Ankündigung Changelog 2015-05-25: Ores

  • Changelog 2015-05-25: Ores

    Finally the long awaited ore update is available! For the beginning, it introduces iron, copper, silver, gold, aluminium, tungsten, cobalt and mithril. They can be found at different elevations, the easiest way is to explore caves, then you have the highest chance of finding some ores.

    Once you have mined some ores, you can put them into the smelting furnace, which turns them into ingots (which are needed for crafting).

    It will take a few minutes until your ingots are ready. Currently the furnace is able to run without fuel, but we will change that in the near future ;)

    At the moment you can unfortunately only use iron ingots for crafting, but it's our intention to rework most of the recipes. Expect another update very shortly!

    Apart from that, we added several new Lua functions and also fixed a lot of bugs. See the full changelog below!

    Stay tuned for the next update! :)

    • [New] Ores, which can be mined (currently iron, coal, copper, silver, gold, aluminium, tungsten, cobalt, mithril)
    • [New] New items: ironingot, copperingot, silveringot, goldingot, aluminiumingot, tungsteningot, cobaltingot, mithrilingot
    • [New] Furnace is now useable, required to smelt ores
    • [New] Added option for "borderless/undecorated window" (allowing a "fake" fullscreen mode)
    • [New] New Lua object 'LuaDate', which converts a timestamp into an object holding the current year, month, day, hour, minute and second
    • [New] New global Lua functions: 'getTimestamp()' and 'getDate()' (representing the current server time)
    • [New] New Lua functions for server: 'isPlayerBanned(string playername)', 'saveAll()', 'shutdown()', 'getPlayerInformationFromDb(int playerDbID)'
    • [New] New Lua functions for player: 'getIllegalStateActions()', 'resetIllegalStateActions()', raycast(vec3 origin, vec3 direction, float length, callbackfunction)
    • [New] New Lua functions for world: 'getBlockData(int chunkx, int chunky, int chunkz, int blockx, int blocky, int blockz)' and 'getTerrainData(int chunkx, int chunky, int chunkz, int blockx, int blocky, int blockz)'
    • [Change] Now you craft 6 woodblocks (instead of 4) from a single tree log
    • [Change] Improved menu and gui textures (higher resolution)
    • [Change] Updated several recipes
    • [Change] Replaced "ironsheet" and "ironrods" by ironplate and ironrod
    • [Change] Burned meat no longer despawns when you don't take it from the grill
    • [Change] Improved "crack texture" when digging or breaking blocks
    • [Change] Reduced visible distance for items (should slightly improve performance)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from hiding corpses
    • [Bugfix] Fixed GUI issues with 4K resolution
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue preventing you from using commands in singleplayer in some cases
    • [Bugfix] Now you get dirt when digging "farmland"
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue causing "locked database" error
    • [Bugfix] GUI now scales correctly when changing resolution
    • [Bugfix] Fixed nullpointer exception when placing dirt or stone
    • [Bugfix] Fixed automatic HIVE reconnect when losing connection

    Bugfix 2015-05-27 (v0.5.7.1):
    • [Change] Ores spawn much more frequently now when caves are disabled for your world
    • [Change] Furnace no longer "consumes" your ores when crafting
    • [Bugfix] Ores no longer spawn floating in the sky ;)
    • [Bugfix] Linux servers should work properly now
    • [Bugfix] Grass masking should work now again (i.e. grass is no longer visible through objects etc, at least if it's enabled in the settings)
    • [Bugfix] Game no longer freezes during conversion when no "customImages" subfolder is present in your world folder
    • [Bugfix] Fixed inventory and chest issues (preventing you from storing items correctly)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed old items not being deleted properly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue preventing you from putting meat on fireplace grill
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "locked" icon in serverbrowser, now it's only visible on password-protected servers
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash when crafting a ventcover (or even selecting it)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed scale issues of loadingscreen on specific resolutions
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  • The BBQ & this one being my favourite update with the quality and hard work you're putting into it. Loving the attention to detailing. I'm loving this :thumbup:

    I'm now finding myself constantly staring at the at the furnace images of it smelting wishing I could play the game. (Ancient computer). This is also making me itch in having a Skyrim style of displaying ores on bookshelves type places to 'boast' of what has been acquired. Looking at the furnace is one way to boast, with having a display object next to it would boost that pride in ores. :love:
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  • Woa! Didn't expect those Lua functions so soon. Nice!


    What are the arguments for these new Lua functions? More precisely, the world's 'getBlockData()' and 'getTerrainData()' ? They are different from their setter counterparts :


    1. world:setBlockDataInArea(int paramInt1, int paramInt2, int paramInt3, byte paramByte1, byte paramByte2, byte paramByte3, int paramInt4, int paramInt5, int paramInt6, byte paramByte4, byte paramByte5, byte paramByte6, int paramInt7)
    2. world:getBlockData(int paramInt1, int paramInt2, int paramInt3, int paramInt4, int paramInt5, int paramInt6)

    My first guess is that the setter takes some arguments such as the values returned the selection marker. While the getter uses some absolute 3d coordinates. Am I right?

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  • red51 schrieb:

    @LordFoobar: Currently those functions only read out a single block/terrain value. The first three parameters are the chunkposition (xyz), the last three parameters the blockposition (xyz) within this chunk ;) All these values are integers. e.g.:
    [lua]local blockval = world:getBlockData(-10, 2, 5, 16, 32, 8); -- returns the block data in chunk -10, 2, 5 at position 16, 32, 8[/lua]

    I was confused as some methods use byte for block positions :) but it's all good. With try and errors (and a little bit of .class peeking ;) ) you're confirming my final conclusion. Cheers!
  • Great to hear that you guys are making progress in the mining department!

    My only concern is in the refinement of aluminum, cobalt, and tungsten.

    These three in reality are highly advanced metals. Aluminum is generally extracted from the mineral Bauxite through high temperature electrolysis, Cobalt as a byproduct of the refinement of other base metals through chemical means (Sherritt process), and Tungsten by the thermal reduction of powderized Tungsten Oxide in the presence of a Hydrogen atmosphere.

    I can completely understand the need to get all of these materials implemented and debugged within the game before more technological tiers can be added to handle them, but do be aware that this may be a recurring source of criticism from some people if you choose not to add more realistic processing methods for these metals at some later date.

    Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere. Disregard this post if the matter has already been settled, as I have not been active on these forums lately.


    Here's a cool spot on steel production just for fun: :D


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