Changelog 2016-06-21: Bucket, Canteen, customizable Journal

  • i just do /we clear abs then use the terrain tool to add water but im going to test the we water soon.

    i have updated the world edit script to include /we fill water and /we fill saltwater you can download this from my post in the lua area no need to edit and change anything oO


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • Surprisingly I think the dirt change is the best, love the hot box for dirt placement is not so hard to guess where it will try to add dirt.

    I totally agree!

    Without underrating the other changes (many of which I still have to try), the new grid for working on terrains is a GREAT improvement, as I like landscaping a lot. For an improvement silently sneaked among other, GREAT WORK, @red51.

  • Is there anyway to reload the Journal without restarting the Server?

    Unfortunately that's not possible. But if you're currently preparing the Journal, you can also use it in singleplayer (just put the journal.xml in your game directory) - in this case you just have to return to main menu and reload the world in order to update the Journal (at least that's easier and faster than uploading the modified journal.xml to the server and restart the server).

  • Red I love these new features you've been adding and I have an awesome idea for that Journal since you made it customizeable. Is there a remote chance something like this: can be programmed into the journal? We can create waypoints, name our towns, villages and bases furthermore be able to see where we are in the world. In addition to this will we be able to one day craft planks and beams in the block bench for all the different tile types? I know it sounds like a bit much right now but it would separate creative from survival entirely without the dependence of commands. Can you look into this please? Love the bucket feature! I can fill my canteen on the go for more uses :)

  • Arcane,

    A map feature is coming but I know no details about it. I was assuming it would look something like the Journey Map mod for Minecraft but I do like your idea better. I don't know what is involved to convert an overview into what looks like a hand-drawn map but it would look amazing I'm sure. Even better, it could be integrated into the the current Journal and maybe brought up on occasion. I feel with a map on-screen all the time, I'm distracted too much by following the map rather than enjoying the game. The map should just be like a utility or accessory in the game that you just reference on occasion. ofcourse, saved waypoints are a must. maybe by marker stones on the map

  • I guess Notch/Jeb were onto something when they had their Minecraft map fill up just enough to be in your POV, yet move out of the way just enough that you could peak over the paper. If Red51 could do something along that line with maybe the type of map ArmA uses then it could be properly used. You could have the main map to take 'quick-peaks' at to then bring up sections of it in a compass-like manner. Think of it like a little notepad type of map popping up to the right in a compass function.

    Instead of having a hoverhead map, as in various Journey map addons, or even 'Rei's minimap', on the top right you'd simply have a realistic & immersive notepad pop up. If you REALLY need to study then you'd go into a book/journal, or whatever we're given.

  • i was thinking the canteen, but the bucket is used to fill ponds, and what i heard, the canteen was oringially going to be part of the new player models, so it could go anywhere i guess.

    Yes agree with the bucket could go either way, but canteen is equipment when you go exploring :)

    Unless your building is on fire and your playing fireman, but I'm probably getting ahead of things :)

  • Try it & see what happens? I'm pointing it out because I had to read that over three times over to see what the context of that was. To me I read it as Supershark owning a fireman, not playing as one in a role-playing immersive manner. But I guess now that we have water we should have some fire equipment to put out fires with :whistling:

  • This is where we differ. If someone's post is too lengthy and convoluted or if the grammar is so bad that it takes too much effort to comprehend then I just move on to the next discussion. I'm not wasting any more effort to be confrontational with anyone. I'm only responding to you on this because I already know you a little.

    I leave a simple comment then you get a bit feisty. *pours water on Fox*. But ya, that's what we're doing. Just moving on.

    But ya, that's usually the way to do it. That, and loving people's ideas of turning the journal into an 8bit RPG type map. That would actually work nicely, and in a more immersive way than Journey map in Minecraft. Google map style maps should be left to in game PCs & modern tablets.

    That, and curious what this update we're getting shall be. Must be that rake fix, among others hmm. I hope it's also the open Lan related issues of ores & ingots clogging up the furnace. THat's been a real pain in the rear.

  • Quote

    This whole mix up of 'your' & 'you're' is messing with my mind

    Sorry :)

    Your = your car your game etc,
    You're = short for You are eg You're going to the pub


    Is it appropriate to call someone a grammar nazi on a German forum?

    a Brexiter is probably more appropriate :)

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