Upcoming: Hostile npcs

  • HAPPY CHRISTMAS :thumbup: RED51 8o if you see this IVE A COUPLE OF IDEAS LOL can you mayby make it so the new hostile npcs can use the rifles as well as the crossbow as i would like to have the ability to place peaple with firearms in certain locations like sentrys for camps etc and able to pick there weaponsor item they hold in hand aswell as there clothes and sex when we spawn them , i have had an idea of using them in missions/quests where i hope to place them and they would stay close to where i spawned them and they guard the area and shoot anyone in there line of sight lol , if possible can you enable certain extra functions like you did with the dummy npcs where you can pick to have them to stay in one location or wander around performin a function you selected , im thinking you could select to make them guard an area or wander around looking for a target holding a rifle or a torch to see in the dark they would either attack or give you an item or message etc ,they would attack an enemy team as in it attacks anyone not wearing the same uniform/costume as itself , a stay in a group functionn where it stays within range of its allies or a specific area/distance it would be good if they could say random phrases depending on scenario like the animals will grunt normaly but growl etc when attakin or being hit so they have potentialy 3 sounds they make for the occasion im thinking the same for the peaple they each have some things they can say like an npc is in a town and when you go close to them they say something to you like hello or they tell you where to go next for missions/quests etc sorry so many ideas ;) ill stop here lol its just these are the ideas ive had for a while now that could add a whole new way to play the game and hugly expand the potential for players we would be building our own missions for other players who are exploring the world we have made , :thumbsup: best wishes for the new year buddy take care from aly in scotland :D

  • hi i want to ask if there is any chance that magic will get added into the game i mean since skeletons are in the next update

    i know some people dont want magic in the game but there are people that really want it

    and i see no problem to adding magic into the game people can use magic if they want but if they dont want it they dont need to use it

    the game dont forces you to use something some people use horses other people dont use them

    i would love to see magic stuff in rising world

  • Sounds like a Steam database thing if it was 0 kb in size, or similar. If not, then Red51 is indeed the best person to ask. I'm itching to play Rising World again yet waiting on this new update to do so. I mean, I can play but once I see something new on the drawing board I want to play with that instead. I blame Minecraft for that mentality with both Rising World & Minecraft updating in the same style with how they release their updates.

  • Unfortunately we didn't release an update, this was apparently just Steam updating some dependencies :(
    We're still working on the update. A few days before the update goes live, you will find the usual blue banner in the forums ;)

    Looking forward to the update though I have to ask a couple things out of curiosity. If we add models to the world they are always static, when will we be able to fully modify and customize the world generation with new plant life, random sticks and stones and add more detail without it being static? There's a lot of opportunity being missed here that could really make your sales skyrocket with real modders coming to the table. Mods like Animal Breeder Master & Planks & Beams are great but the rest are mostly just scripts. I want to see some fresh life, some adventure, something to do rather than build all the time. Sure you can add a train and a couple weeks later people will be back to either building or playing something else. I love your game and play it nearly every single day with great pleasure. :thumbsup: After this update can you please consider some other options to help the modding community out? Perhaps someone in there could even solve the riddle of flowing water :/ but it's a shot in the wind. Keep up the amazing development I will always support you. ~ David

  • Red is also Expanding the API so we can get custom weapons and tools,

    Hopefully also Screenshots and map-images via API, need both for cool Plugins :thumbup:

  • when will we be able to fully modify and customize the world generation with new plant life, random sticks and stones and add more detail without it being static?

    Basically this is possible through the plugin API, but these elements need to be placed "manually" by the plugin.

    After this update can you please consider some other options to help the modding community out? Perhaps someone in there could even solve the riddle of flowing water

    Adding something like dynamic water isn't possible through the plugin API unfortunately. Basically the API is just a way to allow people to create mods easily, but the API isn't the same as "classic mods". The API contains a bunch of functions and events, and we're implementing the actual behaviour "under the hood". For example, if you want to add a new model through the API, you just have to call a few methods for that, but "under the hood", there is a lot more stuff going on (maintaining the model information on the server and client, handle the file download, handle the rendering on the client, handle the client interaction with the model and sync it with the server etc). As a result, there are always some "limitations" to the API - you can only access the functions and events which are available in the API (by using reflection, you could get some more access, but since plugins always run serverside, you cannot modify the client that way). Usually we're always listening if someone requests a new API feature/event (unless it's too complicated to implement) ^^

    However, of course it's still possible to create "classic mods" by modifying the game files (i.e. the same way mods were created for Minecraft in the old days). This gives full freedom and you can literally change everything, but this is much more complicated than working with the API of course.

    In a nutshell, it's still possible to create classic mods with the ability to change everything and turn RW into a completely new game, but the API is much easier to use and more convenient (since plugins are always running "server side", the client does not have to install the plugin when joining a "modified" server), but also more limited ;)

    Will it be just NPC?

    We're mainly focusing on NPCs (i.e. bandits, skeletons, but also reworking the current animal AI and collision detection), but as @Captian_Cornball mentioned, we're also adding more functions to the API (for example, we're going to provide an easy way to add custom items to the game). And of course there will be a lot of other changes and a bunch of bugfixes :)

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