Changelog 2015-10-20: Blueprint fix and a new tool

  • Hey folks, another small update is available! It fixes some issues with blueprints as well as some other bugs (e.g. the "infinite-lumber-bug").

    Apart from that, we did some changes to blueprints, for example it is possible to store them in different categories now.
    Old worlds will also be converted, so all duplicate objects and constructions (due to erroneous blueprints) will be removed. If something goes wrong during conversion, please let us know.

    Last but not least this update introduces a small gadget: An ore detector, which helps you to find veins of ore. Admittedly it's still not easy to find ores, so we will increase the spawnrate with the next update ;)


    • [New] Oredetector which helps you to find veins of ore
    • [New] Blueprints can be separated into categories now
    • [Change] Cannot pickup chests anymore as long as there are items in it
    • [Change] Blueprint filenames contain the name of the blueprint now
    • [Change] More objects are now considered as table (relevant when placing items on them)
    • [Change] It's slightly easier to place plant pots now
    • [Change] Cleanup of duplicate objects and construction elements on old maps
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "infinite-treelog-bug" when crafting
    • [Bugfix] Fixed erroneous preview images of blueprints
    • [Bugfix] "Inventory full" warning works properly now when picking up objects
    • [Bugfix] Camera no longer flips out when dying

    Bugfix 2015-10-20:

    • [Change] Removed some unnecessary debug output
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue related to picking up objects

    Bugfix 2015-10-23:

    • [New] Implemented fallback when Steam Web API is offline (so you can start the game anyway)
    • [Change] Audio outputtype can be specified manually if necessary
    • [Change] Added missing ornament block texture (id 212) to blockbench
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash related to blueprints
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "null" entry in journal when deleting a blueprint
    • [Bugfix] You should be able to browse blueprint groups correctly now
  • Thanks for your feedback :)

    By the way, for people who want to rename their old blueprints, there is a small tool available for that. Just choose a folder, and the tool will rename all blueprints in that folder and all subfolders. Basically the tool just checks if the filename ends with a timestamp (the long number at the end, e.g. "New World_1234567890"), if it matches, the first part (in this case "New World") will be replaced by the actual name of the blueprint (i.e. if the file is named "New World_1234567890.blueprint", and the actual name of the blueprint is "MyEpicBlueprint", the new filename will be "MyEpicBlueprint_1234567890.blueprint").

    You can download the tool here (Java 8 is required):

  • I like the current flow of small updates no bullshit or promises but content. What would really add value at this point is hostile-if-attacked npc's with worthwhile loot, teaming on them could be a blast. They could also follow you to your place and wreck things?

  • @Avenger X: Having a more hostile environment is our goal (of course which can be disabled by using the peaceful mode, or alternatively specify the level of difficulty directly). But first the animals need a rework (collision detection, avoid flying animals etc) ^^

    About wrecking buildings: I'm not sure about that, at least a lot of people spoke against the introducion of a "creeper-like" creature, guess base-destroying npc's isn't a good idea then. But at least animals like a racoon are on our list, which could steal items from unprotected chests for example. Unfortunately we can't create new animals atm, we put all resources into new items/playermodels/animations

  • Thing you have to keep in mind is that people keep speaking about wanting to disable Creepers, yet they have many nostalgic memories about them. Yes, they are annoying, but they also add to the game by keeping you alert & on your toes. You keep building things to keep them at bay. If people have a way to keep them away from you (like traps & cats) then they'll welcome them more. Just as long as people have a way to counter these threats they'll welcome them in. Either that, or they haven't adapted to keeping them at bay so they're simply frustrated they can't adapt. Thankfully Red51 added in filters heh.

    You can't read it directly as "people don't want creepers type creatures in" within its blunt meaning. Yes, they're a hassle but it's because you need a way to keep them at bay (i.e fire & campsites for wolves). If we get a "creeper-like" entity then you have to make sure there's a counter to it that people can make use of :) But ya, I would also be enraged if an entity like that blew up my builds. Any "counter" might have to be a relic, a scenery, or something one can place on buildings to keep them at bay. Something that might work on a radius while also being something to stare at when placed down to keep place safe. Lots of brainstorming could be done.

    Oh! Racoons! I can happily tolerate them stealing food from farms & such. Something happening "once-in-a-while" type of thing. I accept them stealing from chests also :P Again, people would have to build strong "banks" or storage places with heavily-locked doors. It be amusing seeing someone irritated at Racoons with all they had to do was lock the door & enclose the chests heh. Sneaky Racoons :thumbsup:

    Loving what's being posted here & hope I'm not being obnoxious with my postings. Love these postings though.

  • @ArcticuKitsu: Maybe we can start a survey about creeper like creatures once the implementation of monsters comes closer ^^


    Another minor update is available, it's only a clientside update (i.e. serveradmins don't have to update their servers). It fixes some issues related to blueprints and we also implemented a "fallback" when the Steam Web API is offline (which happened frequently the last days and led to error 201), so you're still able to start the game in that case ;)

    Bugfix 2015-10-23:

    • [New] Implemented fallback when Steam Web API is offline (so you can start the game anyway)
    • [Change] Audio outputtype can be specified manually if necessary
    • [Change] Added missing ornament block texture (id 212) to blockbench
    • [Bugfix] Fixed crash related to blueprints
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "null" entry in journal when deleting a blueprint
    • [Bugfix] You should be able to browse blueprint groups correctly now
  • i think the game could do the creeper thing on another whole level we don't need some t stick green thing to blow up our buildings bears could rip apart our builds or packs of dogs could hunt us down more at night, im just saying we could have more real life things try to kill us how ever one thing i hated but loved with minecraft and that was lighting hitting buildings and if made of timber they would burn down lol


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • @red51 Oh! Sounds excellent. But make sure you have a way to counter these things while boldly mentioning filters because people will be heavily in favour of disabling these & other of your monsters on a whim. I'm seeing many "paranoid" type players. Shall be fun. That monster update shall hopefully be fun heh.

    Also, at what @yahgiggle mentiond is something I can agree with. More neutral & hostile animals + something to rival the creeper for th fun of it. I guess Bandits, but something that seeks out player-made items? :P I guess we should just "wait & see" once we get to the dungeons to see what you're thinking. Shall be happy avoiding them pack of wolves, among other sorts.

    Going to keep any monster thoughts & such hidden until Dungeons update as I mentioned the biome time-trigger spawning type multiple times :thumbup: . Nice mini-update also.

  • I still think Racoons/Gremlins are a really good idea. if you don't lock your doors one may wondering and mess with your stuff.

    @red51 So how about instead of tons of little patches of ore like polka-dots in the ground, how about some actual ore veins that are long, sinuous, and branching that you spend time actually chasing through the rock to extract.
    I am not saying get rid of all the small patches, as they are good for short term boons, but the further down you mine the more likely you will find veins and the larger veins are, and the more likely a good mining operation with elevators and the full gambit will be worth the effort.
    I would think something similar to the tunnel generator but an factor for size and complexity ties to depth(height).

    Another thing with veins you could have different type of hostile mobs spawn near/attracted to different types of ore, and the presence of those mobs can help clue the player that a certain type of vein is near by.
    This can be used to a cause a natural increase in difficulty for more specialized materials need for higher levels in the tech tree, without have the need for special zones/biomes to accomplish the same thing.
    IE Giant Rats like copper or Orcs are near iron veins, so clearing out the mobs rewards you semi safe access to the vein of materials and then provide multiplayer points of interest until the vein is depleted.

    As always great job, looking forward to your next patch.

  • Having veins is risky as it may create more ores and devalue it... but having mobs be attracted to it (and be spawned periodically to attack the player mining it) is a great idea.

  • well if you increase the amount of ore need to get there and extract it + increasing the ore requirement for late game items it should be fine. maybe require some form of minor refinement for late game items ?

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