Changelog 2015-03-15: Reworked networking, farming, new blockforms

From now on, we will use this info box to inform you about noteable updates on our Trello-Roadmap!

Trello update: We've recently implemented grass and now finalized the occlusion renderer to prevent grass from passing through objects. In addition to that, snowfall now also affects meadows
  • Finally the new update is available :)

    The main change is - as announced - the reworked networking system. It will provide better performance (in singleplayer as well as in multiplayer) and should also fix the sudden disconnects some people are having.
    Apart from that, this update also introduces the new farming feature. Currently you can only cultivate tomatoes and carrots, but we will add more plants very soon. To get a sapling from a tomato plant or carrot, you need to cut it with the sickle.

    We also added several new blockforms: Stair corners, a new rampcorner, an arc, half blocks, a pyramid, and you're now also able to place stairs upside down for example, or horizontally (this also works for ramps and cylinders).

    Last but not least some bugs have been fixed, especially an annoying bug which prevented you from removing construction elements. Unfortunately this change only affects new construction elements (which will be placed after this update), but as a solution, there is a command which allows you to remove your old elements: Open the ingame console (key ^ or ´) and type "fixconstructionrange", then you should be able to remove all elements. Remember to enter this command again when all elements have been removed.

    Final note: If you are having any problems with the new networking, please let us know, and we will fix it as soon as possible! We ran several tests with no problems, but of course there could still be a bug present, especially on bigger servers.

    Have fun with this update :)

    Stay tuned for the next update, which will introduce the first hostile animals.


    • [New] Farming (currently tomatoes and carrots, more will follow shortly)
    • [New] New network system, providing better performance and (hopefully) no more sudden disconnects
    • [New] New tool: Hoe, which behaves like a rake, with the difference that it turns the ground into farmland
    • [New] New blockforms: arc, half block, pyramid, staircorner, rectangular rampcorner
    • [New] Cylinders, ramps and stairs can now be placed horizontally, stairs, staircorners and arcs also upside down
    • [New] Indicator in serverbrowser if a server is verified (hive verification)
    • [Change] Returning to main menu now happens much faster
    • [Change] Scoreboard (playerlist) now only visible in multiplayer
    • [Change] Regular singleplayer is no longer an "integrated server", i.e. no more problems when starting the game like "ports already in use" or blocked connection
    • [Change] When deleting a world, you will now be asked to confirm
    • [Change] Fixed "shutdownserver" command (multiplayer), now gracefully closes the server
    • [Change] Adjusted size of watermelon plant
    • [Change] Slightly adjusted some tool models
    • [Change] Improved construction element handling, better assignment per chunk
    • [Bugfix] Fixed problems with removing construction elements and objects (does not affect old elements, see description above for a solution)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong pvp labeling in serverbrowser
    • [Bugfix] Fixed scrolling when scoreboard is active
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing debris effect when destroying blocks

    Bugfix 2015-03-16:

    • [New] Serverlist now has a setting to show only servers with the same version
    • [Change] Updated spawnrate of tomatoes and carrots
    • [Change] Increased growth time for saplings (trees, tomatoes and carrots)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed messed up playernames in multiplayer
    • [Bugfix] Fixed disconnects in multiplayer in some cases
    • [Bugfix] Fixed variation id in crafting menu for objects, blocks and constructions

    Bugfix 2015-03-17:

    • [Change] Added a timeout for the client when connecting to a server (i.e. establishing the connection) takes longer than 30 seconds
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused duplicate chests in world database
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a problem with growing plants, causing them to shrink after a restart
  • English:
    Texturepacks currently do not work properly. Special Farming graphics.
    Serverstarting problems ? Rename the file "jiw-network.jar" in "JIW-Network.jar".

    Aktuell laufen Texture Packs nicht richtig. Geradde wegen dem Farmen kommt es hier zu Anzeige Fehlern.
    Sollte der Server nicht starten. Die Datei "jiw-network.jar" in "JIW-Network.jar" umbenennen.

  • Brilliant Red, have been looking forward to this.
    Couple of questions now I've got it.
    1) Half blocks. I've not found a way to rotate up 90 degrees to enable thinner walls
    2) where do we get seeds for farming carrots and tomatoes. Are there wild carrots and tomatoes to get?
    3) I'm pleased to see the ID number on crafting, but expected to see a different number for each plank texture for example. My bugbear is when building I'll make a few lots of a plank, carry on building for a few days and run out. When I need to make some more it's often the case for windows planks and beams I end up manufacturing the wrong texture. That's particularly where the ID number can come in, I can just make a note of the ID , problem solved. Alternatively have a favourites for wooden products

  • 1) Half blocks. I've not found a way to rotate up 90 degrees to enable thinner walls

    That was not originally intended, but eventually we will add it ;) Usually these things should be done with the extended construction system, we will especially add more construction elements (also stone walls etc.) in the near future.

    2) where do we get seeds for farming carrots and tomatoes. Are there wild carrots and tomatoes to get?

    Yes, you find carrots and tomatoes in the wilderness. Cut them down with a sickle to obtain a few saplings ;)

    3) I'm pleased to see the ID number on crafting, but expected to see a different number for each plank texture for example.

    We totally forgot about that :saint: We will probably release a small hotfix in the next days which should change that^^

  • Oh, excellent stuff. Fences of any kind in that, or that coming later? And this is nice to hear that farming is in there because I'll be having loads of fun with that. I wonder if this'll make room or tomato juice to also quench thirst. Can't wait to see the hostile animals roaming wild. Should change up the experiences now, even in Let's Plays heh.

    Happy Birthday, Meltron. Celebrating with farming on your end, eh?

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