Update 0.6.7: Posters, Signs and more Content

  • Red,

    I would like to confirm that the fuel usage in a furnace (and a bread oven) while sleeping has been fixed with the last update.


    I've noticed that rain still falls through what should be solid matter, such as the ground into caves, and I mean deep into caves in the minus levels, and also under canopies. When I open the Debug screen, "Wet" remains at 100% when I'm underground and under the canopies while it rains, but if I go under a big tree (not an apple tree, it would seem), the "Wet" number slowly goes down to 0. When I loaded my outhouse blueprint from a few months ago and stepped in, I was also dry, which gives me hope for when I finally build my island house.

    Also, there are times the rain seems to only fall in a single chunk, and yet when outside of said wet chunk, "Wet" on the Debug screen still says 100 and doesn't decrease.

    Is there something in the code for animals, and I mean especially cows, bulls, and pigs, that draws them to go for a swim? I've yet to kill a single animal in the game, and I have three stacks of meat from animal suicides. I've yet to find a single rabbit, goat, or sheep dead in the water, and there are a lot of sheep in the area.

    I also noticed the cooking grill does not work. I left some meat on it for several days in a row, and the pieces remained raw. The drying rack does work well, though, but if you look at the meat hanging from both sides, the graphics don't look like the opposite side of the meat.

    And I saw a purple and white cow. When milking becomes possible, will I be able to get grape juice out of it? Heheh!

    On the Debug screen, between "Breath" and "Protection", it says "Insultation". Did you mean to type "Insulation"? I'm guessing it has something to do with a future clothing update?

    Also, on occasion, when I open a container's menu, access a workbench, or even press Escape to access the settings, the game screen freezes, but if I hit Escape again, I can hear the game, but the screen stays frozen. I usually switch to another desktop space (M1 Mac) and while it doesn't switch right away, once it does switch and I go back to the game, it's okay until it happens again later. At least there are no hostile animals or bandits around yet.


    How about a dedicated "container" for logs of wood? In some games, such as the Minecraft mod TerraFirmaCraft, there is a way to lay down a log that generates a container where you can add more logs to it. It looks like a cord of wood (or a wood pile to some). They're even stackable and can hold 16 logs (4 stacks of 4). Since you can set a limit for a stack of items in Rising World from 1 all the way up to 999, I could see a 16 log limit being doable. Maybe allow for several stacks in case you wish to mix wood types whose total could equal 16 or whatever number you would like it. Sure, a barrel and a chest can hold a lot more than that, but which would I want in my house next to a fireplace: a barrel, a chest, or a cord of wood? Especially if one day, fires need fuel.

    Fence gates would be a nice add-on. It could be less than half as tall as a regular door, and animals wouldn't be able to jump over it.

    I was thinking about the idea of a repository of graphics that people use for their posters and signs. A few years ago in the Java version, I would access textures dot com and design my own versions of graphics like construction signs, and use them in the game. I even had washroom signs for my outhouse. Heheh! A general repository for these graphics would be an interesting idea. I'm just not sure if the Steam Workshop would be the place for it. Especially if some people don't have the Steam version.

    That's it for now. Keep up the hard work, Red.

    Darwin Blackwolf

  • Hello RED, nice to greet you. I've tried the latest update and it's perfect! I've been waiting for it since the migration to Unity began and I can finally move forward in the project I'm doing.

    By the way, my girlfriend is very happy because since the JAVA version she always wanted the game to have more cooking options and all that, so the bread and cookies thing was a complete success, hopefully that item will expand in the game.

    I wanted to ask you something taking advantage of the occasion. I want to introduce (import) 3D objects (objects in .obj format and in the other format that the game supports) in my worlds, I read that it is possible since the PLUGIN update, but I don't know how to do it, could you help me? Or send me a link to a tutorial that already exists on the forum? I searched and found nothing. I also wanted to ask if the height of the clouds can be changed via commands or in settings, in my particular project I feel that they are at a very low height.

    I hope soon in new updates of biomes and others there will already be a large injection of many new trees, I miss the JAVA maple trees.

    This game is turning out beautiful, you have really made a work of art to create works of art, 10 out of 10!

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