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  • Thought I'd try making a thread to compile a list of new items and features that may or may not find themselves into the game. Read into this very loosely as they may simply be of interest that may need mods to add them in, or time not permitting. Expect errors and corrections from Red. I'm only compiling stuff that I have 'researched' and semi-obnoxiously questioned Red over, both directly and indirectly. Some were simply jokes. :thumbup:

    - Planned Features: https://www.rising-world.net/en/page/more/features.html
    - Thread Wiki: New Player Reference - Commands and Basics - Updated Jan 18
    - Part 2: "On The List"


    (Note: I'm only posting what was hinted, teased, and sourced by Red through our and other conversations. Don't expect them 100% as there may also be errors on my part.)

    • Age Teching - This game shall have you tech up from Medieval era to Modern era by allowing you to lock into one or the other. There may only be 2 ages, yet may add more as time may pass. Only 2 known, yet possibilities of 'expansion' later, if very rare.
    • Biomes - Various types you would expect: plains, swampland, deserts, and etc. Planned to be next monthly update. [Keeping it here for swamp & etc]
    • Weather & Seasons - Even though it's mentioned in the Features, you can expect snow to be in. Seasons and snow to have fun with. (Give developers time on this.)
    • Monsters [Realistic] - Patience is also needed, as with ores, on this one. They shall come around eventually in a more realistic manner with no zombies to be found. They'll mostly be found in dungeons & hell, with some even popping up in a possible 'fantasy' biome.
    • Monster Toggle - You can toggle monsters off, though you can't do so once you start the server. You can choose to go all 'peaceful' with only animals, or go all in with monsters with no chance of removal, or so said by Red.
    • Ghost Mobs - Interest was shown that they may eventually find themselves in. As to their appearance, location, and style is yet to be known.
    • Zombie Dogs - They're the only zombies you shall find on the map in and around the hell region.
    • Birds & Flying entities - They shall happily fly about in the open sky while making use of the vast world above your head.
    • Food Thirst - As long as the fruits & veggies are juicy you'll be able to quench your first from them. Things like Watermelons, apples, oranges, and etc shall do so nicely. Recipes to help you make such possible. Water also being looked into being the main thirst quencher with fruits being secondary. (They're in, just simply waiting for water to cross this out fully.)
    • Diseases & Hypothermia - It is planned to have the player feel the effects of diseases & hypothermia. All sorts of environmental threats that would harm the player. Best to keep warm when you can!
    • Baking/Cooking - You shall be able to bake & cook various food types in this game. Things from bread, soup, donuts (?), and etc
    • Donuts & Coffee - These are to be now expected (Thanks to this joke) in your game. Feel free to mimic your favourite donut-coffee brand in your local region.
    • Maple Syrup - Syrup, or maple syrup was thought of as neat so you shall 'possibly' find it in the game on specific trees.
    • Beer & Wine - Was joked that it was going to be added as the first hostile mob. Reconfirmed with Wine.
    • Tea - This drink is now added onto the list. I'm a tea person so drinking this over coffee shall be preferable for myself and other tea drinkers.
    • Cars/Vehicles: Loosely thought about with the intention of adding roads and traffic lights. Most likely going to see cars, but something that's prebuilt.
    • Boats - You can customize them, though they'll be pre-built for you so as to make sense as to why they would float.
    • Water [Dynamic] - First it'll be static, being more physics like later. Simple at first with it going complex and more detailed later, such as waterfalls & water wheels.
    • Hot Air Balloons - Someone asked red if we can have some for this game and he said he'd look into it, but with other vehicles being looking into first.
    • Submarines - Way far into the future you'll MAY (50/50) chance to go underwater. It was positively received.
    • Horses & Camels - Found a thread with Red wanting to add Horses and camels. They're on the list with either or both being late additions after animal updates. Shall come after some animations & 3rd person camera additions. Donkeys also.
    • Bows & Arrows - They shall be in for those that prefer a more 'traditional' past-time, also for hunting and keeping you safe from the elements.
    • Guns - Things like muskets and revolvers shall be in. Anything other was given the implied meaning of keeping it 'low-tech' and 'primitive'. Don't expect Battlefield style weaponry. No rocket-launchers, nukes, or anything or the kids to go crazy with in a mindless manner. [Desiring low-tech on weaponry on dev & community side.]
    • AI/NPC Villages - There will be villages dotting the terrain similar to temples & Dungeons. In what variety, complexity, and such is yet to be fully known.
    • Customizable Statues - Said to be a good idea that would copy the player's appearance. Was noted happily which may or may not find itself having an articulated form. Statue variety may even be a thing.
    • Player Customization - Players shall eventually be given a better player model to customize. Head presets, clothing, hair options & etc. Even able to change gender from male to female, or at the very least pick which one to start off as.
    • NPC Traders - This was said to be given to the admin to set up RPGish shops (Think Pokemon Gameboy merchants) for you to sell stuff. Can be interacted with and sold in a very basic manner. Don't expect followers or pets either, for now. ("Trade, talk, fight, walk, & etc")
    • Computers & TVs - They are planned to be added as actual functioning devices. No actual function yet as they're being looked into with priority currently not being that high for them.
    • Locked Chests - Something is planned to allow chests to stay locked so intruders won't steal your goods.
    • Decayed Blocks - May find blocks in their decayed form to use as building material once dungeons are added.
    • Fantasy Biome - Unsure when, or how...Just that Red wants to try fiddling with a fantasy biomes. I do hope Red goes complicated fantasy, not your typical fantasy base.
    • Maps - They are a feature wanting to be added in to help guide the players around their world. Adding basic labels & GPS is also something being considered.
    • Tool & Armour Durability - Tools will lose their durability, just won't be lost. (I wish they were less effective and/or lost completely.)
    • Tool Variety & Advancement - There are plans to add electric tools (Mining drill & Chainsaw style).
    • Display Objects - Things like store shelves, food trays, and similar to keep objects seen when you press 'Q'. As for style, unsure. A tool-rack to display your tools however is confirmed to be something to display your tools. Same with food containers, like plates and similar.
    • Physics - Removing a floor would cause tables & furniture to fall into the pit. Unsure if blocks themselves would be affected by such. It's an intended feature.
    • Skills & EXP System - A skill system is planned, but only after the main features and necessary item are placed into the game. Same with experience gained to possibly level.
    • Underground Water Pockets - Underwater pockets, tunnels, and similar being positively considered. When water is implemented you can expect a fair chance to see these pockets & areas. Rivers, not so much with coding complexities.
    • Wind Strength - To be tweaked and propped at in later updates to give a more natural feel of windy/gusty conditions in day & night cycles.
    • Ore Plates - Metallic plates to be inserted & also behave as 'beams' for building.
    • Steam Achievements - Self explanatory.
    • Oil - To be found in deserts (For car & other uses)
    • Coloured Glass - Tainted Glass/coloured glass for buildings.


    Alright, I shall come back to this thread occasionally once I gain wind of new features and such. I'll edit new ones while removing old ones.

  • Thanks for that list! It's really a nice overview for other users, but I have to mention, that there are no guarantees on these things, and some of these aspects are only taken into consideration and will only be eventually added (for example npc villages) :)

  • A belated 'you're welcome". And again, as Red mentioned, there's no guarantee that these shall be added. Just that they were considered or planned ins some way, shape, or form. It's just easier to list them to get a general vibe of things. Making a second posting now that I"m happy with how much Red is taking things seriously. I at the very least hope that they shall find themselves into the game in the end to add onto the whole picture.

    Going through Steam & this forum I'll ended up editing in more 'features' I noticed after the 'decayed block' stuff.

  • We have a real problem here and could end up in a never ending loop hole the problem is if we add computers we might play games on them and the game might be risingworld with more computers o0 this will end bad and cause a never ending loop!!!!


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • Haha! Inception to infinity & beyond!

    I'd be amused if I could play Tetris, Mario, and whatever other game we could play through modded support. If Red considers adding a base game or two to this computer object as a comical easteregg to mess with then that be overly hilarious. Something small to add to the whole fun of it all. Dr. Mario was fun. Of course it would have to be either a mod or something original, or something Red could insert on his own for the fun of it. Now that I said it makes it something that won't happen. *shrug reaction*

    (People have been doing this in Minecraft with comical results. I'd happily welcome it with it coming over here. It's also been done with Computer craft mod, even with command blocks. GTA 5 also a good example with tennis, golfing, arm wrestling, and similar stuff.)

  • Haa! Great idea Articukitsu! Love the idea of a mini game within a game. How about if they added games which mock the efforts of the player, such as run from the bear, dig dig dig, and time limit tree chop. haaa!

    Nice ideas as usual! Love it! Rising World definately needs more fun, but we all know that they're getting the basics of the world together first. haa!

  • With the ore update I can now strike out the ores on the list. One down, many more possibly to go. Fixed some typos above on the list also. Biomes should be the next thing to cross off next month, or so I'm assuming.


    @Ozzy: HIlarious! I'd be amused if it was pushed in an update in a hidden manner for us to just stumble across. Those mini-games would sound like fun, and give you things to do while waiting for crops to grow, or something. With environmental illnesses you would have to wait to warm up, or similar. In the end, I'm going to assume it shall take the route it took in Minecraft with us needing to insert these sort of games once the computer is added.

    Deirdre: Having fun is the name of the game (and survival). Have as much genuine fun as you can :)

    @ Spockton: You're welcome :thumbup: Just trying to help.

  • [Part 2!]
    Seeing as how there's limits to characer limits going to create a secondary posting to hold what I've seen posted on Steam. The more I see, the more I shall edit in. Also, again keep in mind that these are considered & not guaranteed to come in. They have however been "noted" in some manner that they 'might' come in.

    • Binoculars/Monoscope [LongGlass link] & [Binocular link]: An actual in-game object to serve the 'Z' button's function in item form. Shall get a monoscope first (telescope).
    • Cannon [Image]: Think colonial with canon balls fighting against ships & used on fortresses. This shall be add first as fortress defense decoration.
    • More block Types: Similar to what's in, we shall gain more block types to further add to variety.
    • Dungeons & Ruins: As feature page said + extra that there'll be log cabins, shacks, various ruins, structures & etc peppered around the land. They may contain hostile lumberjacks & similar. Even ruins of ancient vessels.
    • Traveling Merchants: Something to please those seeking NPCs may find wandering merchants to sell goods & to keep the world 'lively'.
    • Signs Font: Said to gain more font colour options + font type.
    • Sticks & stones: Said to have loose stick & stones laying about the terrain to be used for primitive tools.
    • Lanterns: [Preview image] As seen in real-world mines & other sorts of horror-survival games.
    • Stone Axe: [Preview Image] Used as a starting tool.
    • Wooden Rake: [preview image] used as a starting tool to tend to terrain needs.
    • Mining Hammer: [Preview image] A modern take on mining using the latest technology.
    • Lawn Mower: [Preview Image] To happily mow your lawn the modern way.
    • Weed Wacker: [Preview Image] For that careful need of tending to weed & grass.
    • Cross Bow: [Preview Image] A mechanical bow to fire! *poot!*
    • Military/survivalist Compass: Something more improved than the compass we have right now. Was mentioned we're getting a new one.
    • Diving Suits: Once player models & animations are dropped we'll have diving suits to go diving underwater.
    • <More to be added as I find & rediscover postings.>

    I hope I'm not pissing Red51 off, yet I have a feeling I'm genuinely doing such now. Sorry bud! I Just love your game so much that it's a beast of it's own also.

  • There is already a horse model in the game, I found it while searching through the assets. Single players are really going to need the random towns or buildings. Blockscape already does random castles and buildings. The Biomes also need work. My Idea of what rising world should look like actually lies in the game Astral terra . It generates the most beautiful biomes I have ever seen. However Astral terra's Building and terrain editing leave a lot to be desired.

    Red has done a great job with rising world so far and I am sure the world will look as beautiful as astral terra in the future.

    I wish I could combine the beauty of Astral terra and the building ,terrain editing and harvesting of rising world. then we would have a real winner.

    I am sure that the biomes will get a facelift in the future. In any case the future still looks bright :)

  • Wow! There are a tons of objects in the assets folder not yet implemented. it's making me really excited over here. It looks like several other animals in addition to the horse are modeled but none are spawnable yet. I'll have to just be patient.

    I also agree with Trilnar, Rising World is coming along very nicely and its going to look just stunning when its all done.

  • Wow! There are a tons of objects in the assets folder not yet implemented. it's making me really excited over here. It looks like several other animals in addition to the horse are modeled but none are spawnable yet. I'll have to just be patient.

    I also agree with Trilnar, Rising World is coming along very nicely and its going to look just stunning when its all done.

    I was playing with that a bit, got some very interesting results . I got one of those animals to spawn in sheeps textures , then the game crashed . That kind of messing around is not for the faint of heart :)

  • Happily did another round of updating with the things we know. Cleared a few from the main list + added renders of tools, with the help of the search function & Zork. Red even teasing a weed wacker I had to find lower down the same post. This all being updated again because of Vortac coming back to the Rising World Let's Play world. Also wanting to make a video displaying these in poster form to discuss them, among others.

  • Wow! There are a tons of objects in the assets folder not yet implemented. it's making me really excited over here. It looks like several other animals in addition to the horse are modeled but none are spawnable yet. I'll have to just be patient.

    I also agree with Trilnar, Rising World is coming along very nicely and its going to look just stunning when its all done.

    I am pretty scared to go and look at the assets folder for all those models because my patience will drop down lots of points.!

  • Note sure which ones were forum worthy & not, yet someone on Steam forum seeking bow & arrows. Zork asking me to share variety also.

    Red51, if you see this feel free to yell at me & delete this posting if it's "too sensitive". I stopped asking for teasers for this very reason, yet wouldn't mind seeing player models & animation teasers. It's all up to you. I don't want to be a pest, thus I stopped poking Red51 directly.

    Basically two bow types, as well as one modernized version. Crossbow is above. Shall be glorious once we get to the next major update. :love:

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