Where is the update?

  • Hi folks!

    We know that many of you are eagerly waiting for the new update. It's already taking much longer than expected to get it ready, it definitely takes too long. We are sorry for this huge delay, but there are a few reasons why the update isn't available yet.

    First and foremost, it's a really big update. It's not only about new player models, it's also going to introduce a bunch of new items (including ranged weapons) and it's basically the foundation for all future survival features (we are aware that the game really needs more survival elements). Unfortunately it requires us to implement many extensive changes "under the hood" in order to handle the new animations properly.

    Apart from that, we're working with external freelancers when it comes to the models/animations (since everything is created from scratch), which makes the coordination more difficult and results in some additional delays.

    We are trying to get the update ready as soon as possible!

    However, there are at least some good news: once this update is out, the subsequent updates will be available much faster. And while working on the animations, we also had to prepare some things for future updates (e.g. mounts, boats, trains), so these things may be available sooner than expected.

    Thank you for your patience and your understanding! :)

  • We needed this posting, and I'm glad it was posted.

    And while working on the animations, we also had to prepare some things for future updates (e.g. mounts, boats, trains), so these things may be available sooner than expected.

    This is the most important part of the posting (to me) that it'll make us all happy transportation wise heh. Horses, camels, and donkeys are set to arrive soon now that we'll have a nie way to travel. Shweet!

    Boats is something that's been re-hyped up on my server that Daboiye has been making a boat house while admiring the beauty of the lake generation, something that needs to be copied over into ocean generation. It'll be something both Zork & Harv should build for Daboiye's sake to have fun boating around with heh. With boats, and the new tools, I'll even consider making a canal heading towards my dungeon town (Kelna)area. Curious how boats shall play out, and etc.

    The thought of having trains is a big one also that I can't wait to set up a main travel line around the built up areas. Use up all the iron, and maybe other things :D PLease let trains be built outside of the crafting bench for higher immersion & value.

    I also am curious if we can have a mini Halloween update, even if it's just clothing. That be sweet. :D

  • I personaly can play this game without the UPDATE !! Yes it would be nice to have the xtra features that the Coming update will bring, but in all honnesty it dosent hinder my game play at all. Id like to see 3/4 of you make a game like this and maintain all the problems it may entail with PEEPS crying out for the update.. Just enjoy the game wich we purchased and im sure the update will be upon us b4 we know it.......:)

  • Hey Red.

    I'm patient, I'm optimistic, I believe in you and your team, aaaaaaand I'm not going anywhere unless your hired goons grab me and drag me away, kicking and screaming.

    That said, I'm not saying "take all the time in the world." If I have to crack a whip, I will. Heheh Thank you for the update.

  • I dunno. If his ETA at the time was September, and we were close to it, then it means things were relatively nearly done. Of course, when programming complex things like this, delays just happen. Things pop up and that leads to other things. And it takes up to a week to get a response from the freelancer side. And not only that, but I seem to remember Red51 saying that a lot of code had to be re-written. This might seem to many as "but it's just editing code that's already there. That must be super easy!" But no. In my experience, re-writing code that was already there can be *worse* than writing it from scratch. Code is a funny thing. It's written to work as it is, and of course you want to edit as little as possible because if not, then a lot of your work goes to waste. But in the end, if you change one thing, you don't just do that. That one thing affects a million more things and you have to chase the effects down. If you're a writer, then you might understand it in terms of a story. Change an early event and you'll practically write a new story by the time you're done adjusting everything to that one event. Programming is the same way.

    That said, if things were nearly done, then there's only so many things that can then go wrong. I'd expect up to maybe a month of delay? Yeah, I guess it's possible that every thing that can possibly go wrong will do so and then we'll get the update early next year. But, come, now. The chances of that actually happening aren't really that high. I'd say we're most likely to see it this month, rather than later.

    And man. Red51 keeps stressing that it's a really big update. Beta incoming? :D

    If I respond in German, sorry for bad grammar. I don't speak German, but I do speak Google Translate. The community seems too nice to stay away!


    Wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte, entschuldige ich für jede schlechte Grammatik. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich spreche Google Translate. Die Gemeinde scheint zu schön, nicht zu bleiben!

  • our patience will have be rewarded soon. as red51 says: they want to made it good to make new updates faster. trains are planned but not included in the "great update" - so i understand it. im really grateful for the little information from red and the patience with us, the community and the will to stand always in contact and asking for whishes, ideas and that stuff. i hope i can handle the tension or i will explode *laugh*

  • Hmm....

    I'm just so restless for a railway that I just want to get it built. I have so much iron I want to use on a railway system.... I'm curious, yet it's been said that trains "may" be '5 blocks wide' that it has me wondering what train sizes we're getting.

    I'm having to wonder how we're going to craft trains (hopefully outside), how we're going to manufacture train tracks, if there'll be curved train tracks, tracks that adapt to their positioning (Connecting with left & ride tracks), tracks that adapt to their elevations (up and down), and etc. So many questions about trains, yet Red51 has to keep these a secret for surprise & development purposes.

    Lastly, I damn well hope we're gaining electric trains (yet not expecting it at first) for when we run out of oil. We can always go back to steam trains, or rely on NPC merchants (vanilla) to import oil for us to convert into fuel. Shall be fun having electric train lines lining the map :D

    I saw a comment of someone desiring a "non-binary" character on RW's Facebook page, something I have to facepalm over because it took 2-3 years until someone mentioned that. I was expecting it when Red51 first brought up we're getting a male-female character feature a long while back.....If anything, I do hope clothing fits on both male & female characters to cover this, yet anything else would have to be covered by mods.... There's a reason why games don't have characters using Tumblr genders, and it's because it's a struggle adding them in, unless it's modding.


    I finally fiddled with lighting in the game that I'm happy that gold & copper is used, if lightly. Just wishing for more copper & gold uses. Silver needs a use that I hope we're gaining silverware.

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