Changelog 2017-04-20: Ingame map, dungeon, new content

  • Not just the children. :D

    We've learned that patience pays off with Red51. Although major releases are seldom bug-free in any software, he does a remarkable follow-through and knocks off the inevitable rough edges within the first few days.

    The anticipation makes it all the more exciting. ^^

  • Yeah, not just children. Even what people would consider young, mid, and older adults. I'm itching so badly, yet gitty with what we're getting that I just can't wait. I want to ask when we're going to get the previews because once that's out the main update should soon follow behind a month or so later. Patience does pay off, but the more we wait the more it's pushed further back delaying other stuff.

    Yeah, the anticipation is ruining me. :S

  • Not sure if what Harv posted below would be the same issue, but on a multiplayer game that I play in, every time the server gets restarted, the maps "go blank" as if nothing has been explored before. Is there a way to control this or is it a bug? Thanks in advance, and great work with the game!

    I've been using and loving the new map item. It's way more useful than I imagined it would be.

    The only problem I'm having now is when I play the game at work (it's okay - I own the business ;) ) the map I generated at home is not there. I get by if I use ftp to copy it over, but I was wondering if there is a plan to synchronize maps between client locations.

    I guess the server would have to get involved, but I'm not sure what other paths of communication might be available.

  • Any news/ETA on the next update red51?

    I can't give any ETAs unfortunately, but it shouldn't take too long until the previews will be available ;)

    Not sure if what Harv posted below would be the same issue, but on a multiplayer game that I play in, every time the server gets restarted, the maps "go blank" as if nothing has been explored before

    Currently the map data is stored clientside (although this will be changed in the future), and in order to identify the server, the client uses a mixture of the server ip (+port), server name, world name and world seed. Actually it was a little bit unnecessary to take the server name into account for this, because if the server changes the name, the map data will be reset :(
    However, in the medium run the map data will be synced with the server, this solves this issue anyway :)

  • My map has stopped working, it will not pop up on the window.

    Tonight, I had just teleported into one of my spots in a tundra wilderness area. I clicked 'M' for the map, as usual. At the same time, I saw on chat where several people were saying that the 'can't pick up bug' had struck again.

    The server was restarted. The pick up bug was fixed. My map still didn't work.

    I checked the settings. Tried every key on keyboard-nothing. Reset the key bind. Nothing. Set it back to original M. Nothing.
    Logged into my single server and the map there works fine.
    Back into the multiple server, map still will not come up on screen. Re-logged from the desktop. Still nothing.

    The server has not changed its name.
    This is not a Steam problem, I don't use Steam.

    Any suggestions?

  • My map has stopped working, it will not pop up on the window.

    Sorry for my late response! It's a strange issue, maybe some map data is corrupt. To find out what's going on there, please enable the client debug console (go to your game directory, open the "" file with a text editor and set "game_debug_console" to true, save the file, and run the game again). Load the world which suffers from this issue, try to open the map a few times, then quit the game and go to your game directory again. There should be a subfolder called "logs" now, which contains a new log file (please upload this file here, or alternatively send it via PM to me) ;)

  • Thank you for the answer. I'm not sure what the problem was. But before I got to try your answer above, we did a transfer of the game to a completely new server. When I logged in, my map then pulled up on screen. But, the map was totally blank: as though no exploring had been done at all. I had had 4k files on it.

    A player on our server suggested I go into the Map Folder, copy the old files from original folder, delete the files from the new folder, then paste the original files into the new map folder.
    It worked.
    I am saving your response above, to my files: if the map should refuse to pop up on my screen in the future I will have this at hand.
    Again, thank you.

  • As someone else mentioned (Zork), I do hope Red51 decides to release either a preview or a content patch for when the steam sale releases so we can take advantage of it. Zork mentioned we should release something so people have something to look forward to in one form or another. Not to pressure Red51, just that there'd be something there.

    Oh, how I'm itching for the player models & animation. I don't know what shall be in the main update now, or what shall follow, because I saw Red51 mentioning some information about splitting some enemy mobs into a secondary update with other stuff. Have to re-read this 'god-mode' thread on steam.


    Red51 said:

    Oh, this wasn't actually referring to the player models, it was more about the upcoming survival features (e.g. things like temperature, humanoid enemies, restructured crafting recipes etc), they won't be part of the player models update, but the player models update will serve as a foundation for these features ;)

    I have to re-read this carefully, as with what I was told hmm.... ?(

  • Really feeling bad for Red51 right now because of the whole anticipation for the next update. The whole wait for the preview images to then have the update as it's split into three (or so worded) that we're desiring it. I guess I'm the worst of the bunch because I really just want to go fiddling with the features while being the most vocal about it, and I feel I must apologise for that. I just want to play with custom NPCs + finally be able to customize my character. The whole thing about being able to run faster, and to have horses soon after such.....

    The whole desire and mood for it is serious that it's making me irritable, and I do apologies for that on both here & steam. It's like having Christmas in summer, but you just don't know when Christmas is in the summer months of December type of thing. Imagine if you didn't know what day Christmas was in December. You just knew it happened, yet didn't know when....That's how I feel right now.

    The problem I'm seeing on Steam are the skewed negative results making the results turned into 'mixed' that it doesn't make Rising World appear all that grand. We humans are short-sighted species that we want everything now, and I'm sadly in that group that it's special we have Red51 as special as he is with the patience he has. People constantly saying we need content, yet we're all stuck having to wait on Red51's perfectionism, yet that in itself is something that should be protected. Rushed buggy content is crap, yet as Trillnar and others have said is to divide things into smaller chunks to be released, something Red51 seems forced into doing by turning one update into two, then three big chunks.

    Yeah, sorry. I'm just breaking from the whole anticipation because it should have taken advantage of the steam sale by showing preview images. We're told "next days", which to me means "in the next FEW days". English language is a messy language that only Europeans (or those currently being taught English) have proper grasp of the full meaning. Europeans & focused Asians (i.e Chinese & Japanese) tend to have a crisper grasp on a more professional side of the English language.

    I'm not flacking Red51, just restless that I also wanted to point out how other people are restless also on Steam & such. Even wanting to apologies for my obnoxiousness I admit that I'm being an idiot that I need to play other games more. Sorry guys. The anticipation for the next update is, again, serious. :S

  • The problem I'm seeing on Steam are the skewed negative results making the results turned into 'mixed' that it doesn't make Rising World appear all that grand

    Many of 'em smell like troll reviews... :thumbdown: Either people who complain about early access (simply because) or boneheads who try to be funny, like this guy

    "I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then, I'd have all my money back" :P

  • Agree Poptart, ArchticuKitsu noted something that I think a lot of us have been aware of for a long time. Steam seems to have a lot of impatient people on it. Many of them don't seem to realize the amount of work, time, and testing that goes into a good game world. Especially one as complex as RW.
    And then there are the Trolls. I have seen those forums run down too many good games before they got a chance to take hold. Landmark, the voxel building game was one of them. Continually posting negative comments does have an effect, many players take those comments to heart and don't bother to check them out.

    I bought RW through their own website and quit Steam. It was not just the trolls alone, but my first experience using a middle man to connect to my game made me feel that it was just not worth the aggravation. Keep it simple. :)

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