting on my next Stimulus check and I'll be getting a new PC with it :thumbup: That means I'll be able to make better quality videos maybe even 1440P? Yeah Loving the atmosphere can't wait to chop my first tree down ;) Keep it up! Hope you got more flora/ fauna planed for down the road. Would love to finally grind some wheat in that big stone grinder that says you can grind wheat in it :thinking:

  • Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

    Hope you got more flora/ fauna planed for down the road. Would love to finally grind some wheat in that big stone grinder that says you can grind wheat in it

    Yes, that's definitely planned! We're currently focusing on getting the core mechanics right, which makes it a lot easier for us to add more content (different plants, more objects or items etc) in the future :D

  • This is beautiful :D I think that demo is already in hand and that is one of the best news this week :)

    My main question is:

    In this update / demo, will it be possible to create blueprints?

    And my other big question is:

    If blueprints will already be available in this demo, can we export those blueprints to the final version / migration of the game to unity? I mean when the latest java version is fully converted to unity, even with new features like electricity.

    Thank you very much for paying attention to details, that's what makes games great, progress shows

  • In this update / demo, will it be possible to create blueprints?

    No, unfortunately there will be neither blueprints nor a building system in the demo :| Actually the demo is really just meant to be a tech demo, giving a rough idea of the technical component of the new version (graphics, sounds, performance, but also things like player movement, interaction with the environment etc). In fact the demo will not even represent the actual state of the new version, as we want to avoid misunderstandings - for example, you won't be able to use any items in the demo, since we don't have proper animations for them yet. Items without animations look pretty bad (far worse than the Java version), and even though this will obviously change before the new version is released, it would give a wrong impression and some people could misunderstand this. So we have to make sure that everything that's in the demo does actually work, at least to a certain degree.

    Same about the building system: We can only add it to the demo once it's (almost) fully fleshed out. If it doesn't work properly or if it works worse than in the Java version, some people may be disappointed :thinking:

    For this reason, our main priority is to get the final version ready ASAP ;) However, once the demo is ready, there will be subsequent updates which slowly turn the demo into an actual game^^

  • Hi Red51,

    I know you have spent some time working hard on a new Unity version keep up the good work

    if I was you I would not bother with the demo and turning out to be like Microsoft with the silly updates as this will take up valuable time from the New Version your trying to cater for the masses but you need to concentrate and you should take your time and don't rush it that's when mistakes start showing up and that's bad we all know you will finish your road map in time so best of luck with your progress

  • This is a strange one for me I agree with having a demo and also waiting for a more fully fledged demo, but if I had to make a chose then it would be to have some sort of demo out (even in a very basic form) just so we and Red51 can get a feeling of how the game engine/mechanics are working and most importantly too give feedback back to Red51 to improve and game and to add any features for the game.

    I remember getting the original game years ago (maybe 2015 ish) and that was a early version, altho most of the building mechanics was in then it was still rough around the edges, but without the feed back / suggestions it could have been a different story of how I have enjoyed not only playing the game in single/multi player but in seeing how each update makes the game better.

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