Changelog 2015-10-12: More content, less memory consumption

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hey folks! Another update is live, mainly doing some performance changes, especially reducing the memory consumption of the game. This should solve the "out of memory issues" some people are experiencing.

    We also lowered the grass around plants, this should make it easier to find smaller plants like potatos, or strawberries. Apart from that, saplings from trees are also easier to spot now.

    This update also introduces a new animal, a chicken, and of course you can get meat from it. By the way, you no longer have to kill sheeps to get wool, but can just shear them.

    Last but not least there are some new decoration objects, like plant pots, as many people requested it ;) Speaking of objects: You can now pickup most objects directly by holding your interaction key, so no more waste of resources when misplacing furniture for example.

    Expect another small update within the next days.

    Since this is more an "experimental" update (concerning some technical changes), please let us know if you still run into performance or memory issues.


    • [New] New animal: chicken (you can also get meat from it)
    • [New] New objects (decoration): seven different plant pots (plus variations), hunting trophies
    • [New] You can shear sheeps now to get wool from them
    • [New] Ability to pickup most objects (e.g furniture) by holding the interaction key
    • [New] You can get antlers from mooses now (used to craft a hunting trophy)
    • [Change] Reduced memory consumption of the game
    • [Change] Saplings after cutting a tree are now much easier to spot in the grass (as long as "grass masking" is enabled in settings)
    • [Change] Reduced grass height around plants, this should make it easier to find smaller plants
    • [Change] Changed recipe for compass and clock, now craftable at workbench tier 1
    • [Change] Removed slot numerations in chests
    • [Change] Game starts faster now
    • [Change] Did minor modifications to terraingeneration
    • [Change] Increased amount of saplings you can get from a tree
    • [Bugfix] Fixed audio issues in multiplayer
    • [Bugfix] Tree logs no longer get "pushed away" when removing a treestump
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong spawn of potatos, strawberries, lettuce and broccoli plants
    • [Bugfix] Fixed game crash when "Worlds" folder contains invalid files/filenames
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong lightcolors of lamp1
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some minor typos
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash in some situations when aborting world loading procedure
    • [Bugfix] Animals no longer get stuck on ferns and other small plants
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from using your tools in creative mode
    • [Bugfix] Fixed audio output device not being set correctly when starting the game
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues when splitting stacks of objects or construction elements
  • .... wow. Totally epic. Chickens! and a hunting trophy ... that's just awesome. and being able to pickup some items, that's great. all in all this update is a good balance of things everyone wanted to see, and that the game needed. optimization, and more content! not to mention this update to me shows how well yall (The devs) listen to the community. not too long ago , some of these things were just posts in the suggestions section. Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks for your feedback :)

    the update Corrupted my Chest Full of Food... now I'm going to starve

    Eventually try it again - there was an issue with carrots, but it has been fixed in a mini update ^^ If you have the Steam version, please restart your client (so it recognizes the update), if you have the Standalone, just delete a random file (for examle "commons.jar" in the data folder) so it redownloads the new files.

    have same problem as last update risingworld exe wont work anymore

    Please try the "newest-old-exe - Newest Version + old exe" (yeah I know stupid name X/ )

  • Update seems fine (even after the mini ones) No chest crashes and no huge memory consumption after flying a long distance. The memory still goes up but not as bad as it did . Was able to Shear sheep and get strawberry plants and even found lettuce without really looking .

  • The more (well sporadic) updates released, the more this game starts to look like a farming simulator.

    So we're at phase 1: fauna & flora. seems perfectly logic
    to work on the landscape first if we wanna have an epic open world to
    build and survive on, why not start there right ?

    [epic symphony music starts]

    The earth under our virtual feet gotta come alive first [music gets
    louder] and feed our virtual bellies with good stuff first like a true
    world that's on the rise.
    [epic symphony music end with a dramatic bang]

    Yes sure! But well, answering the question which comes first, the chicken or the egg, may take 90% of the development time

    Ooooooh sooo unbelievable!!!! you did the sneaky sneak on me hahahaha
    You sir just made me extra happy! thank you very much for another epic update and more specifically CHICKENS !

  • This is awesome. I do hope my fellow Canadians enjoyed their Canadian Thanksgiving with that giant chicken. Saw a screen in Steam gallery with that chicken being massive when raw, and possibly cooked. Can't wait for when they farm. Also awesome on shearing the sheep. Moose trophies are nice. Loving the variety in the potted plants. The update is awesome. Getting gradually closer to the biomes.

    I'd laugh if you could use Moose antlers as weapons. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Same with taming & riding one..... :P

  • I just saw a cow and bear walking one by another... should the bear chase a cow? Spawning system needs a rework.... first, after running in one directon for a few minutes, animals spawn closer and closer to me, one time bear was spawned right in front of me, and I was, as you guess, killed and eaten. Second, mixture of wild and domestic animals spawn seems a little unrealistic, better would be, yes I will say that, like in Minecraft, spawning in a herd.

    Also, many animals I found in surfice cave entrences and walls were stucked, with half of a body in stone and half in the air...

    Without antialising new grass looks too edgy like a saw, and not all of us have high end graphic card and cpu.... for me, grass as it is now, is a huge downgrade compared to what it was like.

    Would be nice to see community buildings, spawning randomly on the map.... (not monumental buildings, just houses, barns, small villages, etc...)

    Biomes? What was that? I forgot....

    Water? Who needs water....

    Chicken! Yeah!!! I saw one...

  • [...]
    Would be nice to see community buildings, spawning randomly on the map.... (not monumental buildings, just houses, barns, small villages, etc...)

    In my opinion, this should eventually be implemented, but as a game mod. If the game is about the "rise" of a "world", then having a population in that world already is weird.

    When the game reach beta, and a lot more people can join servers, then we could have multiple spawn points and have new player be randomly placed at these points. This would solve that problem of finding populated areas elsewhere.

    On another note, I do agree about spawning of animals. Bears are common and some other animals should spawn in herds.

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