Changelog 2017-04-20: Ingame map, dungeon, new content

The animal update is now finally available for the new version!
  • Hi folks!

    A new update is finally available! It took longer than expected, but introduces some interesting features.

    Most important feature of this update is a map. This should help you to navigate through the world. The map provides a detailed representation of the world, has several levels of zoom and also allows you to place markers.

    In order to create a map, you will get in touch with more new content: This update introduces a paper press, which can be used to turn cloths to rags, and rags to paper. To use it, first put some cloths on the press, push the press down to turn it into rags, then add some water to the rags (by using a bucket) and push the press down again.

    Of course this update also introduces more things: new dungeons (a desert pyramid as well as a underground maze [if a maze spawns, it will be connected to pyramids]), several new plants (corn, sugarbeet, chili etc), new options for server admins, lots of changes to the plugin/modding API (we will release a separate changelog for this) and much more. And - as usual - we also fixed a lot of bugs, especially some Mac related issues. Find the full changelog attached.

    The next update will be the new playermodels, expect a preview in the near future. Stay tuned :)


    • [New] Ingame map, including several levels of zoom and allows you to place markers
    • [New] New dungeons: desert pyramids, desert underground mazes
    • [New] New items: paper, rags, corncob, sugarbeet, chili pepper
    • [New] New cultivable plants: corn, sugarbeet, chili
    • [New] New plants: hogweed, nettles
    • [New] New crafting station: paper press, which turns cloths to rags and rags to paper
    • [New] New object: stone chest
    • [New] Buiding preview of other players is now synced in multiplayer (only objects, construction elements and plants)
    • [New] Command "undoblueprint" to remove the last placed blueprint (only works within the first 5 minutes)
    • [New] Added command "rotation" to change rotation type for construction elements (world, local, legacy)
    • [New] Added new ingame music
    • [New] Custom journal ("server notes") now also supports images
    • [New] Multiplayer servers can now put their logo on the loading screen (server_custom_logo)
    • [New] Weather can be enabled/disabled in the game settings now (Singleplayer only)
    • [New] Weather preset (sunny, default, unsettled) can be selected in the game settings (Singleplayer only), MP setting also available
    • [New] Added options to disable dungeons and water when creating a new world
    • [New] Game runs in offline mode now if Steam authentication fails
    • [New] Account creation can now be skipped optionally
    • [Change] Grass no longer gets occluded by elements placed beneath the surface
    • [Change] Improved biome arrangement
    • [Change] Improved animal pathfinding in caves and dungeons (still WIP)
    • [Change] Further adjustment of construction element textures, should be much more appropriate in most situations now
    • [Change] Changed rotation behavior of construction elements (world/local rotations)
    • [Change] Further reduced gaps/cracks between construction elements (only affects newly placed elements)
    • [Change] Improved several sound effects
    • [Change] Increased visible distance of images (depending on their size), can be adjusted in config file
    • [Change] Chat no longer opens when playing piano
    • [Change] Adjusted spawn chance of some plants
    • [Change] Adjusted "aggro range" of animals
    • [Change] Improved performance of rain effect
    • [Change] Adjusted SSAO effect for dense fog
    • [Change] Wireframe mode is only available for admins in multiplayer
    • [Change] Increased visibility of shallow waters when "refractions" are disabled
    • [Change] Changed some recipes
    • [Bugfix] Fixed water being visible through walls on integrated Intel HD graphics adapters
    • [Bugfix] Fixed grass occlusion issues on MacOS
    • [Bugfix] Animals should no longer fall through the ground
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue of duplicate objects/constructions in blueprints (did not affect placement)
    • [Bugfix] Torch light of other players is now visible in multiplayer
    • [Bugfix] Rain is no longer visible in buildings on MacOS (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Saplings can no longer be duplicated when cutting them with a sickle
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when loading plugin assets in certain cases
    • [Bugfix] Custom journal pages will be reset correctly when leaving a server now
    • [Bugfix] Chatcolors in permissions are recognized correctly now

    Hotfix 2017-04-21:

    • [Bugfix] Fixed flickering of terrain edit brush (in creative mode)
    • [Bugfix] Chat now works again when area selection mode is active
    • [Bugfix] Disabling cave/vegetations when creating a new world should work properly now
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some minor sound issues

    Hotfix 2017-04-22:

    • [Bugfix] Command "undoblueprint" should work properly now
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with being unable to pour water on paper press in some rare cases
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing label for chili sapling

    Hotfix ( 2017-04-24:

    • [Change] Command "setr" now also affects objects (furniture, doors etc)
    • [Change] Command "setr 0" sets rotation precision to 0.1°
    • [Change] Reduced flickering of construction elements when logarithmic depth buffer is disabled
    • [Change] Reduced placement time for objects in creative mode
    • [Change] Adjusted positions of pyramids
    • [Bugfix] Fixed lake generation
    • [Bugfix] Fixed heavy performance issues after long travels
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong position of drawers on desks, kitchenette etc.
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with creating new worlds on a server
    • [Bugfix] Servers work properly now when disabling dungeons or water sources

    Hotfix ( 2017-04-28:

    • [New] Added some new variations of the paperpress
    • [Change] Plugin errors will be shown properly in chat now
    • [Change] Construction elements rotate smoothly now
    • [Change] System environment variables (preventing the game from allocating memory) will be discarded if set
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "returnchunk is still null" error on some old worlds
    • [Bugfix] Fixed broken dungeons on old worlds (does not affect chunk which have been modified in the meantime)
    • [Bugfix] Rotation of construction elements will be no longer overridden
    • [Bugfix] Shadows (SSAO) are no longer visible through manhole covers

    Hotfix ( 2017-05-01:

    • [New] Added white wood texture
    • [New] Added new music track
    • [Change] Adjusted alignment of some textures
    • [Change] Slightly changed appearance of underground dungeon room
    • [Change] Updated "aggro" range of some animals
    • [Change] Rabbits, foxes, penguins and deers escape from the player again
    • [Change] Removed some unnecessary debug output
    • [Bugfix] Fixed messed up worlds since latest hotfix (
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "undoblueprint" command not always removing all blocks
    • [Bugfix] Fixed map rendering issue (missing blocks/planks which are placed slightly above terrain)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed rendering issue of planks ("invisible circle")
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some API events

    Hotfix ( 2017-05-03:

    • [New] Added "constructioncollision" ("cc") command to toggle collisions for construction placement (experimental)
    • [New] Added some API functions (see API changelog)
    • [Change] White wood texture is now also available for planks and beams (sawbench)
    • [Change] Reduced flickering of posters
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a server crash in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed rendering issue of blocks in some cases
    • [Bugfix] Hopefully fixed map issue (rendering black patches), need feedback
    • [Bugfix] Fixed NPC desync in certain situations
    • [Bugfix] Torches should be visible through glass now
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with banning players (ban executed twice)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some API related events (see API changelog)

    Update 2017-05-06:

    • [New] Added ability to rotate construction elements while they're locked (hold CTRL)
    • [New] Experimental "id" command to change the texture id of the current construction element on the fly
    • [New] Now a small notification will show up if you try to refuel the smelting furnace at the back door
    • [Change] Map loads faster now
    • [Change] Pressing return to close the chat no longer toggles modular snapping when placing construction elements
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue of being unable to join a mp server when player rotation is invalid
    • [Bugfix] Fixed hitbox of tree stumps
    • [Bugfix] Fixed culling issues with trees
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing polygons on cherry tree
  • thanks @red51 you rock though a small suggestion/question for the maps: how do we remove/re-edit custom markers after placing them?

    Also is there any other way to update the buildings in a map (e.g. if i removed a whole building) instead of deleting the map from the RW directory so that the game recreates the new map?

  • Cool. Having problem with creating new map. I can not disable caves anymore... I disable but when i spawn i get lots and Lots of caves and weird holes in the ground, and in the menu it says nothing is disabled on the map...

  • I cannot seem to find Stone Chests anywhere. I looked in the CHESTS and there's just the wooden ones and the crates

    they are found inside pyramids XD try object oldstonechest 1 (maybe it works haven't tried it myself) but I found some in pyramids for sure

  • Thanks for the feedback :)

    thanks @red51 you rock though a small suggestion/question for the maps: how do we remove/re-edit custom markers after placing them?

    You can delete markers by pressing the DEL key on your keyboard while hovering with your cursor over the marker. To create a marker, rightclick (single click) on a spot on the map. By clicking on the marker (during creation), you can also change the marker type and the color ;)

    Also is there any other way to update the buildings in a map (e.g. if i removed a whole building) instead of deleting the map from the RW directory so that the game recreates the new map?

    Unfortunately there is no way to update the map yet, but this will be added in the future.

    Cool. Having problem with creating new map. I can not disable caves anymore

    Hmm... I will check out what's going on there!

    I cannot seem to find Stone Chests anywhere. I looked in the CHESTS and there's just the wooden ones and the crates

    You can't craft the stone chests, you can only find them in pyramids and mazes (or alternatively you can spawn them via command object stonechest1)

  • Well this is exciting! A map! How does one place a marker? Haven't figured that out. Though It's cool. I like it so far. And I don't know if it's the "improved biome arrangement" but i found a beach straight away! Yay. And corn! And weeds!

    I found the map a bit counter-intuitive and I was stumbling to use it at first but basically what you do is...

    right-click to place a marker. You can type in a text label next to it and/or right-click the marker to toggle a little window that lets you change the symbol and color. If you want to delete a marker (this is what got me) then hover over the marker and hit the DEL key.

  • Good going everyone in the development team.

    That said, here are my comments:

    • Sugarbeet is easy to find. I found some new plants which couldn't be sickled or grabbed. No corn or chili yet.
    • I love the press. But didn't the spinning wheel used to have some form of motion and sound to it? Now all I get is a progression to 100% and the ability to take the spool off.
    • I also noticed (although it might be a few versions old) that when you create cloth on the loom, you get the sound of hammering.
    • How do you remove water dropped on the floor? When I attempted to pick it up with the same bucket I emptied there, I filled the bucket, but the water remained. On the plus side, I now have an infinite source of drinking water ... in the middle of my work area.
    • Also, when used with the printing press, the bucket never seems to empty itself.
    • The rain is 100% gone from inside my builds, underground, and anywhere it shouldn't be (27" iMac (Late 2013), 3.5 GHz i7, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB).
    • In the previous version, a goat wandered through the walls to my basement. It never left. With the new version, it would seem each time it encountered a wall, it stopped, looked around, then turned around. Could we finally be able to put animals in pens? Mind you, the goat did manage to pass through a table in that same basement and opt to stay there. Silly billy.
    • I'm still getting an odd lighting effect with my underground garden where it shouldn't be shaded. The brighter colours eventually return.
    • I love the map. I found myself being able to group it with the compass and clock and still use it. Very nice. I've been waiting for more items to fit in those blue slots for a while. I still think a miner's cap with a light would go well in those slots as well. I've yet to attempt putting down markers. Next time.

    That's it for an hour's worth of game time. I have more testing to do, but I'm a happy builder. Keep up the great and hard work.

  • What an awesome update. I love it!

    - The map is awesome. I love how it can be zoomed out and scrolled with. Because my mouse is broken it tends to double click (planning to get a new mouse) which opens up the thought that labeling should be dragged, confirmed, named, and such. Good start, yet more polish. Surprised with the type of map it is. Desiring that we could zoom it all out, plus have a map that's revealing in a more 'widescreen' manner, not just a standard 'square' shape.

    - Loving the corn. First thing I found that I'm now happily growing it. Love it! It's also in season.

    - Sugar beets have been found, and planted. Thanks to that I also found hemp on my world. Looking for chili, yet amused by the presence of both Hogweed and Nettle. Mostly Hogweed that they should be bunched up more, more intrusive and such. Wish we could harvest them in an attempt for decoration.

    - Loving the paper press that it has a nice multi-layered step to it. Glad I can create 4 paper at once using wool and cloth. Even water. I'll have to re-arrange my builds just for it, or dedicate a building just for it.

    - I can't really tell, yet somewhat testing out if biome arrangement has been appropriately tweaked. Found a an abandoned cabin in hops of stumbling across a desert for goodies. Wishing I had auto-run for how tedious the running is per distance.


    Bug wise.......

    - Canteens won't fill up fully. They're stuck at 10% fullness

    - You fixed the dungeons somehow that it removed the exposed dungeon top from my world. Unsure if all dungeons are removed, yet shall have to go back underground to confirm if still there, or just that one dungeon. RIP, surface exposed dungeon. I actually miss my surface exposed dungeon that I wanted to show a buddy it. It was a landmark, and it's now gone. RIP.

    I can't wait to play more. It's fun again that I jsut want to keep exploring and having fun. Fun stocking up on new goodies while making use of existing stuff.

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