Changelog 2015-12-04: Creativemode and Multiplayer permissions

  • Hi folks!

    A new update is available! But before going into detail, a few information about the biomes: We are currently working on them and hopefully they should be ready soon. This is probably the last update before the biomes update (with the exception of smaller bugfixes eventually).

    Until the biomes are ready, you get some new toys with this update: The first version of the creative mode as well as the extensive permission system for multiplayer.
    If you're wondering why we decided to push out these updates now: Probably the biomes update will cause some ugly transitions in your existing worlds, and since a lot of people don't want to discard their work (this would be horrible especially for multiplayer servers), the creative mode has all tools to fix those issues easily.

    Right now the creative mode is not completely ready, you just get the terrain modification tools. We will add more modes - object placement, vegetation placement, npc placement and more - over time.
    You find an overview of the current state of the creative mode as well as a detailled description here: Creative Mode

    Since probably not every admin wants to grant full access to the creative mode on his server, we had to release the permission system, too. It is very extensive and offers a lot of different settings. Find a big wall of text here: Permission system

    Last but not least we did a lot of other nice changes: You can specify the ore spawn frequency now when creating a world (and also disable particular animals, if desired), we fixed some issues with the lod terrain (you remember those remaining black shadows after removing a mountain? they're gone now), and did some other changes. Find the full changelog attached ;)

    Stay tuned!

    Notice: Users of the Standalone and Serverowners have to use Java 8 since this Update

    Changelog 2015-12-04:

    • [New] Creative Mode (experimental, still work-in-progress), including terraforming tools (add/subtract, raise/lower, smooth, paint)
    • [New] Permission system for multiplayer (work-in-progress), ability to specify what a particular player should be able to do and what not
    • [New] Players can be assigned to custom groups now (determine chatcolor, nametagcolor etc), in combination with specific permissions
    • [New] Ability to disable specific items for particular groups (affecting all players of this group) (crafting/pickup/drop)
    • [New] Chatcolor and nametagcolor as well as prefix/suffix can be changed
    • [New] Ability to set ore frequency and to disable certain animals when creating new worlds
    • [Change] You can craft items for free now if creative mode is active (permission in mp required)
    • [Change] Slightly reduced memory consumption of custom images
    • [Change] "Permissions" button in ingame menu works now
    • [Change] Reduced Z-Fighting of custom images in certain situations
    • [Change] Windows Dedicated Server uses memory parameter from '' file now
    • [Change] Singleplayer world list slightly adjusted (shows gametype now)
    • [Change] Chunk recalculation after modification (digging etc.) improved
    • [Change] 'setp' command also works for blueprints now
    • [Bugfix] Fixed lighting issues ("black shadows") after removing mountains or hills
    • [Bugfix] Fixed/improved wrong LOD calculation in some situations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with volume slider for animalsounds
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when creating a new worlds with the name of an existing world

    Bugfix 2015-12-06:

    • [New] Grass material (w/ blades) now available in creative terrain edit mode
    • [New] Added material name to material selector in terrain edit mode
    • [Change] If a group permission is faulty, it will no longer stop loading other groups
    • [Change] When disabling item pickup from chests in the permission, you can't drop items from chests anymore
    • [Change] Removed some unnecessary debug output
    • [Change] Removed "pending connections" port warning message when hosting a LAN game
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong worldname when creating new worlds
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from using custom images in singleplayer
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong texture for grass material (w/o blades) in terrain edit mode
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing cursor when receiving a message after uploading a custom image
  • sweet! cant wait to see how the creative mode works. and the lod thing , super glad to see it fixed/removed . im sure silver is too. i do have a question about the permissions though . is it possible to allow certain groups to post more posters ? like some groups can only post 50 and another group can post like 75 ?

  • Oh, lovely. Nice stuff. I guess those bugs need to be fixed first eh? A nice update that I'm sure I'll eventually use bits & pieces of.

    Also, I'm now once again becoming excited/eager when seeing "NPCS Placements" bit thinking to the NPC Traders. Lovely stuff. Do wish the biome update the best also with all of us being highly restless. Red51 should feel highly proud for all the updates & how much he's being chugging away at this.

    Also, seeing that 4th image with the floating chunk is making me think of how Red51 could play around with his 'Fantasy biome' idea heh. This game allows for some rare-crazy happenings to happen.

  • Hi Red,

    This creative mode looks awesome and I know you said its a work in progress still but it looks like you're definately on the right path here. Just a suggestion for the painting tool, instead of one single frame where you select the pattern with the scroll wheel, how about a grid of patterns grouped in labeled categories with each pattern labeled. I personally like the way Terraria handles the inventory screen, perhaps something like that which utilizes more screen area and allows you to use the mouse pointer (like a crafting and inventory menu). I accidentally made my floating island out of mud because I thought it was dirt in the selection. I was wondering why I couldnt plant grass until I swung at the island with a pickaxe and saw the material I picked up ;)

  • Sorry, but I don't understand how to set up on my server, changed the properties in the folder permissions ...
    When I go into my dedicated server as admin, I can't activate mod game "setgametype 1" not active.
    So creative I can't.
    Note sure I must be doing it wrong! :( ;(

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)

    is it possible to allow certain groups to post more posters ?

    Yes, you can - for example - create a new group file and change the value of "customimages -> maxupload" to the desired amount. The "admin.permissions" file for example increases the default upload limited (set to 10 in the "default.permissions") to 100.

    Well... goodbye World-Edit

    Well, as long as no tools like area filling etc. are available, and no way to place/remove plants and objects, the WorldEdit script is still quite useful :)

    All worlds are now named new world

    That's true, it will be changed with the next bugfix (probably today) ;)

    [Issue] + does not work on keyboards that have no numerical keypads.

    You can rebind the key in your settings, under Controls -> Placement (it's named "Grid (scale up)" and "Grid (scale down)" at the moment, the same keys that are used to increase grid size when placing objects. Eventually there will be own keys in the settings for that in the near future)

    when seeing "NPCS Placements" bit thinking to the NPC Traders

    Touché :D

    instead of one single frame where you select the pattern with the scroll wheel, how about a grid of patterns grouped in labeled categories with each pattern labeled

    Yeah that's on our list :) The same is planned for object variations in the regular crafting menu (to have an overview of all available materials, without having to click the small arrows all the time^^). Eventually we get it ready for the next creative update (but only after the biomes)

    When I go into my dedicated server as admin, I can't activate mod game "setgametype 1" not active.

    By default, this command is not allowed on multiplayer servers. Being an admin in the grants you access to all regular commands, but if you want specific permissions (use blueprints, enable creativemode, flymode etc), you have to use the new permissions system. You find two example permissions in the "permissions" subfolder: The "default.permissions" is basically the file which servers as basic permission and affects all players and all other group permissions. In the groups subfolder, you can place custom group permissions (which inherit the default.permissions, but can override particular permissions). You find an example "admin.permissions" group in there (it can be modified with a texteditor, by default, creative mode is allowed in it).
    Ingame you can use the command setplayergroup PLAYERNAME GROUP now to assign a player to a group. For example, to be a member of the admin group, you can type setplayergroup playername admin ;)

  • Paint Tool ??

    sorry but I still do not understand how one can , with the paint tool to have grass or other. when you do scroll with the mouse wheel , it only gets some textures but not all far from the ..

    Can someone explain to me what I did not understand

    Thank you

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