Changelog 2015-07-21: Blueprints* and working custom images

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Finally the next update is available! As promised it introduces blueprints* and custom images are now synchronized in multiplayer, in other words, all players can see the images you place in the world.

    Unfortunately there is a limitation: blueprints do not fully work yet. You can create blueprints (i.e. save your buildings) without problems, but placement is currently restricted to construction elements (so no blocks or furniture). Also you don't need any resources to reconstruct a blueprint at the moment.
    But you can bet on it that we will fix this very soon! ;)

    Serverowners can disable the blueprint feature on their servers by the way (they are disabled by default, settings_createblueprint_enabled and settings_useblueprint_enabled).

    Apart from that, we fixed several annoying bugs. Find the full changelog attached. If you're using our rcon tool, please note that you have to download the latest version.


    • [New] Blueprints*, which allow you to save your buildings (see journal)
    • [New] Custom images are now fully synchronized in multiplayer (i.e. every player can see your placed pictures)
    • [New] Infotext showing total blockcount when placing multiple blocks in a row
    • [New] New Lua world functions: 'placeVegetation(position, rotationy, type)' and 'placeObject(position, rotationx, rotationy, rotationz, type, variation)'
    • [New] Added RCON PlayerKill event
    • [Change] Slightly increased visibility of placement previews (objects, constructions)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with LOD chunks being always visible (blurred texture)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed connection issues when several players are connected (> 10)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "neverending connecting" when connecting to an invalid IP
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with disappearing menus
    • [Bugfix] Fixed random crash related to GUI issues
    • [Bugfix] Removed some unnecessary message dialogues when closing a multiplayer game

    * Blueprints are an experimental feature at the moment

  • Red posted this over on the steam forums

    red51 [developer] 8 minutes ago

    Yes unfortunately the journal has no hints about that yet. We will update the journal once blueprints are fully functional ;)

    To save one of your buildings, go to the workbench and craft a blueprint. Now grab this blueprint, and press the left mousebutton to go into "selection mode". You can define an area now (with your left mouse button and also with your arrow keys), and once you're done with that, press the right mousebutton. A small context menu will appear, now select to save the area. Enter a desired name for your blueprint in the popup, and click "Create". Now you find your blueprint in your journal ;)

    To place a blueprint (this does not fully work yet! you can't place blocks atm unfortunately, but that will be fixed very soon), grab a new blueprint, open your journal, go to blueprints, select a desired blueprint and hit "Use blueprint" at the right bottom. You will see a preview of your building now, hit the left mousebutton to freeze it. Once that's done, it can be moved with the arrowkeys (or by holding the left mousebutton again).
    Press the right mousebutton to create the building.

    Blueprints are btw. stored on your harddrive in the "Blueprints" subfolder of your game directory (steam/steamapps/common/risingworld). Of course you can share those files with other players if you want.

    Sorry if this description might be slightly confusing^^

  • The Rcon tool crashes after trying to view an poster image.
    it seems that i cannot view the image, and when i try to move to another image it will crash.

  • I can Just see someone trying to blueprint the whole town I am sure there will probably be a size limit.

    Yes there is indeed a limitation: your detail view distance ;) The blueprint basically just "sees" what you see

    Having a selected area size limit (and initial, or minimal, size) is something that I have been asking for a while now... especially since placing blocks is limited in size anyhow.

    We will definitely add a "real" size limit :)

    The Rcon tool crashes after trying to view an poster image.

    Oh, I'm sorry, that's our fault! This issue concerns all Linux servers. You have to download the server files and the rcon tool again (even though the server has the same version number). Sorry for this inconvenience :/

  • Well, I`ll be honest...

    Blueprints (experimental),
    Custom images (totally unnecessary)
    Few bugfixes...

    It didn`t surprise me at all... we of course need blueprints more than biomes and water...(sarcasm) especially in so early stage of game development...but, Red, you could calmly skip this update as you could skip all since I bought the game.... and to concentrate to what game really needs, and that is content, man, content ... diversity of terrain, animals, npc-s...., multiplayer needs cleaning to, lag is sometimes awful, and lag peaks brake the game, who needs blueprints when you`re still falling through ground man.... I think you`re doing to much side job and not doing core of the game... sorry, I am little disappointed....

  • Blueprints were a nice addtion. As I see it was mainly about bugfixes and now posters are visible for everybody.
    The shout after posters and blueprints was very loud. :D Everybody wants to save his buildings in foresight of this very early version
    of the game and the upcoming biomes. In order to have a little small possibilty to save personal objects.
    In my case, if I had had the possibility of the blueprints yesterday, I would have saved much time because of some issues.

  • we of course need blueprints more than biomes and water...(sarcasm)

    I think blueprints are much more important than biomes and water, especially this early in development. With blueprints we can build cool things and not have to build them all over again each feature-adding update. I can build something now and I don't have to rebuild it when biomes come out.

    I love the frequent updates and responsive of Red. It really is noticed. Thanks!

  • Dear Red ,
    i love the poster update, but we are having some issues. we have only had posters up on the server for about 11 hours but we have already had to remove posters with nudity. after an discussion all of the admins on the server agreed that the risk of allowing poster is too great. we are extremely concerned that someone could post something illegal like child porn. is it possible for someone too create a script to make it to where posters must be admin approved prior to showing up.

    Thanks, Pm me if you need more info.

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