RIP Star Wars (I'll miss you)

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  • I've grown up with Star Wars, loved every moment of it, until Disney touched it. I loved the originals, loved the prequels, the Clone Wars cartoon and animated. I loved it until Disney violated, mutilated, and brutalized everything Star Wars, surprisingly worse than Electronic Arts. I however did enjoy 'The Mandalorian', and even 'Rogue One', everything else was a mess. I'm genuinely not happy, understanding if Red51 wanted to silence or moderate me. I'm genuinely not happy right now as Disney/Lucasfilms continues to butcher Star Wars into a victim blaming mess..... They're going on this whole 'fake woke' campaign turning everybody into hostile villains who don't agree with them.

    Gina Carano is now fired by Lucasfilms because they twisted her historical lesson into something which it wasn't. It was simply a history lesson tweet allegedly claiming she is a Nazy & etc, something which isn't true. Imagine getting fired from a job for watching WW2 movies, such as 'Das Boot', 'Fury', or anything else then it being used against you to defile you. That's the level this is at, appearing as if they don't want you to know the past.

    THIS is why I now watch Anime, why you guys don't understand me, and etc. You may think I'm crazy, and maybe I am because I constantly had to put up with people's idiotic crap. Lucasfilms fired Gina Carano because she didn't preach a specific tone of 'Pro-woman' stuff constantly twisting and turning things into vile nonsense.

    If you want videos to watch then here.........

    Honestly, this is also why Twitter is looking into paid tweet subscriptions because people are bailing on Twitter for these Social justice nonsense. Its why people watch anime (except you guys here), its why 'I' watch anime. Its why people I know don't want to use Twitter because of the weird social justice nonsense. Twitter used to be the best platform until the fake people joined it, ruining everything for everybody. They should have stayed on Tumblr because they genuinely had no voice or power there. Tumblr doomed us all, especially with ResetEra weirdos.

    You're not allowed to have fun, and if you do you're going to get smeared :poo: by being called 'phobic' and etc. They tried coming for Rising World though you guys put up a barrier. They tried cancelling various Japanese games and Azur Lane, among others. They held up. They're going to keep canceling anything they can get their hands on. Naughty Dog rigging game awards, Mass Effect censorship, and etc. You can hide all you want from it, you'll have to fight back eventually...........


    Its only correct if the 'right person' preaches, such as George Takai from original Star Trek.......

    Its not a news I wanted to hear tonight because you legit aren't allowed to be human, nor have fun anymore. Its only right of the fake 'George Takei' spins it in a way for attention without realizing his situation is more about national blood over foreign loyalty.

    You'll want to do everything for your homeland, not your other home. Look into the 'Niihau incident' to see why George Takai's was caught up in his situation. People are being played like a fiddle, similar to how the Pied Piper works........


    Ignore my post if you want, you'll soon not allowed to play Rising World if it starts offending the weirdos on Twitter. This is why I enjoy indie games, Japanese media, and etc. Its why I'm the "weird one" here. I'm not happy tonight.

  • I would recommend a bit more research before jumping to conclusions and crucifying disney/lucasfilms. From my understanding disney wanted to fire her for months anyway and she just handed them a reason in a silver platter.

    Maybe her last comment that actually got her fired was not the most controversial thing she did but she definitely did do a lot of the other things they accuse her of e.g. mocking pronouns by adding beep/boop as her pronouns on twitter only to later retract claiming "she didn't understand pronouns" (come on it is 2021...)

    The youtuber (Vera something) you posted the link of seems unaware or simply chooses to ignore the other things she did do and there is evidence of.

    Not saying that any of that should have got her fired but let's not pretend she was a full on puppy democrat.

  • Oddly, I was thinking about Star Wars last night. The first one came out when i was 15 and floored me...think I saw it 7x in theaters. The characters had a deep mythos and the music was so epic I bought the LP and darn near wore it out. Anyway, the rest of the first trilogy was good but not as much as the first. After that it turned to garbage (IMO) until Rogue one which I enjoyed.

    As for the rest: I cancelled Facebook 10yrs ago because of ever-encroaching privacy issues and have never engaged in social media since. Neither do I own a cell phone. My few friends call me a dinosaur but somehow Ive gotten by just fine.

  • I've been following it, thus why I shared it. I know what I'm sharing and I'm aware of what I'm sharing..... I have to deny what you're posting because that is NOT what is happening. Maybe the 'silver platter' thing, though that is a stretch here. Its just a lame excuse for censorship and politics in their stupid place.

    Again, with all due respect Gina Carano did nothing wrong; People took her tweets out of context because they want the New Trilogy to win, they want politics to take over Star Wars and to ruin everything we hold dear and enjoyable. They're doing this for Marvel, DC, games, Anime, and etc, or at least trying. This is why Anime is outperforming Marvel because of all this political nonsense. People want their form of escapism. Its perfectly fine for Padro Pascal to say stupid crap, yet Gina Carano gets fired because she had a bit of fun. Nothing was offensive, people took it that way because they're envious, jealous, and annoyed that their narrative got blocked. What Gina posted in her tweet was a true real event happening, yet people took it in the wrong way because it didn't fit the world view (tribal mentality) in America.......

    Sorry, I'm not with you on this one Minotorious. I've seen what these people have done to Anime and games so its best not to side with them. This is why I'm legit angry because things we have as entertainment is trying to be spun in a way to use as propaganda tools. If not that, its turned into trash by destroying and burning it into the ground. This is why Anime is outperforming Marvel related media... Manga is out selling comics.

    The pronouns? She was forced to add them after being hounded, and hounded, and hounded so much. You would eventually give in, but with her own sense of humour. Oh right, you're not allowed to joke in this era. Everything is all so offensive.... She added them in in a joking manner, something which triggered people taking it the wrong way. You're allowed to have fun, as people have.


    Few more things to add:

    This pops up a lot in the tags

    (doesn't matter what tweet I use, the context is the same)

    Pedro Pascal ends up fine, yet not Gina Carano........ Cool. Doesn't have to be the quartering tweet, you can find it in two other hashtags on Twitter under 'Nazi Germany' and 'Cancel culture' hashtags..... Its messy because you have those who assisted in Gina's firing doing both damage control and ruining everything.

    "Rules for thee, but not for me."

    (Forgot to share this tweet)

    I grew up on Star Wars so that is where my anger is also coming from... Weird people, Disney, and Lucasfilms trying to weaponize it by turnign it into a political propaganda tool.......

    As for "social suicide"...... I've been bullied a lot for simply existing so who the hell cares anymore. People view me as trash anyways so I'm just gonna roll with it. Hate me, love me, whatever. I just want to enjoy what I enjoy. :)

  • I'm a bit calmer now so I'm going to keep things shorter. I'm still keeping tabs on the news waiting to see how this all unfolds.... This shouldn't of have happened, though what is done is done. Disney & Lucasfilms now needing to learn from their actions, though will they? We'll see. This is why Anime is outselling North American media ;)

    - Hasbro pulls out (stops printing) Cara Dune figures spawning inflated price on Ebay & etc

    - Various discussions about double-standards, cancel culture & etc. In short: No fun allowed.

    (Disclaimer: Even if you hate Quartering & Clownfish TV you can get this same news elsewhere. Various tweets, news outlets, and etc. It just makes it easier sharing from the two videos)

    Lastly, Disney is shocked and surprised a significant amount of people genuinely canceled their Disney+ showing them where their true fans are. Now, if they take the obvious hint they would do damage control, though doubt it. Disney is genuinely in "shock" and "surprise", though we'll see if they do the right thing. I attached an image of Disney's stock plummeting from this action.

    They'll obviously bounce back, though #CancelDisneyPlus was simply a message, not a killing move. My friend who does stock loosely confirmed what I was seeing, even tempting me to do stocks, though that is besides the point.

    Cara Dune also got a new deal for a movie causing fake Twitter Weirdos to whine and moan on Twitter about once again losing the battle. We'll see who wins the war in the end while it ends up being a stupid back-and-forth battle. Twitter weirdos ruining everything.

    The thing is, these same people tried canceling various games, Anime shows, and etc because it exposed them as frauds. Be careful who you befriend because they may throw you under the bus as they had with me in the 'Busou Shinki' realm. People are quick to throw others under the bus, I know that first hand. These people are vicious and vile........As you can clearly see. They slander everybody to the point others believe the fake-spun 'transphobic' nonsense. People have been baited.

  • Watching the interview now hearing things both on and off the video.

    - Disney & Lucasfilms purposely harassing Gina Carano and anybody they don't like.

    - KK purposely hiring weirdo people which spawned this situation both for Gina & High Republic nonsense.

    - Hate Mob attacked Gina Carano purposely twisting words ( purposely misinterpreting), purposely misreading points, purposely bullying people.

    - Lucasfilms/Disney wanted to lynch Gina in front of 40 people in a call.

    - Lucasfilms purposely erases Cara Dune with another character, even proudly displaying this on Twitter.

    - Gina Carano found out she was fired on Twitter, not by Disney nor Lucasfilms.

    - Lucasfilms accidentally sent an email tracking the abuse, even encouraging it.

    - Disney/Lucasfilms defended Pedro Pascal yet harshly abused Carano.

    - Carano loves to post 'think pieces', something which triggers people. Similar to why they hate anime because Anime does the same by provoking the mind, just not shoving things in your face as Disney wants to do. She loves to post things because she wants people to think, something they refuse. Everything has to be linear. People kept forcing their own spin while also putting words into Gina's mouth because they want to push various toxic narratives. Drones.

    - Tumblr/Reset/Reddit weirdos hate the taste of their own medicine (hypocritical). They freely block people falsely labeling others as trolls & other labels, yet Gina does this they insult her back. 'Rules for thee, but not for me', type thing. Double standard social justice nonsense.

    - She was in actual fist fights in Las Vegas, standing up for everybody, something SJWs won't. Gina genuinely hates bullying, something which is ironic when SJWs preach about it.

    - There are people who are quietly (whispering) supporting Gina because they're afraid of speaking up yet agree with her. If they speak up they get fired from Hollywood, or elsewhere. They can't even speak up in their own homes.

    Angry people are still on Twitter trying to continue to slander her. This is important because the same thing can happen to game developers and even Anime studios. There is a cancel culture out there so its best to squash them while you still can because they'll make you live in a cage. I noted it previously how they even forced me to live in a cage when it came to my anime hobbies. You were supposed to hate on everything.

    Even now, people hate me. Screw them. This is why I'm posting this here because I'm genuinely 100% pissed off. As are countless others. We just want our pure entertainment. We want our natural fun, something we had 2015 and prior to that.

    Star Wars is ruined.

  • Heard about Muppets being allegedly "sexist", or something with muppets having breasts. As for the racist, that's a new one though not surprising.

    Sexist, Racist, transphobic, and all these messed up labels........

    When I posted my previous posting I thought of this video having to time stamp it to 2:12 for the Disney bit. Some of it true, though if that was done in 2021 you'd see Star Wars rap lines...........

    Yeah. What a joke western media has become. I enjoyed watching 'Dredd', Fury, Interstellar, Ghost in the Shell (live action), Battleship, and Inception, all of which I enjoyed. Trying to watch as much as I can on Netflix while I can.... That is when movies were at their best as well (90's especially). Greyhound (WW2 movie) being recent and neat with Canadian influences.

    Disney........ This is why Anime is so popular :nerd:

  • Holy hell, why are North Americans like this.............. I mean as a Canadian I'm aware of why, yet constantly have to ask it. I'm genuinely getting tired of North American nonsense making me happy I proudly watch Anime. They're still going after Rosario Dawson because of a drug-like high.....

    All the woman supportive groups didn't help out Gina. The hypocrisy. ... Those house of cards in North America falling down bit-by-bit.......

    Taking what you enjoy & trash it into the ground...... :sleeping:

  • Well, I've been hearing/seeing various sources noting a rumour how Lucasfilms and/or Disney want to rehire Gina Carano. I'm still unsure about the full context waiting for everything to properly unravel. Its awesome we're snapping back to reality with rumours of them realizing Gina Carano needs to be brought back. Hearing how they want to re-hire her while also leaning on if she wants to be hired back into the bully-realm. She's been through so much abuse and harassment to the point it could be blackmail, or something along it. People have been twisting her words to the point bullies ended up killing Star Wars. If we can just get back to the actual Star Wars that be great. I genuinely feel bad for how much abuse she has gone through because she's a legit character and person.

    From 2020-2021 (current date) I've felt Star Wars has been genuinely killed to the point I never found myself hyping up Star Wars. I haven't gone Youtube searching for Star Wars content. I grew up with it, I loved it, Disney & Lucasfilms killed it for their perverted political views, something people on Twitter and some here naively support whether they realize it or not. I've went from enjoying the 'The Mandalorian's' content, soundtrack, and lore to just forgetting about it because of Lucasfilms & Disney's constant destructive political perversions. I went from hyping up each episode every week to just not bothering hyping it up anymore. It also appears people just can't grasp the severity of the issue to the point they allow bullies to win, even knowingly or unknowingly supporting censorship and bullies by saying its all Gina Carano's fault. I'm now reconsidering hyping Star Wars again IF Disney & Lucasfilms use their brains the way they should be, not for political preaching. It should be about provoking the mind creatively, not politically. It shouldn't be used to preach politics. We'll see what the end result is once all the fine legal details are worked out behind the scenes. We'll see if Star Wars shall be saved, or if its actually finally dead after 'The Bad Batch' finishes airing.

    May 4th:

    With it being May 4th (May The Force Be with You) I need to post more positive news. The rumour mill is good news in itself while need to give something to boost the hype further.

    Here is an oldie, but a goodie. This happens when people care about something they love.

    And maybe some good music before we may fade back to doing our own things.

    Let us get back to enjoying our content instead of hijacking it for fake political nonsense.

    Disney & Lucasfilms need to both publicly apologize for abusing the fanbase and Gina Carano, something they won't do.

  • Alright, so...... May 4th came and passed. May 4th (May the Force) be with you. Play on words.

    Because of May 4th I got back into Star Wars just a bit to watch the final season of Clone Wars (7) finding it neat. Late by a year, it is what it is. We're now also into 'The Bad Batch' so I watched the first 2 episodes of that, loving it. Love how it transitions from Clone Wars to The Bad Batch. This is the Star Wars I love when it keeps to the lore.

    Dave Faloni knows what he's doing. Kathleen Kennedy and her CEO boss are a pile of trash. They purposely want to destroy and sabotage Star Wars...... Ironically, Electronic Arts looks heavenly here. Might be a ruse though. EA may not be the best, they however applied a better Star Wars touch than Disney ever could with a 95% success rate.

    I find this track to be overly haunting capturing the uncertainty (Shattered) state of Star Wars lore wise, as well as the state its doing in the real world.

    Then we have 'Star Wars: Biomes' which is a 20 min video of various Star Wars locations flying by and past.

    I simply wish Disney and Lucasfilms weren't so corrupted and mentally diseased. They keep screwing things up, yet obviously are creative, if in a self-destructive and political manner. They have talented people, they're constantly doing stupid stuff.

    If you folks think I'm crazy or not, Star Wars is at a weird spot right now. It needs to be saved. It needs to be passed over to Dave Faloni to take it over....... The way he directed Clone Wars and 'The Mandalorian' is the way it should go.

    If you've listened to the Shattered track above that is the Star Wars I know and love. Hauntingly beautiful. I'm still pissed Star Wars was hijacked by mentally corrupted cult-like individuals. Its insane.......

  • Disclaimer: I currently have a cold so if I say anything I may be speaking louder (more aggressive) than usual thanks to feeling highly under the weather. I just saw something stupid on Twitter to which I have to make note of it hating how disconnected "she" is from Star Wars. Even so, I still feel Kathleen just doesn't get it, or is purposely deflecting. Gaslighting, etc... You know the drill. Pretend something that it actually isn't by falsely labeling.......


    "Star Wars: "We didn't make the movie for them":

    Yeah, we know. That's why you guys are getting so much flack to the point you (Kathleen) is being pointed out for it. You fail to take responsibility to the point you're needlessly being stubborn about it while also failing to correct any errors made. Any smart person would mend their flaws, yet nope.... Everybody is a "villain", a "hate mob", yadda yadda... Scape goating. STFU.

    "We didn't make the movie for them".

    Yeah, we know. THAT (New Trilogy) isn't Star Wars. There is a few redeemable parts (Traitor, They Fly Now, Han's new ship, and the Falcon going through the crystal gem caverns and certain trailer related scenes). Mostly everything about New Trilogy is TRASH. I was in so much denial trying to defend the movie with how shocked I was.... Yeah, there is no saving 'New Trilogy'. Disney even went as far as to BULLY/HARASS Gina Carano, yet that's alright because mainstream media said it's fine to abuse people when they say it is. Hypocrites. Yeah, it's fine to bully people when it's on a certain spectrum, yet in the same breath whine and moan people won't consume digital garbage when it doesn't respect the lore Imagine you desired Rising World, instead obtained a knock off Terraria game that doesn't do what Rising World advertised. It's like that. As for why people didn't like the New Trilogy? OH, I don't know.... Maybe because Kathleen didn't make a movie FOR THE FANS, only for their own incomplete spin-off movie undoing everything Luke had done. If you want people to respect your attempt at Star Wars you have to respect the lore, as you would taking your shoes off at another person's house out of common curtesy. Kathleen has none......

    Look, .... Rogue One is loved for a reason, as with 'Rebels', Clone Wars animated (all 7 seasons), Bad Batch, and even Star Wars Visions. I find it interesting how a Japanese anime studio can make a far more convincing medium over whatever the 'New Trilogy' is with how it actually respects the lore. It pulls from it, plays with nostalgia while also doing its own thing. It uses the sounds properly. Mandalorian is on life support right now thanks to what Disney had done to sabotage something great........ We can't have nice things because everything has to be fake political. No wonder Anime and Manga is outperforming western media while the westerners continuously play politics....... I'm not saying this lightly either, even if I have a cold making me crankier.

    First story (Black and white) is more Star Wars than the New Trilogy. Same with the 'Village Bride', and even the 'The Ninth Jedi' episode.

    The music also feels Star Wars. I would take IG Productions and the other lore over New Trilogy. For "new Audiences"? Nah, audiences stay roughly the same expecting whatever the IP originally was. There is a legit 100% reason why eastern media tends to win over western ones from 2000 onwards. Americans used to be great at telling stories until they started inserting fake political movements into everything. Thankfully 'Fury', Interstellar' and the films that get all the hate from SJWs are still good in ways.

    Do note that these two are the "best" episodes, though they're all neat.

    -The Village Bride (Kinema Citrus)
    - The Ninth Jedi (Production I.G.)

    The author of 'The Ninth Jedi' even wants to continue the story, something I'm really up for. Give us REAL and ACTUAL Star Wars, not something fake political we have to parade down the street to burn houses down with. I'm honestly down for a proper 'Ninth Jedi' story told properly and respectfully. Common curtesy, not the whole "it wasn't made for them" nonsense.

    I'm hastily posting this link because it contains the tweet:…uation-star-wars-visions/

    Give me that instead. Give me a proper 'The Nineth Jedi' series, or movie. Anything. I want actual Star Wars.


    Kathleen Kennedy, you're screwed up........ You're <F Bomb> <redacted>...... No, really..... Her response is "Ha! HA! We pissed you off and insulted you! HAHAHA!" ......

    Yeah, thanks for showing Japanese Studios can do far better than your New Trilogy garbage :thumbup: I GREW UP with Star Wars from the 1990's, and there are those even earlier from when Star Wars first came out. Star Wars should be respected, as it mostly is outside of the New Trilogy. Maybe "ironically" with Visions also with how it dances with its own thing and the lore.

  • Found something interesting on Twitter, this one on a happy note

    About Gina Carano,


    "I loved working with her. She’s warm, and beautiful, and wonderful ... I don’t care what her politics are ... She came to acting late and was so raw and original"

    Yup. It's a shame Disney wasted that potential, yet we have a nice lasting legacy of her being awesome and Disney having turned people into drones. All hail Gina Carano o7


    The Book of Boba Fett:

    Star Wars can still be saved with this series. This, and another run of Star Wars Visions. I can't wait to watch this to see how it'll go.

    It's however such a shame Disney screws everything up. I'm actually hyped (if wary) wanting to watch this to see how it'll play out.


    Caught this one as I was going to sleep.....


    Disney is submitting #StarWarsVisions episode 'The Village Bride' to the Oscars for Best Animated Short Film

    That, and 'The Ninth Jedi' better both be submitted and win something. If not, we all know Oscars is trash :)

  • Star Wars is something I obviously hold dearly, just as much as I do with Anime. It's however a shame it was tainted by SJW and political nonsense with the New Trilogy. Star Trek was easily hijacked turning it into nonsense. People gaslighting those who point out how tainted it has become......

    Came here to post about Star Wars, Thrawn, and how Star Wars can be deep.

    The only thing I've seen come close to being deep as anime is Star Wars. Same with 90's Batman how it humanizes villains.

  • - The Book of Boba Fett:

    (Up to ep 3)

    Surprisingly a good series, with a few oddities thanks to people over at Disney being dense. Jon Favreau is an awesome write, sure. He's however struggling as the only capable person able to keep the show afloat.

    I love how we see Boba Fett stay silent, stay mysterious, fight, earn his Tusken Right of Passage as a warrior, among other parts. It's a great show, it however suffers from writer fatigue, rushing, and other elements. I admire how we learn more about the Tuskens, yet equally hate how Twitter morons are trying to draw parallels to real world issues when Star Wars is its own thing. You don't see American flags in Star Wars, let alone German ones. Let Star Wars be Star Wars.

    Temuera Morrison had to occasionally (frequently) voice his dissatisfaction about how vocal Boba Fett is in the sequel by insisting he gained less lines.

    Yeah. I agree. On top of Jon Favreau being stretched thin (Kathleen Kennedy butchering Star Wars), you then have Temuera Morrison speaking out against Boba Fett being far more vocal.

    But because I say this I'm "wrong" and those reading this are "right", and yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm supposed to allegedly go around violating Gina Carano instead because that is what people have been taught to do by the media. It's perfectly correct to bully and harass people because that is what the media taught people. So much for traditional values of "respecting thy neighbor".

    Lastly, you have people hating the shiny bikes on Tatooine because it goes against the nature of stuff Tatooine. It's like driving Ferrari vehicles in the North Pole. You just don't. Episode 3 was in reference to 'American Grafitti', an old American movie while episode 2 was in reference to 'Lawrence of Arabia'. Episode 2 showed how to do things right while episode 3 screws things up with lazy implementations. Then you have Twitter morons gaslighting Star Wars fans being actually going "WTF?!". A few examples below.

    Episode 2: Lawrence of Arabia (done right)

    Pyke Train fitting the Tatooine desert (Done right)

    Pyke Transport fitting Tatooine's theme. (done right)


    American Grafiti (ep 3) - (Done wrong)

    Go, Go Power Rangers!
    (Go, Go Boba Rangers!)

    - American Grafitti

    At least go for a more Sabine's Tie Fighter style.

    Then the gaslighting attempts done by fake Star Wars fans.

    Is Coruscant Tatooine? No? Point is moot. Bring those vehicles to Tatooine then you'll see the actual wear and tear as it deals with the harsh environment, sand, and other harsh elements. Give it a few years it'll look like trash.

    And then another gaslighting attempt below. Pick a word, it's still valid..... Gaslighting, red herring, strawman, it's all valid here.........

    One doesn't equate to the other. There is a reason why you don't see luxury cars in Cuba, you dense morons.

    Bonus: Danny Trejo as a Rancor handler! I used to watch his movies as a kid on TV. Nice! He always made a good villain.

    I'm not all that hyped for Episode 4 onward...... If you find this incoherently rambly then the fault is on you for pretending to misunderstanding me. People always do this to me and I find the fault on their end. People purposely refuse to see eye-to-eye where everything is allegedly my fault. The point is how Episode 1 & 2 were awesome, yet ep 3 dropped the ball by failing to theme things properly to a rustic Star Wars world.

    I hate Twitter and its fake Star Wars fans. They ruin everything.

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