Changelog 2016-09-19: Better animals, more content

  • Actually, with the abundance of cotton now, a cotton wad wrapped with vines or plant fibers for pressure seems to be more practical but a grass or herbal patch might be a good alternative. I'm no survivalist expert but there should be some options for off-grid (off-workbench) life style ;)

    I'll look up on the web and let you know what I find. There's gotta be a few good survivalist tricks.

  • Many thanks! I can now mine up ore, even if I failed to have tested it. I'm loving the new mining sound on ores. The moon is still awesome, yet still creepy for my liking. Also found my first cotton, yet it was in a unexplored chunk. I now have to find hemp then I'll try recording an ep, or something.....

  • Crap.......I guess I'm the only one with the saloon door issue that I can't get through them. You simply walk through them, right? No matter where I place them they won't budge. I can't go through them, I can't get the doors to move. It's just....I'm puzzled over something so simple. I tried all variants & I see I missed out on the storage crates. Small one is nice, medium sized is missing its name in the crafting, and third (big one) has a nice four-page storage. I love the big crate. I'll be using that more often now.

    Edit: It might appear to be a "first time use" thing, or something, that it just solidifies the saloon door until you reboot the game. I know got it to work that I can happily go through them, yet worried they might lock up again refusing to open. I'm now using one of the bigger ones in standard wood colour in my home. Nice doors.

  • I was playing the latest update tonight when I noticed what is either a bug, or a nice gesture to farmers on behalf of the designers. I was farming my land tonight, and I found myself accidentally planting tomato saplings at the wrong spots. When I used the sickle to uproot the saplings, I found myself collecting two saplings for each planted sapling, essentially doubling my yield in saplings. I was able to repeat the process with carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and broccoli. The thing is, if this is a bug, I don't know how long it's been in the game. Has anyone else encountered this bug?

    Other than that, I love the use of the sledgehammer to get stone blocks back, but I noticed it didn't work on wood planks. Will the idea be to use the sledgehammer on wood at some point? It would be interesting to add an iron pry bar as a new tool to do to wood what a sledgehammer does to stone.

    Keep up the great work.

  • I've got a video uploading now on how to craft bandages, splints and discussing the whole update. I will hotlink it into my LP playlist and in the tutorial section as well. Update looks great and holds some promises and a note to the hardcore survivalists "Don't get hurt till you have cotton or plant fibers." Great job Red! :thumbsup:

    1) Previously placed signs are now transparent.
    2) Labels are missing in the following crafting tables:
    A. Crafting Bench
    B. Saw Bench
    3) Chests are randomly open at start (to fix open then exit them)
    4.) Saloon Doors are not interactive. (Might not be a bug but instead programmed to be static)
    * These bugs are also noted in the video that is currently uploading to YouTube.

  • @Miwarre: About the growth of plants and trees, actually I was even thinking about reducing the growth time :D Some people even get confused about the "long" duration^^ But about "animals eating food", that was originally planned, but probably it will still take some time until something like that is implemented

    I guess I lost this one. I guess in the end it just doesn't even matter because there's tons of trees nearby and such that it might as well just grow. Your game Red51, just wanted to help make it a tiny bit 'nitty gritty' for the survivalists. I guess it's all the same when you consider Starbound's near instant spawning trees & how easy it is to get wood in '7 Days to Die' that you might as well reduce the time. When you're on servers the trees simply grow back "instantly" because of you sleeping overnight. People doing the work for you keeping chunks loaded.

    The original intention was because my chests ended up being flooded with food that I was seeking a balance. I guess there's another way to balance it through spoilage and such.

  • Another small update is available now, it fixes some more issues, including the problems with signs, missing labels in the crafting menu, despawning items in large crates and also issues with the "WorldEdit" Lua script ;) Serveradmins also have to update their servers.
    Bugfix 2016-09-20:

    • [Change] Playercollision no longer affects items
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing labels in crafting menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "invisble" signs
    • [Bugfix] Fixed items not being saved correctly in large crates
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue which affected the "WorldEdit" Lua script


    @Darwin_Blackwolf: I will have a look what's going on with the saplings and fix it asap ;)

    @ArcticuKitsu: My only problem is the fact that many people assume trees don't grow at all :D At least this didn't happen before the growth times have been increased. But probably I will not touch the growth times in the next time, neither decrease (might make the game too easy) nor increase (might be annoying for some people) it ^^
    But actually it's true, once you found a tomato seedling or something similar, hunger isn't a big problem anymore :/

    @COHIBA: The WorldEdit issues should be fixed now with the latest update ;)

    @ArcaneDesmond: These issues have been fixed now, with the exception of the saloon door problem, unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce it. Apparently it seems to occur only in certain situations? 8| If you have a way to reproduce the issue, please let me know^^

  • Thanks red. Well i have my server on nitrado they should do this right?

    More important: what do you suggest me to do with tge holes in my world and my building? Is there a possibility to reset the server to "before" the update. If youve seen the pictures i posted in the forum maybe you can guess the pain it causes. ||

  • Thanks red. Well i have my server on nitrado they should do this right?

    Afaik they will apply the update automatically ;)

    More important: what do you suggest me to do with tge holes in my world and my building? Is there a possibility to reset the server to "before" the update

    Yeah that's a real pity :( If you have a backup of your world, you can just use it. Otherwise there is unfortunately no way to undo the changes or to revert the world to a previous state...

  • @red51 All of the bugs that you have stated have been fixed aside from the saloon doors. If you place them in creative they do not work. Here in this video sorry I can't remember the exact moment in here but I have gone over all the updates addressed the bugs that you have now fixed and that's the best I can do. Here's the video I did this morning containing all the bugs and how the saloon door does not work this includes the step by step on how to reproduce the saloon door bug.

  • After the last batch of comments about saloon doors not working, including looking at ArcaneDesmond's video, I decided to go try it myself. In survival, I made a set of saloon doors, then laid down some stone brick blocks, and put the saloon doors on them. I was able to interact with the doors as if they were saloon doors, by merely walking through them. Attempting to use the mouse as with regular doors did nothing. Interestingly enough, I noticed the saloon doors are too wide for a regular two-square wide door frame, as seen in the image below by the right side embedding itself in the wall. I did not check the other saloon doors to see if this problem is with all of them. Otherwise, the saloon doors work well with me in 7.2.7.

  • I just came back from a bit more testing, and I discovered with the help of Creative, that all saloon doors work well both in creative and survival for me by merely walking through them, and all doors do have that width issue that happens based on where you aim your cursor. If you aim to the right of the door frame and place your saloon doors, the left side of the saloon doors will be embedded, and if you aim at the center, you get close enough, but the embedding is still a bit off. And on some saloon doors, you have to watch your spacing above them, but that makes sense.

    Also, while you can get stone blocks and wood blocks back with a sledgehammer, you still can't get wood beams or wood planks.

    I also noticed while taking apart the stone door frame from my previous message's image, the three that were more than 50% in the ground disappeared in the ground and could not be picked up. I mined the space, and nothing was there. But good job on making mining sand sound like mining sand. One step closer to the shovel.

    Thanks to the use of the sledgehammer, I can see a new game of setting up vertical blocks, using the sledgehammer from the top-down, and attempting to stack as many blocks as possible on each other. My best was four out of five.

  • At 20:10 in the video below, looks like sometimes when you use a sledgehammer on a block sititing just above ground level, the block drops through the ground rather than rest on top. I personally haven't experienced this problem. But I still do have a problem where occasionally a log or sapling will fall through the ground rather than rest on top.

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