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    • ArcaneDesmond wrote:

      The command "editnpcclothes" works on Bandits too! Thank you so much @red51
      Hehe, glad to hear it worked :)

      ArcaneDesmond wrote:

      Just wish there was a way to adjust their agro to seperate them from the original bandits. Example: Retaliate when attacked or neutral etc..
      Unfortunately there is no way to change the npc behaviour :/ You could just "lock" them, so they neither move nor attack you anymore (to do that, look at the npc and type "locknpc")

      Redeye wrote:

      Just wondering is there going to be any way to transfer over the items we have collected that we have stored in chests?
      Well, unfortunately the chest content is bound to the world, and old worlds will be no longer compatible, so I'm afraid there is no way to transfer the items from old worlds to the new world :( This could be achieved with the Plugin API though, but unfortunately I can't say much about the state of the API when the initial release of the new version is available...
    • I get it. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's exciting that you guys have a full-time dev. The screen-shots look fantastic!!! I'm kind of excited to see it spread out on more platforms. Whereas I'm relieved that I won't have to purchase the game again, I totally would just to support you guys because I really do enjoy this game. :thumbsup:

      Keep on keeping on, guys!!! <3
    • I see the graphics are clearer and crisper.. I am hoping this version will let me play for longer periods of time.
      (you know it is always about me :P )
      I for one would not hesitate to pay more for the game. I mean come on 20 bucks to get in that's peanuts..

    • Before I start uploading for tomorrow I have to admit that I downloaded the screenshots @red51 provided and I made them into a background for my PC. Now as this has been a background on my PC for some time now I use my 52 inch tv as my main monitor.. 8| Yep. So I happened to notice some more things while these were in big screen mode pretty much. Traps, berry bushes, birds, bird nests, mushrooms, new crops and bushes but what stuck out most was zooming in on the planks. Are they thicker or are those beams? The path blocks going into the hut they seem to be made out of stone tile planking and there's moss on the trees, ground and rutabaga perhaps even a camouflage mesh net? I have to say I am really looking forward to this and can we please have a world download when the update comes out? I really want to see Red's campsite.
    • good luck with the new engine... what coding will u be using if not Java if I missed it above in that wall of text... lol ?
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