Announcement Changelog 2016-09-19: Better animals, more content

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Changelog 2016-09-19: Better animals, more content

    Hi folks! A new update is available now, it took much longer than expected, and we are really sorry about that. First of all: This is unfortunately not the dungeon update. They're still in the works, but other things (Plugin API etc) caused a big delay.

    Nevertheless, this update is quite mentionable. It can be considered as a preparation for the dungeons, but it also introduces some new features, and many bugs have been fixed (especially the annoying "falling-through-ground" bug - if you still encounter it, please let us know).

    Main focus of this update was the improvement of the animal behaviour (that was necessary for the upcoming dungeons update). Animals still need work (proper water detection, better AI etc), but especially the collision detection should work much better now - in other words, animals will no longer be able to walk through walls or fences (which happened sometimes in the past), so you should be able to create a small farm now and fence in some animals.
    Apart from that, animals now also get fall damage (and die eventually) when falling from a certain height.

    Please keep in mind that we did many extensive changes to the animal implementation, and of course there is a chance that there are bugs or other unforeseen issues, or that the animals simply don't work as intended, so we need your feedback on this. If you encounter any issues with the animals, just let us know.

    Apart from these changes, this update introduces some new features: For example there is now a chance that animal attacks can cause bleeding. This can be cured by using a bandage, which is introduced with this update as well.
    There are also two new plants in this update, a hemp plant and a cotton plant. You can can get hemp fibers / cotton from these plants, which can be used to craft cloths (which are needed to craft bandages).

    By the way: Be careful when breaking your bones, since this has a negative impact on your mobility now. It can be "cured" with a splint (requires sticks and bandages), but even though it restores your mobility, it takes some time until the broken bone is really cured. During that time you should be very cautious, even minor falls can break your splint and deal some extra damage.

    Furthermore, you have "infinite" stacks of items in creative mode now. This makes building a lot easier. Another new comfortable feature is the ability to place multiple blocks vertically now.
    Last but not least placed blocks can be "deconstructed" (i.e. you can pick them up) by using the sledgehammer.

    There are several other additions and changes, to get a full overview, check out the changelog.

    PS: Probably the Plugin API will be available by the end of this month.

    • [New] Added moon to nightsky
    • [New] Bleedings can now occur when being attacked by an animal
    • [New] New item: bandage, which can be used to stop bleedings
    • [New] New item: splint, which can be used to heal bone fractures
    • [New] New items: hemp leaves, hemp fibers and cotton (can be used to craft clothes)
    • [New] Added notification when collecting items/resources
    • [New] New objects: various sized wooden crates (can be used to store items)
    • [New] New door: saloon door (15 variations)
    • [New] New plants: hemp and cotton (can be cultivated)
    • [New] Item stacks are infinite now in creative mode (new creative permission: infiniteitems [true/false])
    • [New] Multiple lines of blocks can be placed vertically now
    • [New] Added spawn protection for 20 seconds (hostile animals will not attack), can be adjusted in properties
    • [New] Added "makeadmin", "revokeadmin" and "setplayergroup" as direct input command for the server
    • [New] Added information about smelting furnace to the journal
    • [New] Placed blocks can be deconstructed (and collected) by using the sledgehammer
    • [Change] Improved collision of animals, they should no longer be able to walk through walls (need feedback!)
    • [Change] Aggressive animals can no longer hit you through walls
    • [Change] Animals get falldamage now when falling from a certain height
    • [Change] You hear a notification sound now when block or object placement is not possible
    • [Change] Block placement is now less restrictive if the player is very close
    • [Change] Signs need to be labelled manually now after placing them
    • [Change] Previously hit block/plant/object is stored now, so the damage does not reset when you stop hitting it
    • [Change] Improved many sound effects and also added new sounds
    • [Change] Screencolor slightly changes now when player is on low health
    • [Change] Improved ladder climbing (no longer getting stuck)
    • [Change] Improved player and item sync in multiplayer
    • [Change] Slightly improved readability of gui texts
    • [Change] Slightly changed color of day sky
    • [Change] Changed date format
    • [Change] A server restart will be advised after 24 hours now (can be disabled in properties)
    • [Change] Bone fractures now reduce movement speed of the player
    • [Bugfix] Fixed various bugs which caused some crashes in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Greatly reduced occurrence of "falling-through-the-ground" bug (if you still encounter it, please let us know)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "invisible animals" attacking you in rare situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed underwater fogginess
    • [Bugfix] Fixed water lod surface generation (sometimes resulted in disrupted water surfaces previously)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed other players being invisible in multiplayer sometimes (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed ban message (reason was not displayed)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed custom image permissions not being applied correctly in some cases
    • [Bugfix] Fixed filling up of furnaces (sometimes it was possible to place ores between the slots)

    Bugfix 2016-09-19:
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug which prevented you from collecting ores
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing hemp and cotton saplings
    • [Bugfix] Fixed spawn of hemp and cotton plants
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a crash which occurred in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "splinted bone" indicator still being visible after loading another world


    Bugfix 2016-09-20:
    • [Change] Playercollision no longer affects items
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing labels in crafting menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "invisble" signs
    • [Bugfix] Fixed items not being saved correctly in large crates
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue which affected the "WorldEdit" Lua script

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  • I find it hilarious how Red51 forgot to add cotton & hemp to biome spawning, something he'll quickly fix. He'll fix that with the ore issues of nothing or stone appearing when mining ore nodes. Don't worry, not picking on you Red, just that it's amusing.

    The new moon appears awesome, if spooky. How it rises up. You truly notice it. BAM! Wish we had a telescope to zoom into it, as well as other planets now. The item indicator is making me pleased it's there because I also requested it when I couldn't tell what gold ore looked like when mining it for first time. Wanted to know what I was picking up. When you pick up an item I'm glad it notifies you, and glad Red51 made note of that. It helps greatly while changing the feel of the game nicely. Thanks!

    Loving how we can craft bandages, as well as use splints to heal bones. You really CRAWL when your bones are shattered so it's a must to carry bandages at all times. Even make medical areas at your various settlements for back-up. This shall become more important as more survival elements enter the game. Truly focus on making medical outposts.

    Loving the new saloon doors, something I shall fiddle with in a bit for a video. I may wait on hemp & cotton to be added into the world generation first before doing such. The parts I already fiddled with proving to be worthwhile.
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  • I'm very curious about playing chicken football Captain Cornball mentioned. It makes sense that you can kick a smaller object, but not a large one. I wonder if that applies now to any object you drop. As physics improve more we should make that into an Olympic event ;-p

    I posted on Steam about this but certain craftable items are missing their label: huntingtrophy (moose head), small plantpot (square), wooden crate (medium)

    Regarding bandages, an alternative to a cloth for crafting bandages might might be helpful. Something simple like a wad of grass wrapped with hemp fibers to apply pressure on the wound might work (maybe with a lower sucess rate or will only slow instead of stopping the bleeding). When clothing and player models come it would be nice to remove clothing and scrap it for cloth (7D2D already has this). Also, I know this can be changed later but I also find it odd that we are using the loom to create hemp fibers. Stripping plants of their fibers is something you should be able to do with a shiv/knife or bare handed. A loom is only used to assemble various fibers into cloth.

    Also, moon looks nice but I hope to see some moonrays eventually. Early morning fog in the woods as the temperature drops would be nice too.
  • diegomarino80gongo wrote:

    just two things

    1) animal steel swim in lakes :D
    2) Can i ahve a world setting with which i select the amount of food and type of animals? there are too much harmless animals, and too few predators. and too food, of course
    I concur. I've also mentioned before that we probably need to change the animal list into a category list on the world creation menu. Something like predators, monster, neutral, and passive. A slider for each can set how frequent they spawn.
  • Just came back from a meeting and had not time to test try the update yet!

    diegomarino80gongo wrote:

    2) Can i ahve a world setting with which i select the amount of food and type of animals? there are too much harmless animals, and too few predators. and too food, of course
    I vaguely remember an approximate "rule of 10" for the steps of the food pyramid: to sustain n animals in a level, at least approx. 10 x n (or more) animals are needed in the level below. E.g.: to sustain 10 carnivore animals, about 100 or more herbivore animals are needed. So, possibly RW has more predators than a real world, rather than less.

    Food IS abundant indeed; still given the very low population (just 1 eater in single player; rarely more than a handful in MP) compared to the surface, it does not seem to me strikingly unrealistic. Possible points to be tuned in future could be:

    a) growth of plants and trees is very quick: a real tomato plants takes about 3 months from planting the seed to ripe fruits and a real apple tree several years!

    b) animals do not consume food, taking away a substantial competitor for food.
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  • I thought it was rule of 7 but regardless, I concur. There are too many prey animals in Rising World.

    I also like Miwarre's idea about animals eating food. maybe something like this can be worked out when we are ready for animal breeding/domestication and herd mentality.

    However, i strongly disagree about making food growth time realistic, same with tree growth. Unless we eventually get sliders to adjust the growth time. I believe however it will be possible to set those values via the new API. I'd be curious what settings would be needed to make plant growth hyper realistic.

    Also, proportions of plants need to be considered. Some plants are favorite foods to some animals so should be rare if whenever herds are implemented then they would be more rare in certain areas. I realize all this requires more CPU power to calculate herd movement and vegetable consumption but it would be nice.
  • A small update is available, which fixes some of the bugs that were introduced with the latest update :saint:

    @diegomarino80gongo: Yes, animals don't behave well in water yet^^ They still more work in general

    @zfoxfire: Actually bandages made out of grass are implemented, but I removed them in the "last minute" ^^ I wasn't sure about it, it doesn't seem to be common to use plants or grass as bandage (and it might be complicated when you need a compression bandage for example) :|

    @Miwarre: About the growth of plants and trees, actually I was even thinking about reducing the growth time :D Some people even get confused about the "long" duration^^ But about "animals eating food", that was originally planned, but probably it will still take some time until something like that is implemented

    Bugfix 2016-09-20:
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug which prevented you from collecting ores
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing hemp and cotton saplings
    • [Bugfix] Fixed spawn of hemp and cotton plants
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a crash which occurred in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "splinted bone" indicator still being visible after loading another world