Changelog 2015-10-12: More content, less memory consumption

  • so i noticed that although most trees now drop more saplings, lemon trees dont. for example ive found that apple trees either drop 1 , 2 or 3 saplings but from the 5 lemon trees ive cut down , they either drop one or none. which means in some cases the lemon tree population may actually shrink. which is what happened to my lemon tree farm, went from 5 trees to 3 then 1. quite sad. but i do have alot of apple saplings, so thats good.

  • In my opinion, this should eventually be implemented, but as a game mod. If the game is about the "rise" of a "world", then having a population in that world already is weird.

    My thoughts exactly.

    It would be "less weird" to meet something like prehistoric cave dwellings as nice little things to "archeologically" explore but anything more modern than that would really kill the sensation that it's a world that I'm the creator of. ( just my opinion of course as well )

    Further more, to see and explore community built structures, you play the online multiplayer, there's always something new to explore on an active server.

  • A lot of of bugs with blueprints. After install buildings I have:
    1) Double glass
    2) Double lights (The most annoying part. Buildings shining like lightning.After removing the light, you must restart the server)
    3) Double doors
    4) Double metal (grill)

    this is a very old bug witch red has said a number of times they will fix ;-D


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • Hello, I have a question that will not let me continue the game. After the implementation of biomes and water, you run the risk of losing our worlds we are building? Or they will be updated with these changes? and if the water would flood you have ever done?

    some date to the biomes?

  • Update not sure if the video issue is server related or my server just hasn't been updated yet. But see attachment to see what weirdness my server is showing.. Those "clouds" follow me for a bit.

    This can happen in some situations unfortunately. It will be fixed in the near future, as a workaround, you can disable "ambient occlusion", but that has an overall impact on the visuals.

    Spawning system needs a rework

    Animals generally need some rework, including the spawning system. It's on our list ;)

    Would be nice to see community buildings, spawning randomly on the map

    Well, at least dungeons are planned. Apart from classical ruins or temples, there might also be smaller decayed structures, like an abandoned shack in a forest etc.
    Other types of buildings (especially modern buildings) are not planned at the moment.

    so i noticed that although most trees now drop more saplings, lemon trees dont

    Hmm usually lemon trees should also drop saplings. They should drop between 0 and 3 saplings. Since it's determined randomly, it may happen that you have a streak of bad luck ^^

    Bug of ramp blocks

    As @LordFoobar explained, it has technical reasons indeed. But since we want to rework the block system, it's our intention to implement a "workaround" for this situation^^

    A lot of of bugs with blueprints. After install buildings I have:

    As @yahgiggle said, it's indeed an old bug. We didn't want to fix it until now, since a conversion of the map is required. Especially on large maps (like on big multiplayer servers) something may go wrong, so we didn't want to do this at the same time when we release other technical changes (otherwise it could cause a lot of confusion, and it would be difficult to find out if a potential issue is caused by the update itself, or by the world conversion).
    But since the urgent memory issues are solved now, it's our intention to release a blueprint-bugfix within the next days :)

    cant open the game anymore plz help
    btw im using steam

    Best thing is to create a new topic about that, as @Galveston01 suggested. If there is a file called "errorlog" or "hs_err_pid" in your game directory, please post it also in your new topic :)

    Hello, I have a question that will not let me continue the game. After the implementation of biomes and water, you run the risk of losing our worlds we are building? Or they will be updated with these changes?

    Your map will be converted automatically once the biomes update it out. But some "rough" transitions between old and new areas may occur, for that reason we want to release the creative mode shortly after the biomes update, so you get all tools to fix those minor flaws.

    some date to the biomes?

    We're currently working on a fix for the blueprints, which will be released within the next days. Then it's our intention to concentrate on some bugfixes. Once that's done, we can fully work on biomes again ;) Unfortunately, we can't give an ETA yet.

  • I want to agree with Renatos about adding NPCS but I guess I'll keep my mouth shut about that until a year or so passes.

    I also want to agree with Avenger & Trillnar about focusing on smaller updates but I also wouldn't mind you focusing on biomes. Just do whatever feels 'best' & more achievable. I wouldn't mind either way if we gained more frequent updates or had to wait for biomes. Others who can play are making a big fuss about it that from my view point I can still wait it out until December or January. People want biomes, especially for variety in 'survival' + Let's plays so might as well finally get it over with.

  • Hi Red/Devs,

    Hi Guys I'm an admin on one of the servers (Freaks R Us) for several months now and play nearly every day.
    Just wanted to say that I love this game...and it looks least it did before these so called "performance updates".. I run a very capable system..a GTX970 graphics card 16G of Ram...a good i7 can run any AAA title on ultra settings at 1080p without an issue.

    Before the recent updates I could run RW on Ultra Quality FullScreen at full 1080p resolution...with a view distance of 45 chunks and a detail distance of 15... it was smooth and beautiful.

    But since these updates I now have to run it at far lower resolutions...often windowed and at a lower graphics quality...even with the settings set that low the game keeps crashing on me, I get repeated TDR exceptions (the game never loads first time, it often takes me 4 or 5 attempts just to get it running), blue screen graphics failures, severe lag, and really bad graphics glitches. On top of that in the dark nothing reflects artificial light...items, plants, scenery are as black as night.

    I'm not sure what the "improvements" were supposed to achieve, you are the programmers, but in my opinion the game was far more stable before you made these changes...I'm not sure any improvement in memory use is a fair substitute for the loss in graphics performance.

    I hope you listen to the community on this. I know these problems are not exclusive to me and that our players on the Freaks server are also having graphics issues..the amount of relogs we are seeing has gone up dramatically which is another indicator that things are not running smoothly. I have seen that you care about our opinions..please please please take another look at this before it gets any worse..

  • @Dead0ne: The "performance update" was mainly about reducing memory usage (which increased with the prior update, due to higher res textures and vegetations). Issues like bluescreens should definitely never happen, that sounds like a native issue (e.g. driver problem), I'd recommend to check out if your graphics driver is up-to-date.

    Plants indeed don't get influenced by artificial light, that will change in the near future, but all other objects (scenery, items, furniture) should still get influenced by it ;)

    Maybe you should have a look if there is a recent file called "errorlog" or "hs_err_pid" in your game directory (steamversion: rightclick on rw in steam -> properties -> local files -> browse local files), those files should be created when the game crashes. It's better if you create a separate topic about that (maybe you can post the errorlog or hs_err_pid files there), since some of these issues you're having are very specific.

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