Changelog 2016-11-02: Explosive!

  • Hi folks! A new update has been released, which introduces some new features. Especially two interesting items are now available: On the one hand you're now able to craft flares, which are quite useful to light the area around you, they work even under water, and - most important - they won't extinguish if you drop them.

    On the other hand, this update introduces dynamite. Not much to say about that, just use it to blow everything up. It's easy to create a "tunnel" just by using dynamite, although you have to keep in mind that you won't get any resources that way. Also make sure to keep enough safety distance ;)

    Apart from that, this update also introduces new music for underground caves - which is a good preparation for the upcoming dungeons. The same applies to some other changes we did, for example we added reverbs/echos to underground caves.

    Last but not least this update contains a lot of bugfixes. Stay tuned for the next update :)


    • [New] New item: dynamite (let's blow something up!)
    • [New] New item: flare
    • [New] New ore: sulfur ore (can be processed into sulfur)
    • [New] New music for underground caves
    • [New] Added reverb/echo to caves
    • [New] Added new sound effects
    • [New] Added "unban" and "deleteplayer" commands (see permissions) in multiplayer
    • [New] Added command "resetphysics" as a temporary workaround in case your character suddenly gets stuck
    • [Change] Improved update speed (i.e. place/remove elements etc) of chunks with lots of construction elements
    • [Change] Improved placement speed of blueprints
    • [Change] If an error occurs in a plugin, a proper exception will be thrown now
    • [Change] Errors caused by plugins will be printed in chat now (in addition, an error dialog comes up when too many errors occurred)
    • [Change] Removed cobalt (ore and ingot)
    • [Change] Changed some sound effects (e.g. hitting wood blocks)
    • [Change] Increased max size of windows (construction elements)
    • [Change] KeyInputEvents will no longer be triggered when textfield is focused or game is paused
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing item hotbar when changing from creative mode to survival
    • [Bugfix] No longer getting stuck for no apparent reason (physics freeze)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash related to physics engine
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues when compiling plugins on the fly (invalid classpath)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed commit issues when a plugin accessed the world database
    • [Bugfix] Fixed Plugin API related issues, did some changes and added new functions (see API changelog)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with connections when plugins queried MySQL world database
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when placing multiple planks in a line in creative mode
  • Quite the explosive release. Very nice. I noticed you removed the cobalt. Is that for the sake of having no use for it, or to minimize the amount of ores we can collect in the game? Also, will the sulfur appear in already loaded chunks?

    Thanks to you and the team for the hard work. It's always appreciated. Time to go give it a shot before supper. I'm sure I'll have a ... ahem .. blast. *groan*

  • I guess I'll be the only one bummed out that this is mainly explosives. Was expecting more furniture, or something to fiddle with. I guess I'll instead switch that mood to building a structure to handle explosive building by storing sulfur & explosives in separate rooms to mainly focus on flares & such.

    It's a nice update loving the mention of new cave music, echos, chunk loading speed up, among others. Yet curious about the cobalt. New music, and such.

    Now can't wait for both dungeons & Npc followers to have fun messing about without fearing the emptiness of the caves & such.

  • For the curious:

    Dynamite is under utilities in the crafting bench.
    Flares is under lights in crafting bench.

    Saloon door also locked me out again in 'open lan' mode while waiting on buddies to join. Now let's see where I find sulfur, if I do find sulfur.


    I'm loving the cave reverb when you walk & mine. It echoes nicely. Also nice that flares have a 5 minute timer to do things.

  • Thanks for the feedback :)

    Is that for the sake of having no use for it, or to minimize the amount of ores we can collect in the game? Also, will the sulfur appear in already loaded chunks?

    Well, basically there was no use for it, and no use planned in the near future. We removed it to make room for sulfur ^^ Basically all current cobalt veins have been replaced by sulfur (it only spawns at very low elevations).

    when I blew up some dynamite in the water, it left behind an air pocket

    Yeah, that's something that needs to be changed^^

    I can see this in the hands of griefers on servers, blowing up roads and buildings.

    It's highly recommendable to disable TNT for guests (this can be done in the permissions). Even though the new version of the AreaProtection will take explosives into account, it's still recommendable to disable this item for "unknown" players.

    Flare Issue:
    If you create more then one and drop it , you drop the whole stack.

    Hmm.. dropping a flare by pressing Q (or your "item drop" key respectively) should only drop a single flare (the one that is currently burning). You also drop the burning flare automatically when changing the item. On the other hand, if you move the stack of flares out of your inventory manually, you will drop the whole stack (as always)

    Flares Should burn out after time and not burn constantly. Say 5-10 minutes.

    Currently flares burn out after ~ 5 or 5:30 minutes

  • Ok thanks :)

  • Yeah, the flares only burn for 5 minutes (as description says), and I'm also loving the Skyrim & space sounding cave music. It sounds like what you'd hear in a cave in SKyrim and such that I'm loving it. I haven't tried flares, yet wanting to do it 'legit' so what I may be saying is false & unfounded.

    I'm now trying to hunt for sulfur, yet had to do a stupid trip for my ore detector at my furthest outpost. Bah.

    I'm finding so much cotton on my old chunks that it's making me both happy & frustrated at the same time because I spent a long while going to a new chunk grabbing it when it's all at my older chunk.

  • so now i understand the reason for removing cobalt in order to replace with sulfur. However, I would hope to see cobalt in the future whenever it has a use. Sulfur is also found on the surface of Earth and below. So at some point it would be nice to see some at or near the surface. Otherwise we have to dangerously go spelunking treacherous pitfalls before we can safely spelunk treacherous pitfals O_o

    Still on my way home so havent had a chance to open the game and look at the recipes but i am assuming sulfur is needed for flares and tnt.

  • Basically sulfur is supposed to spawn in existing chunks ^^ But it only spawns at very low elevations.


    A new small update is available, it fixes a small issue related to the furnace as well as some minor sound issues :) This is a client-only update, i.e. you don't have to update your multiplayer servers

    Bugfix 2016-11-02:

    • [Change] Adjusted "ringing in the ears" when being too close to an explosion
    • [Change] Changed some sound effects
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from putting fuel into the furnace (placement range was too low)
  • Hi Red,

    I finally got home and can play the game. I'd strongly encourage you to add sulfur veins spawning near surface and small patches on the surface. That aside, I've observed that in some cases when I throw a flare into a really really deep hole, it will either despawn or fall through the ground.

    Also, for Waveshapr, the new underground cave music is PERFECT!!! It meets all my expectations of dark ambience that is both haunting and beautiful. I'm now more confident that we're going to have some very nice dark ambiance surrounding those dungeons once they arrive :) When I surfaced while it was still playing, I was clipping through the earth and the moon image was not rendering which made it look like the moon was eclipsed by a smaller moon. That added to the creepiness. I know that wasn't intentional but the idea of a moon eclipsed by another moon (for whenever moon cycles and starfield rotation are implemented) would be something to consider.

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