Changelog 2018-05-30: Look at my horse!

  • Finally the mounts update is available! It introduces two horses as well as a camel and a donkey. In order to ride on a mount, you have to craft a saddle first. There are optional satchels available which can be attached to the saddles to provide some additional storage space.



    We also added a few new items, a binocular, a telescope and a steel sledgehammer, as well as a riding helmet. Apart from that, there are 8 new music tracks for underground dungeons, and various other changes: For example, posters support more levels of transparency now, which means you can place semi-transparent posters in your world. There are also some commands which are useful to edit existing construction elements (e.g. flip them, change the texture etc).
    Last but not least, you'll find some smaller additions in this update, e.g. changes to some weather effects.


    It's our intention to improve the npc AI now, which will allow us to implement more hostile npcs, especially human enemies (e.g. bandits). Trains, cars and boats are also on our list, as well as some other features, so stay tuned for the next updates! :)

    Changelog 0.9.3:

    • [New] New animals: Horse (two variations), donkey and camel
    • [New] Ability to mount horses, donkeys and camels (as a method of transportation)
    • [New] You can craft saddles for mounts as well as optional satchels (which provide storage space)
    • [New] New items: binocular and telescope
    • [New] New tool: steel sledgehammer
    • [New] Added riding helmet (headgear)
    • [New] Added 8 new music tracks for underground dungeons
    • [New] Posters now support different levels of transparency (only works for PNG files)
    • [New] Added brightness setting to config (graphic_brightness)
    • [New] Added "editconstruction" (abbr. "editc") command to edit an existing construction element
    • [New] Added "flipimage" command to flip/mirror an existing image (poster) element
    • [New] Added "viewdistance" command to change the view distance on the fly
    • [New] Added "help <command>" console command to get information about a certain command
    • [New] Added permission "ridemount" ("general" section) to determine if a player is allowed to ride mounts
    • [New] Added visual effect for thunderstorms
    • [New] Player can now leave player groups/parties
    • [Change] Improved animations for some tools (pickaxe, axe, sickle etc), fixed wrong hand position
    • [Change] Updated recipes for steel tools, they no longer require mithril
    • [Change] Plants can now be placed in planters and on construction elements
    • [Change] Player light (L) is now brighter in creative mode
    • [Change] Player light (L) is no longer affected by item changes
    • [Change] Reduced default zoom (Z), for higher zoom levels, use binocular/telescope
    • [Change] View distance can now be changed without restarting the game
    • [Change] A bigger area on the map (M) gets explored now if detail view distance is high enough (>=15)
    • [Change] Horizontal or tilted doors (achieved by using blueprints) open correctly now
    • [Change] Reduced walk speed of character
    • [Change] Updated to latest FMOD version (hopefully this fixes some issues with certain audio devices)
    • [Bugfix] Mostly fixed issue of items falling through the ground (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some issues with groups/parties
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash when debug console was active
    • [Bugfix] Game no longer freezes for a short amount of time when browsing the server list
    • [Bugfix] Fixed arrows/projectiles sometimes vanishing for no reason
    • [Bugfix] Fixed broken chest/barrier/door rotation in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed glitched combo boxes (gui)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong position when placing objects on garden table

    Hotfix 2018-05-31 (

    • [Change] Map (M) and journal (J) are now also accesssible while riding on a mount
    • [Change] Dust now also becomes visible if other players ride a mount (multiplayer)
    • [Change] Added proper jump animation for other players mounts in multiplayer
    • [Change] Reduced volume of certain animal sounds (camel, horse)
    • [Change] Updated horse idle sounds
    • [Change] Increased audible range for mount footsteps in multiplayer
    • [Change] Added workaround to prevent rendering crash in very rare cases (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues when using drawers, kitchen counters and other storage objects
    • [Bugfix] Fixed mounts sometimes being invisible (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing saddles in multiplayer in some cases
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some elements not being rendered properly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong texture id's being used for the "editc" command
    • [Bugfix] Fixed rare issue with map which caused the world to disappear

    Hotfix 2018-06-04 (

    • [New] Added setting to change crosshair ("view settings")
    • [Change] Head lamp (L) can now be turned on/off while riding on a mount
    • [Change] Reduced storage slots of barrels (number of slots was increased accidentally with last update)
    • [Change] Changed warhammer and miningdrill sound
    • [Change] Whitelist/blacklist for multiplayer servers now also support format "name:uuid"
    • [Bugfix] Fixed collision of doors (you can open/close them correctly now)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed signs not being saved correctly if the text was set by a plugin
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong zoom in first person view
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some missing sounds
    • [Bugfix] Fixed horse idle/hurt sound range
  • @red51 is there any ETA on the plugin API update details?

  • A small hotfix is now available (, unfortunately this also requires a server update. This update just fixed a minor crash issue and also added the missing binocular/telescope to the crafting menu :whistling:

    You do not seem to be able to access the map when mounted? Is this by design?

    This will probably change in the near future :) Right now "sitting on a horse" is handled like "sitting on a chair", which disables certain inputs...

    It tastes just like raisins.

    Hehe :thumbsup:

    I couldnt find binocular and telescope.

    They should be available now after the latest hotfix ;)

  • Wish I could play the game for a bit, but got some other things going on. Thanks for the update :thumbsup: I'll have to wait and see if we got lightening and if the sound of the thunder has been increased. When those storms roll through I kind of wish the thunder & lightening could be a lot louder. Example: In real life (yeah I know it's a game) thunder can sometimes make you jump out of your skin when these storms roll through in RW the clouds are always flowing in the same direction. Some windstorms maybe? I don't know if I could modify the weather to bring twisters, hurricanes & more to the game I would and call it the RW True Storms mod. I just think the weather could use a bit of an overhaul, it's new I give you that; just saying. :)

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